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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Damage to environment may give the Earth gas
Well, reports are coming in that without
aggressive action being taken, life as we know
it on earth may come to an end within 100
years or less. One of the final triggered events
will be what is being called a methane burp.
Experts state we have less than a decade
to begin implementation of the needed actions,
failure to do so will force us and the planet
beyond a calculated point of no return. Our
calculations show that current global
processes will not allow what is now needed
to occur with the scope nor within the
timelines needed to halt what is coming. So
within mathmatical limits and barring a
miraculous change in how our societies
interact with others and within themselves
the game may be over if we do not act. In
the USA they destroy those that may have
been able to show others the safe path
through what is coming. The sheeple can
no longer tell the difference between wolves
and sheep dogs and have thus eradicated
all the sheep dogs in their insane surrender
to manufactured fears. This is also an
occurance that many social engineers
anticipate in a societies evolutionary
process. The only people that might be
offended by this statement are those
that have "sheeple tendencies". I believe
this condition is overwhelmingly a
conditioned, unnatural state of being,
That can be fairly quickly turned around.
That's why The Sunrise Foundation is here.
We must never abandon hope,
and if possible we should keep trying to
make a difference to the extent that we
are able. This message is a little dark, not
very uplifting, the truth is often not
pleasant. This past year or so I did some
work ups on various probability factors and
variables, and for the first time in the
twenty plus years that I have been tracking
our environmental and societal decay I
found that we no longer had enough time
left to guarantee our successful restoration
of the sustainable "balance" between
humans and our planet, even if what I
would like to see happen, started today.
Unfortunately our society is geared to
prevent the awakening that I believe is
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:37 am pdt 

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