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Monday, October 22, 2007

What do they not possess ? What is broken within?
When you look and see all the good data
available on various issues, It becomes, in
most cases, fairly apparent that people that
possess what could be called average
intelligence, people that operate within the
confines of the intellectual norms of the human
species, have the skills needed to solve our
societies problems, even the most difficult.
Why then do our national and international
leaders do so poorly. The information on various
ways to solve various problems is there. Sorting
out the good info from that which is, in various
ways contaminated, does not take any special
skill. Why then do those in our society that
have the greatest access to effect productive,
positive change in regards to failing processes,
fail to do so in a timely manner?, or in far too
many cases, at all.
What is broken that keeps them from seeing?
Or caring about what they see. Is it the
selection process that causes the damage to
these people? Or is the selection process by
design set up so that it only allows those
people missing basic qualities to reach these
positions of leadership?
Colin Stuart McCoy 
There are times that you will see me write
or speak of our societal failures in a
collective sense, again I am fully aware
of the positive efforts being made, but I
will continue as I feel appropriate to make
collective/general statements about these
failures until I believe that those making
the positive efforts hold the visible
majority position again, and that needed
changes are beginning to occur at a rate
that can halt the systemic declines we are
experiencing, and make the improvements
needed to create the turnaround that our
very survival may require.
6/15/08 Some recent events have been taking
place that have left me feeling a little down.
This started around August of last year when
something very, very wrong took place. To
cheer myself up today I went through my
contact list that has literally hundreds if not
thousands of listings/connections for other
groups and people who are just as concerned
about what is going on as I am. We are not
alone. What is absolutely phenomenal is the size
and force of the manufactured "anti" climate
that is working so aggressively to control/halt
the process of "awakening" that our society,
at least here in United States, and I suspect
elsewhere as well, so desperately needs.
I live in a community that is so overwhelmingly
controlled by a negative minority of it's citizens,
that through the use of this minorities groups
aggressive processes of vigilantism combined
with text book cointelpro processes makes any
meaningful challenge to the situation by members
of the community seeking to make improvements
a potentially life risking effort. In my particular
case, I do believe that it was these minority
members of the communities perception of who I
was, that made them behave the way they did/
are. They created so much negativism/hostility
that it became almost impossible to function or
live in a manner one would hope for in a so called
free society. 
Then either through intentional planning, which
unfortunately does look possible in this instance,
or through the simple spreading of mindless hate
and fear disconnected from the need to seek the
truth behind that which was being used to foment
the fear and hate, I was finally worn down to the
point that I made a mistake, and I put myself into
a position where the truth of an event could be
compromised. The failure on my part was then
capitalized on by the above mentioned group.
It was then only with the assistance of either
corrupt members of the local police dept., which
I know from past experience exists, or through
just pure incompetence, combined with a rush
to judgement without more than a surface look
at the situational evidence that I was very
negatively impacted. I very much believe it
was the first scenario at this time. The last
system failure that allowed me to be
impacted to the extent that I was, was due
to a Grand Jury process that has completely
been corrupted. Clearly these people who I
believe view themselves as being "Christian"
have not a clue as to what is required of the
followers of this faith in these troubled times.
The commandment against bearing false
witness against a neighbor is something that
in their MacCarthyistic zeal, they do not feel
constrained by. It's like something out of a
bad horror novel, or an Orwellian 1984 part
We just need to keep going.
10:14 am pdt 

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