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Monday, September 18, 2006

Churches, western religion
Saw something positive today in the news.
It was about the IRS keeping an eye on
some churches that had been engaging in
more political activities than what is allowed
under their tax exempt status. A problem
that I have always had with western
organized religion has to do with what I
have always seen as a terminal level of
betrayal or hypocrisy in their organizations.
Starting with a simple no- brainer. The bible,
when you weed out the propaganda
and other distortions imposed upon it by 
the people who recognized it, and the faith it
represented, as being a tool for political and
intellectual mob control, provides valuable
bedrock information and insight on where
western spiritual prophets/messiahs wanted
their followers to focus in order to have the
greatest chance of completing the journey
that they felt the Human Race was supposed
to try and attempt.
Well, if we are interested in the efforts of
goodness prevailing over the efforts of what
I would call ignorance or evil, where does 
the bible say we can find the primary power
source behind the wrong thinking that seems
to be forced upon our society.
Well I suppose someone could come along and
tatoo this message on our forheads for us, but
to me this looks like a pretty good clue as to
what these great spiritual people thought about
where the root of all evil may lie.
What they are saying is that when you give
money a role in our society that it was never
meant to possess, when you allow it to force
us to make, or participate in evil processes and
defective decision making, the forces of evil 
will gain a foothold that will eventually
destroy us all.
So what do western churches do here in the
states they enter into agreements with the
U.S. Government that precludes them from
performing their spiritual duties to the extent
the originators of their various faiths would
demand, and why do they make this betrayal?
They do it for money$$$ 501-c3 tax exempt
Now can you picture what Jesus would say
if the Romans and his other peers told him,
"Hey tell you what Jesus old boy, just limit
what your saying about God and his
expectations, and we'll give you a tax break"
Jesus in fact said "Render unto Caesar what
is Caesars". Pretty much, "pay the stupid
taxes, but I'm going to say what needs to be
said". Problem was is Jesus was not a
comedian so they killed him. (George Bernard
Anyway some churches, maybe 1/100 of
1 % of those that claim tax exempt
status have begun to try and reclaim their
role in society as perhaps Jesus would have
intended. Long way to go though, and
dangerous is the power of organized faith
in the hands of the un-evolved, or ignorant 
But I view it as a positive at this point.
I do believe in "miraculous" events being
possible, especially those created by
tremendous efforts of sweat, work, focus
and tenacity.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:29 am pdt 

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Here we go again
We have the U.S. government communicating to
the world and it's own citizens at an Orwellian
level that is unprecedented in our history, truth,
reason, and historical precedent have gone out
the window. Due to laws recently passed, as well
as other "managerial" factors introduced, or
expanded upon, opposition to this conduct has
been muted, perhaps to a level that puts us all in
harms way, in a way/manner that will eliminate
our ability to avoid those ever increasingly
potential harms.
We have nations that could be said to be
currently unfriendly to the U.S.A who at the
same time are silencing their own moderates,
and raising the tone of their "fanatical" Orwellian
cultural elements.
The outcomes of such hate mongering, and fear
building exercises are historically clear for   
us to see and anticipate. Many people
unfortunately have reached the resigned point of
"Gene Wilders" portrayal of "Willy Wonka" as he
tries to futilely keep the children from
Some people have come to recognize that the
current philosophical aproach of "those" that
have helped create, maintain, and engineer our
governments/societies approach, method of
operation, would rather engage in behavior that
will lead to the deaths of millions, perhaps
billions of innocent people, engage in behavior
that could render the earth unsuitable for
comfortable human habitation, or worse,....
rather than sit down and engage those in
opposition in a sane, equal value,
non-manipulative dialog that seeks what is
possible, and also the best end results that will
maximize the opportunity for the most favorable 
possible outcome for all the parties involved.
We must work together to create a society that
engages in the missing positive form of dialog
refered to above.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:24 am pdt 

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