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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Additional Goals.
I think another worthwhile goal of the Sunrise
Foundation would be to seek out other like
minded people and organizations to work
towards a goal of bringing democracy to
the United States.
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:49 am pst 

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Global warming, shifting weather patterns and other urban legends.
Well it appears the word is out that the Amazon
Jungle has suffered what appears to be
irreversible damage. With the aid of current world 
corporate leaders we should have the opportunity
of seeing the Amazon Jungle transformed from
the treasure it was, into the next Saharan Desert,
all within our life time. Lets give a shout out in
gratitude to the enlightened visionary leadership
of our international business community that
have put into place the mechanisms that have
made this possible. Spokespersons from the
international business community have
expressed with great satisfaction that the
cascade effect that this will trigger within
the world oceans will create an oxygen
shortage that the inhabitants of the earth will
find will cause a pleasing feeling of euphoria that
will enhance the viewing of this transformational
process.There should also be a level of
appreciation for the work done by the scientific
lackeys of the international business community
that allowed for the destruction of the Amazon
to take place without the needed focus that
could have halted said destruction from being
created. These scientists, (and your going to
love this,) had been reporting nightime Amazon
satelite temperature measurements as the
daytime figures for many years, as the
justification that no warming or change was
taking place. It's my understanding that these
guys are currently being sought out by the
Bush administration to fill the vacated
intelligence gathering positions created as
those people with integrity, who formerly held
these positions, have fled from the current
work environment.
Colin Stuart Mccoy
12:32 pm pst 

Army officer convicted of negligent homicide in torture death.
This is a troubling story. Chief Warrant Officer Welshofer engaged in beating, choking, smothering, and then sitting on the victims chest and placing his hands over the victims mouth and nose until death resulted. Welshofer is now faced with a maximum sentence of "up to"
3 yrs and 3 mths in prison. I find no comfort or security in the fact that a maximum sentence of "up to" 3 yrs and 3 mths "if caught and prosecuted" is all that appears to be standing between an agent of our government sitting on someones chest and torturing them to death. "May God please help and guide the chicken hawks who have current control of our country to
a greater understanding". The fact that this man was prosecuted at all is just one of the few signs that I can see that the United States I would be willing to pledge my allegiance to, has any functioning elements still remaining.
I wanted to add that as far as loyalties go,
my loyalties lie with the well being, and
safety of the people, I do not give my
loyalty blindly. How far that loyalty can be
seen to go, or where you can expect to see
it evaporate are always directly proportional
to what extent, and in what degree, various
governmental, or other entities are making a
positive or negative impact on the well being,
and safety of the people.
I should also say that thinking you can
become safer by giving up some of your
rights is a falsehood that will leave you 
neither safe nor with rights. The people
that approach us with this rational need
to be treated as the very dangerous
people that they are. 
Colin Stuart McCoy
I understand that Mr. Welshofer was sentenced
yesterday. I understand that he got no jail time,
just a reprimand. I don't understand the purpose
of the prosecution, nor do I understand what
the message is that we are supposed to take
from the sentence that was handed down.
At this time we have to seriously question this
case. We must face the fact that either Mr.
Welshofer was unfairly charged, and that all
the media was reporting distorted facts, or
that the military system of justice failed
miserably. These are both scenarios that our
nation produces far too often.
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:31 am pst 

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hidden societal controls
Until the majority of people in the USA make the
needed effort to understand the history of, and
the ongoing presence of government sponsored
anti- freedom efforts, residents of the USA will 
continue to see our freedoms and opportunities
Freedom is not something that you can fight to
achieve, and then just forget about it. Freedom
requires an ever vigilant maintenance program
supported by the full weight of historical
precedent/understanding of the processes, and
personality types that perpetually will seek to
destroy it.
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:00 am pst 

Sunday, January 8, 2006

A healthy/just and responsive democracy cannot survive or function if
unprotected, in a capitalistic, free market society/economy. For the same competitive marketing processes that may be succesful in business will always corrupt the democratic process. History has also demonstrated clearly that the interests of "big" business will, in far too many instances conflict directly with the just, real and necessary
spiritual, political, civil needs of the people.
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:33 am pst 

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