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Friday, November 10, 2006

November 7th, 2006
Well, I view the vote results of the Nov. 7th,
elections with cautious optimism. Groups like
Move on. org, etc... did a great job.
To me the vote was a giant "no vote" for how
things have been going in this country,
rather than an endorsement of anything the
Democrats have put forth, I hold this party
equally responsible for things getting as "out
of wack" as things have become. The question
now becomes will the "machine" that has been
controlling the political landscape for so long
allow meaningful corrective actions to come
into being? Or, will we see once again the
desires of the people broken against the
various intractable institutions of our country.
Will the people make their desires a reality,
overcoming the forces that have been
succesful to date in their counter efforts,
or will once again those same negative forces
be succesful in stopping the forward positive
evolutionary processes that are needed.
We will have to wait and see, while at the
same time working to overcome those forces
of greed, and the spiritually bankrupt, who
have, from the date of this nations inception,
kept it from reaching its true, full, and greatest
"Camelot-ian" potential.
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:42 am pst 

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