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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bill Maher- New age MacCarthyism
Bill Maher said something the other day on his
show. He said something along the lines of
that, " Any country that will let me get up
and talk about it's problems, and have a show
like his to do so is a country worth trying to
fight for and save."
I agree with Mr. Maher, but we should never
allow ourselves to get overly touchy feely
about trying to make our country more
healthy again, because 1.) Being successful
is not a guaranteed outcome. 2.) Our
country with it's current shortcomings is
killing or destroying the lives of thousands
of innocent people who will never have
a chance to to be heard on a show like
Mr. Maher's. 3.) The effort needed will need
to be very serious, dedicated and idealistic.  
Colin Stuart McCoy
7:03 am pdt 

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