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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, Theology/Environmental efforts/focus combine.
Was able to go and listen to a forum/conference
on global warming etc.. 38th annual Collins
Lectures. Theme being "Earth on the Edge:
Choosing Our Future." Could not stay for the
lecture that followed.
Anyway- what a wonderful event. The speakers
really indicated in their various presentations that
they were knowledgeable of the subject matter,
and the magnitude of the importance of the issue.
I was impressed by the recognition of the
importance of faith based organizations as being
an element/resource that could tip the scale
toward a victorious outcome in the human race's
effort to triumph over the global warming 
environmental crisis.
Author, Mr. Bill Mckibben, has indicated by word
and deed an awareness of the efforts, at all
levels, that will be required to create the positive
changes needed in our planets environmental
I only heard a couple of things, ( did not come
from Mr. Mckibben), that indicated a "glitch" in
focus and awarenesses that "could" diminish
the efforts of the speakers involved to get the
"word" out in a way that will create the
community involvement needed to reach a
victorious outcome in the global warming, 
weather changing crisis.
Of the few things I heard, and made mention of  
above, the first that comes to mind was a
utopian vision of little self sufficient townships.
This "outlook", as presented, lacks the forward
thinking about what mechanisms would be
needed to create such a future. The thing about
the future spoken about, is that a hybrid type of
this future that incorporates this as a greater
percentage of the total, but not the exclusive
end result, of our societal makeup would be
a good thing. This needs to be clarified or
omitted from this presentation. Something that  
resembles this "vision/future" in a grotesquely
similar fashion and has been predicted as a
possible out come for the survivors of the next
world war. It is not, however, the future
that mainstream people want for themselves
or their children. All groups that have tried
to incorporate this vision, as it was presented,
into their various platforms have found
themselves unable to connect to the number
of people they had hoped to reach. Nor is this
future, as presented, in the best interests of
humanity at this time.
Another thing I heard that troubled me
was the use of the term "manifest-destiny"
in regards to the "Christian" presence in
North America." The way this term was
used indicated a lack of awareness over
this terms ugly, evil and perhaps satanic
origins. This is a term that those who are
more aware, recognize as a grotesquely
discriminatory and hateful term for the
process whereby, through thievery, murder,
and genocide the lands and resources of
the United States were secured by the God
fearing, church attending folk of the effected
era."Genocide" is actually a better term for
what took place under the process of "manifest
destiny", and will, if we stay on this planet
long enough, be taught in our schools in
it's stead. We should also teach honestly,
the role that the so called Christians of the
time played, and failed to play, in this process,
and see if we might see what needs to be
done differently to succeed in this current
environmental crisis.
The last question I found myself asking was,
are the various faith based organizations,
represented at the forum, as well as all  
others that I see as being needed to help
create a positive outcome to the global
warming crisis, willing to sacrifice, if needed,
"and I think it very likely will be," their tax
exempt status in order to put out an effective
political message on this, and related issues.
Colin Stuart McCoy
1:51 pm pdt 

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Is it Hitlers ghost or Satan we hear giggling?
Well, they went and passed the military
commissions act. If this act is allowed
to stand for any measurable length of
time, we can use the passage date to
mark the day that the United States of
America finally and completely ceased
to exist.
People jailed and held without charges.
Yes, sure, thats reflective of values of
a country we can love.
The concept of habeus corpus, gone.
We will be damned as a society.
Protects our nations war criminals from
prosecution. Have we gone completely
Allows evidence gained through torture.
Our leaders must think we can stand
militarily against the combined military
and economic might of the nations that
will not look favorably upon a society that
has political processes in place that could
pass such laws.
Have we forgotten everything? "Korea"?
"Viet Nam"? where is the needed outcry?
Same place that the needed outcry went in
Germany during "Kristallnacht", and in the
events that followed.
2:23 pm pdt 

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