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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

President Bush's fiscal policies may soon render dollar valueless.
National security, Canada's "oil sands"
production, and supplies were coming on line in
a calculated capacity as to have been able to
meet the national security issues related to a
secure supply of oil.
Iraq oil was not needed for this purpose Middle
east situation has become very dangerous due
to Bush administration blunders.
Our population in 2000 was aprox 281.4 million,
now 2008, it is aprox 304.3 million. An increase
of aprox 8.14%.
In 2000 we had a national debt of aprox 5.7
trillion dollars, and it was in the process of
being paid off. Our national debt is now 9.5
trillion dollars, an increase of aprox 66% over
the last 8 years. Current tax structure cannot
pay it off.
We are having bank failures, with the federal
reserve stepping in to provide financial stability
with their "certificates of forced servitude" money
program, again with the U.S. tax payer being put
on the hook for the continued greed and
mismanagement of these critical institutions.
(They want to buy stock)
At this time it is clear that those that operate
our currency management systems fully realize
the truth behind what the Sunrise Foundation
states as being possible. (Our proposals are
global in nature, clearly it appears at this time
that U.S. connected interests decided a while
back to implement some of our processes in a
unilateral manner that puts the vast majority of
the U.S. population at economic risk.)
What they have not done is to begin the process 
of severing the link between the spending, and 
the largely mis-directed waste of resources, and
the saddling of the U.S. citizens, as well as our
nations assets with an overwhelming degree of
certificates of servitude/debt.
At this time every man woman and child is on
the hook for aprox $32,000.00 individually. Thats
32k from my preteen son, and another 32k from
my preteen daughter. Almost double what it was
8 yrs ago. George Bush has turned us into a
debtor nation, The day is coming when people
wake up and say, "we had no effective say in
being burdened with this debt." We are not going
to pay, period!, and begin the process of putting
politicians and policies in place that remove the
assets and taxpayers of the U.S. from being on
hook for the payment of this debt.
Has this day already been forseen? Is there a
plan? Or is our government purposely planning
to defraud those that hold the debt? Are our
allies involved? 
The time to start working on how to smoothly
move from where we are today, to where we
need to be in regards to our currency control
processes is now. By starting now we have
the best chance to implement the change in a
manner that protects the interests of all
What is even more dangerous about our nations 
debt situation is that it is estimated that around
30% of our national debt is now held by foreign
nations/interests, this figure includes foreign
ownership of aprox 47% of our t-bills. (This could
give other nations the ability to negatively impact
the U.S. economic and thus the political scene
as the debt needs to be rolled over. etc...)
At what point will our world neighbors tell the
U.S. that they will no longer accept Federal
Reserve "certificates of servitude" money, due
to the growing risk of insolvency. This is a
money system that the U.S. citizens may also
soon reject as well, as soon as they realize the
massive malfeasance that has been foisted
upon them, holding everything that they
hold dear hostage, hostage because paying the
debt that this mis-management of the public
trust has created will, under current rules of
operation potentially require massive cuts in
domestic programs that make our lives what
they have been, but also cuts in the programs
that provide for our nations survival, yes hostage
to the "certificates of indentured servitude" said
currency issuance brings with it.
Clearly when you combine this increase in debt
with the reports of our nations huge neglected
infrastructure maintenance needs, needs that
have not been met even with the huge increase
in our national debt. We are left with trying to
wonder when the other shoe will drop and upon
Well at least the oil companies continue to turn
in record profits.
If you have less than $100,000.00 in FDIC insured
banks, you will probably be O.K. except for 
devaluation that may come from inflation. If you
have more than $100,000.00 better move it
around into smaller accounts, or better yet dump
U.S. Dollars for Euro's. Might also not be a bad
idea to pull your money out of the majority of
the U.S stock market and look at the foreign
markets over the next year.
The increased value that this may cause in
Euro's as well as in boosted foreign stock
exchange values may also help to offset your
dollar losses.
Colin Stuart McCoy
7/24/08 Update
Recently released reports indicate that if
presidential candidate Obama's economic plan
is adopted the U.S. national debt will increase
by aprox 3.5 trillion dollars over the next 6 to
8 yrs, while if it is McCain's economic plan that
is put in place our national debt will can be
expected to increase by aprox 5 trillion dollars
over the same period of time. Over the past 8
yrs the U.S. GNP grew by aprox 10% which
equals aprox 1 trillion dollars, (impacted by
inflation). Essentially it went from 10.5 trillion
dollars to 11.5 trillion dollars. Future performance
is unpredictable, we could see additional growth
of around 600 billion dollars over the next 4 to
6 yrs, (This growth if it occurs will not offset the
danger represented by the swelling national
debt).  A serious contraction is also possible
under existing circumstances. Growing groups of
people are currently tracking the on coming train
wreck, when it occurs will be linked to the
moment that investors decide that holding U.S.
backed debt has become unsafe, something that
could happen between now and perhaps as far
out as ten years.( Will all depend on how the
national Debt. is dealt with, and if the way it is
dealt with does not force the U.S. to abandon
it's needed programs or position itself to
economically harm it's citizens,  or those other
nations that have invested in our system.)
Looks like under existing processes/realities 
these may be some difficult goals to achieve.
(Raise taxes or cut programs-defense/social?)
Anybody thinking about what it will cost to
meet our nations infrastructural maintenance
needs in addition to those funds needed
mentioned above?
Economists usually agree that servicing a
unheathily high national debt dries up the
money supply and stalls the economy. This
is going to be real interesting/potentially very
(Pay no attention to the man/men behind the
The Sunrise Foundation has forseen the current
scenario and has ready for implementation an
action plan developed over 15 years ago.
11:31 am pdt 

Friday, July 11, 2008

9/11- War crimes- Other problems in River City
I was asked to take a look at some of the issues
that have been raised by others, others that have
found problems with the facts or evidence in
regards to events involving 9/11. 
What I found is that there is indeed problems with
the evidence that has been provided to the public.
I.E. (Missing materials for testing, tests not done
for explosives, tests that don't fully support the
government provided explanations, ect..)
In some cases it has to do with how the evidence
was presented through the media. In many cases
it has to do with how conspiracy theory websites
have dealt with these issues in a manner that has
been equally problematic. I.E lacking the needed
degree of intellectual, as well as other forms of
honesty or integrity. In a troubling number of
instances it also involves how our government
handled the evidence and the conclusions drawn
through those processes.
No response from the government to date, which
has the greatest access to all available evidence,
has adequately dealt with these issues,
questions, and failed processes to date in a
manner that would be expected from a free, open
society. This failure has allowed the existence of
dangerous and unneeded social stresses to
continue to exist at a time when our nations
security has already been seriously impacted in
a negative manner by the executive branch of
our government over the last several years.
(Such as the current economic problems, our
nations pressing infrastructural maintenance
needs, environmental concerns, as well as
increased dangers created by the simple fact
that our nation is now disliked by the largest
percentage of the worlds population in our history.
George Bush and crew may have very well moved
us, as a nation, into a check mate position of a
perpetual fight for survival where what we require
to extricate ourselves cannot be obtained or
created unless we receive a far higher quality
of leadership through our democratic processes
than we have been able to produce for ourselves 
over at least the last 15 or 20 years.  
Latest failure of investigative process would seem
to involve the claims coming out from one of the
primary proponents of the demolitions claims
theories. They now claim to have identifiable
remains of these, so called, "Nano type" of
thermite munitions. Why has not an investigation
of these claims taken place? Why has not the
FBI done the nation a needed service and
debunk these claims? It appears the claims I
am refering to were made in April, 2008. This
needs to end!
I want to see test results on these Nano- demo
charge remains. I want to see an independant
review of their other claims concerning the
quantity of molten metal found, demo charge
footprints in the dust debris, ect..  These
primary movers of the Demo charge theories
need to have the opportunity to verify their
claims or be shut down in a very public manner.  
The televised documentaries continue to fail
to address these issues. This just continues to
allow the pro-demo supporters to continue to
point to a failed investigative process as a
support to their claims. An unacceptable
failure of process.
(Seek out and read,"Harpers Magazine; White-
-wash as a public service"..How the 9/11
commission report defrauds the nation. By
Benjamin Demott.) Then look at the 9/11
commissions report to see if you agree.
Due to limits in space I am going to address
just three areas where problems clearly can
be seen to exist, that have not been properly
addressed to date.
Update: 8/26/08 based upon an on going review.
Before I get started, there is a great quote
attributed to Napoleon Bonapart. Goes 
something like this.. "Never ascribe to malice,
that which can be explained by incompetence".
It can help to keep a person grounded when
they have jumped into something like the 9/11
related controversies. 
1.) What we knew leading up to, and during
the first hour of the 9/11 attacks. We failed
to act, these failures to act on known
intelligence reach into the highest levels of
our government, and has not been adequately
addressed. (At this point the level to which 
issues have not been addressed only feeds
the beliefs in potential criminal culpability on
the part of our government. Clear indications
have been found to exist that soundly support
the Bush administrations lack of "honest
recollection" in these matters. Even the Co-
chair of the 9-11 commission has stated that
the effort our leadership made to avoid blame
was significant. It is easy to see how these
same efforts allowed processes to come into
being that layed the ground work for the
current controversy over these events.
Why were our best/most informed people in
the field either re-assigned or repetively shut
down by their higher ranking counterparts?
Just for my self I would like to see a harder
hitting investigation into these above mentioned
issues. Clearly what we knew was greater than
what was spoken about in the weeks and months
following this event, at best the magnitude of
government incompetence is so vast as to be
mind numbing, it actually becomes easier to
accept the various claims of conspiracy than to
admit to ourselves how poorly served we can be
by our elected officials, as well as how pathetic
we have become in demanding the best from
the free processes of our society that still remain
to us.
2.) The technical explanation as to how the
twin towers came down, reports of the 
discovery of secondary explosives. This is
another issue that has not been addressed in
a manner consistent with what would be
expected in a free, open society. There is now
the existence of enough credible "problem
data", as well as, demands from an ever growing
list of credible professional engineers, and
architechs, asking for an independant review of
this event that this controversy can no longer
be dismissed as merely the product of the
"Lunatic fringe". If these professionals trained
as engineers and architechs have seen enough
to want to take the investigation further in a
very open and transparent manner, I have to
believe that what they see is indeed potentially
very problematic.
This controversy needs a more comprehensive
and public discourse for the various sides to 
be allowed to have their presentations fully 
made and evaluated. Again failure to do so only
exacerbates a growing U.S. societal problem.
The controversy over what happened to the
WTC buildings is such that I believe an
independent review of all points of view must
take place. The sooner the better. However,
because of the delays/errors that have been
allowed to take place, what has unfortunately,
most likely, been created, is another national
conspiracy scenario, like the Dallas, Texas
(I personally absolutely want a better
understanding of the statements made by the
heroic, on the scene emergency personel 
concerning the discovery of secondary
explosives. As well as a fair examination of the
eyewitness, non-tampered with, testimony that
contradicts disturbing aspects of the official
Update: 8/26/08 Visual records alone covering
the related 9/11 events are not enough, in my
opinion, for the typical person to use to come
to "quick" conclusions on this unfortunate
It's like a magic show, the hand can be quicker
than the eye, so to speak. You must listen to all
8/19/08 update on this issue.
There is a tremendous amount of apparently
contradictory evidence where even the testing
that the government actually did, seems to work
towards lowering the credibility of the government
It had been reported back in 2006 that a Prof.
Stephen Jones of BYU found Thermate residue
in the debris from the twin tower collapse.
Thermate is a combo by product of Thermite and
sulpher is a demolition charge residue.
Prof. Jones has apparently retired from BYU after
his apparent evaluations were made public. The 
The thing I do not like about the timing of the
retirement is it clearly looks to be the result of
external pressure, however I would also like to
find a sound explanation as to why the Prof.
retired rather than face what looked to be a
rather comprehesive peer review, that could
perhaps have led to outright termination.
This prof. was also involved in the cold fusion
debates and presentations of the 1980's.
(Now this is one of those ah ha moments.-
However, I have found out that it is best to
go slowly if you want to keep your Karma
clean when you are faced with these ah ha
moments. I have found that in far too many
cases that are set up like this one, that the
"ah ha group" responders could be expected 
to be showing up in ever greater numbers to
throw Prof. Jones under the bus, are often
the absolutely most lacking of moral character
of a positive sort.
The problem that I am having at this time is
it appears that Prof. Jones and company have
raised legitimate questions about what took place
that day, and how it took place. Based upon
the appearance of a lack of rigorous review of the
Prof. work at this time, the prof. has come under
significant attack for his work on this topic.
These potential failures in his processes, in no
way, at this time seem to eliminate the potential
validity of "all" the issues he has raised.
If I had to make a bet, and at this time based
upon what I have seen/looked up, I would say
that in regards to WTC 1 and 2, and unless
various loose ends are tied up I'm about 75/25
percent on the side of the governments stated
opinion of events.
I will also say concerning WTC 7 that with the
release of the most recent report that I am
coming down on the side of the governments
redition of events in the WTC 7 event as well.
It has been the past behavior of the Bush team,
along with the massive/and simple, how could
they be so stupid, type of investigative failures
of process at critical moments that are primarily
responsible for my desire to see the
investigation re-opened. Very much want to
see that the "conspiracy/demo theory supporters
get a viable chance to be heard/evaluated 
I also want to say that a failure upon the part of
the next administration to investigate this event
further would push me, and I suspect many
others closer towards belief in an anti-
government representation of this event.
The conflict that a review of this matter has
caused within me, and the doubts about how
poorly the government has handled it's
investigative responsibilities, and it's apparent
obstructionist protocols, combined with
my low esteem for the current administration,
and what I worry, based upon it's past
performances, of what other behaviors it or
it's lackey's may be capable of that leaves me
feeling ill when I work on this issue/topic.
Only an investigation, that we expect to see
when competent criminal investigations are
pursued, will produce the results that I expect
will resolve this matter to the satisfaction of
the close to at least 125 million U.S. citizens
that have become conflicted over the events
of this horrible day. Pro or con.
As far as Prof. Jones is concerned,
I don't know why the prof. resigned "for
sure".. I will look into it. What I do know
is this country, as it exists today, will not
hesitate to absolutely destroy an innocent
person just on the potential of an erronious
reflex action, let alone if someone is promoting
something that is troublesome. People need to
eat, you put a guy into a position where his
pension is at stake, and you might get a
resignation rather than seeing a person fight
in a situation where they see the cards have
been stacked against them. Heck we have
thousands of people pleading guilty to "crimes"
that they are in fact factually innocent of in
order to try and survive these types of criminally
created, spiritually devastating scenarios.
3.) Pentagon attack, flight 77. With the release
of additional video, as well as that which was
previously released the appearance of evidence
tampering readily exists, and needs to be
addressed. Why tamper with the videos in any
way concerning such an important event?
This needs to be explored in greater detail in
a very public manner.
(Everyone should take a look at the videos that
are available, on this and related issues, on "YOU
Then in my opinion you should check out
Both the following websites "Debunking 911
Conspiracy Theories and Controlled Demolition",
as well as "Architechs and Engineers for 911
Truth". These are two sites that have put a great
deal of "quality" effort into this controversy. One
is a "pro" official presentation site the other is
8/19/08 Update on this issue.
Found what looks to be unedited footage of the
1st video release from the Pentagon. Clearly
provides indication that much of this video was
tampered with in order to provide the appearance
of tampering?? I believe under the circumstances 
tampering with these videos should be a crime.
What type of crime would be indicated by finding
out who did the tampering and for what purposes.
I do not consider it to be a free speach issue any
more than I would  of someone yelling "fire" in a
crowded theatre.
I want to add that I have found clear indications
of evidence tampering/manipulation from
organizations/people on both sides of this debate.
At this point, unless I find more, the events at
the Pentagon appear to be exactly what the
government said they are. Will see if I can find
out who most likely tampered with the tapes first,
in my opinion, as time allows.
Additional issues, not directly related to the
above, newly released reports by credible
researchers has found that war crimes have
clearly been committed, in Iraq by U.S. Forces,
with evidence trails leading up the chain of
command, these reports have been met with
virtual silence by our media.
(Word search - War crimes, Major General
Antonio Taguba reports.)
As I continue to look into the above mentioned
issues I will post anything that appears to be
Everything is still available on the net, take some
time to do your own research. If you need help
contact us.
Colin Stuart McCoy
3:14 pm pdt 

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