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Friday, February 17, 2006

Euros and Bird Flu
Interesting that one of the components to the
recession that Bush inherited was the Iraqi
move to switch to Euros over dollars.This
economic manoeuvring appeared to be backed
by Russia, as well as our erstwhile allies France,
and Germany, as well as others. Now Syria, and
Iran are going for the move, China looks like it
could step to the plate with some others. It
looks like a battle is shaping up between the
puppet masters, and as always the peasants
will suffer the most.
Bird Flu, Hmmmm... looks like we may have
about 18 mths to get ready. On the positive
side if it does mutate and develop the ability
to transfer from human to human in it's most
virulent form we could see a world
population drop of between 25% and 50%,
which would indirectly/directly aid the current 
various string pullers system of doing business,
without the needed reforms being put into
place. Also might want to find a way to
innoculate, if needed, the birds themselves,
or we may find ourselves growing algae that
looks and tastes like chicken.
Colin Stuart McCoy
9:21 am pst 

Monday, February 13, 2006

Iran Nuke Capacity
It seems to me that if the concerned nations of
the world wanted to seize the moral high
ground they would offer to build Iran the best
darn power generating, research capable,
non-weapon making type of Nuke reactor that is
capable of being built, but silly me, must be
something I'm missing that is not being reported
by our major media sources. Because it appears
that our leaders have found a new math approach
to this situation that requires that we further
deplete funding for important social, scholastic,
and environmental programs, increase our
national debt to economically suicidal levels, risk
the start of the next world war, put our military
into an untenable position, expose our
weaknesses to our nations enemies, all over an
issue that might serve to bring nations together.
Yup, I'm missing something.
It's an obvious conclusion that Iran may feel
that it's continued survival, both economic
and otherwise may require that their nation
becomes nuclear weapon capable. Some could
raise the issue that the USA's current, and
historical foreign policy postures/blunders are
directly behind this possible Iranian view point.
In fairness it should also be noted that for
approximately the past 30 years or so the
reactor the Iranians have been using to build
up their nuclear program with, and the facility
that has been researching the ability to produce
weapons grade radioactive material, is the
reactor/research facility that the U.S. built for
the Iranians.
Colin Stuart McCoy
8:26 pm pst 

Fair Tax Act of 2005
Well, better late than never. 15 years ago the
Sunrise Foundation engaged in a national effort
to stop the abuse of innocent tax payers, as well
as lay the foundation for a transitory tax plan that
would bring us a step closer to where we would
like to be "economical structure" wise. Combined
with the motivated efforts of others who had
suffered under IRS abuse, the tax payer bill of
rights came into being, and was subsequently
strengthened until it became about 75% effective.
We need to study the bills more. I.E H.R. 25 and
S.25 to be sure, but it appears on the surface
that with the passage of this bill we might inch
closer to where we need to be. Will it be a
defective instrument? Will it's final version gut the
good that such a change could promote? Will it
be too little too late?
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:13 am pst 

Hunting Quail
Well it would appear that our national leaders are
not the complete hypocrites that I took them for.
They actually employ the same techniques/
excellence in process in their private lives, "I.E.
Quail hunting" that they employ in managing our
country and waging war.
Colin Stuart McCoy 
9:48 am pst 

Natural selection fate of
In both the natural/temporal world, as well as the
spiritual world the fate of abominations are well
defined. I believe it has reach the point that at
the "very least" the term "abomination" can be
applied to our current national leaders and
supporting cast, if not arguably to the vast
majority of our society. It may not be an
enlightened viewpoint but, I do not expect that
I would shed a tear for these folks as their fate
catches up with them. I do resent strongly the
fact that because of how things are set up,
and the great size of the disasters that these
well placed dysfunctional elements are capable
of producing, that the rest of us, our wives,
our children, will be forced to share their fate.
This should provide the needed motivation for
all of us to get the lead out, and start trying to
make a difference.
Colin Stuart McCoy
9:39 am pst 

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