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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The second biggest lie of the modern era
Question: What is the second biggest lie of the
modern era.
Answer: We don't have enough money to do 
what our planet, our society, our moral code
requires of us. 
The single most pressing progressive movement,
in my opinion, that must be realized and in which
the goals must be achieved is getting the control
of the money supply back into the hands of the
I have had to watch in sickening horror over the
past twenty years as every predictable event
that could be envisioned, resultant over a failure
for this reality to gain awareness in the activist
community to a functioning degree, let alone
society in general, has come to pass.
Think of where our planet/society was 30 years
ago. Look at the conditions that exist today.
Now look forward another 30 years if things
continue, with the action plans created that  
control the processes and resource distribution
are those of the "Bildenberg" type elites.
Under existing conditions the only tree's, whales,
eco-systems, the sick, the poor, that concerned
citizens wish to help, that will be allowed to be
helped, will be those that the "current system
controllers" will largely allow.
Under existing conditions the tree's, whales,
eco-systems, the sick, the poor that activists
are able to help, are helped through often
needlessly difficult, energy draining, efforts
that the current conditions force to be perhaps
one tenth, if that, as effective or productive
as these same levels of effort can produce in
other areas not overly restricted by these
manufactured controls..
If you want to win, and win as quickly as
current issues require, you must gain control
of the power source through which the majority
of the control needed is exercised.
What the Sunrise Foundation is putting into play
is a double edged process. One, our plan is
sound and will work, and stand as an end
Two, by creating a viable challenge to that which
"is", the point will come where it will be realized
that in order to try to remain or survive, that
which "is" will need to serve the needs of the
people and planet far more effectively.
This may help buy time for corrective processes
to come on line to the extent required.
As more people become aware of the functional
realities to which personal control over their own
lives has been restricted. A counter cascade 
effect to that which "is" can be created.
We may see a march on Washington at least
comparable in size to those connected to the
largest of the civil rights marches over the
past 40 plus years. 
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:32 am pdt 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We've been hacked..
Please stand by we'll have things/recent posts
ect.. looking better within a day or so, if that.
Update: 8/29/08 O.K. everything seem to be up,
running and cleaned up. Lost very little content.
10:37 pm pdt 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama's campaign,
Is it actually possible that the Democratic
strategists have found another new and
innovative way to loose an election that should
be a landslide in their favor.(The so called move
to center.)
Update:8/29/08 Looks like corrective steps are
being made, have to wait and see.
Very concerned about media coverage of the
election, as well as other related events.
Update:8/29/08 Clinton support controversy
appears to have come to nothing. I believe
the Clintons could have done more to end this
sooner. Just have to wait to see what the main
stream media cooks up next.
An interesting thought is that what we need to
be aware of, is that we may be watching the
last credible effort by the supporters of a non-
elitist, non-Bildenberg, anti-closed to the public
travesty form of political process that has been
destroying our freedoms/planet. Will they/we
Update: 8/29/08 I'm not willing at this time to
equate Biden's membership in the CFR as a
disqualifier. I'm far more concerned over his
interaction/votes on such things as the Patriot
Act, it's renewal, and the Iraq war. The way I
see it we are faced with two choices.
1.) McCain/ Palin, no chance, game will be over,
and it will end badly.
2.) Obama/Biden, survival is not at least a
mathmatical impossibility, improbable yes,
but we still have a chance.
Where is Obama? When he made his noted/so
called shift to center he created more damage
to his campaign than he anticipated.
His energy policy is much improved and is now
flexible enough to allow him to overcome
criticisms of the weak aspects of the
democratic platform on this issue.
8/29/08: Update
Well, not a bad convention, great speeches.
Including Obama's, baring the appearance of
chad issues, paperless automatic voting machine
issues, or an Edwards type moment for the
candidate, Obama and Biden, are on track for
victory. Still need to clarify in a positive, and
restate clearly their intentions on the wiretap
issues. If this, and related move to center type
issues can be addressed, and additonal issues 
are not created, then I believe this election will
be a victory for the democratic party and
What will then follow will be to see what progress
can be made toward needed goals, against the
expected efforts of the "Self serving, elitist,
freedom's/planet destroying, machine".   
Both Obama, and McCain need to work on their
economic proposals, both are ignoring the bigger
story/waking giant of the national debt.
Both parties have not based their proposals on
an analytical appraisal of actual resource
availablity to the extent needed.
Where Obama stands the greatest risk of loosing
this election is by failing to continue to discuss,
and speak of needed corrective steps involving
the damage done to the social fabric of our
society, while guaranteeing to hold accountable
those that may be found to have violated our
most sacred processes. If he does not continue
to push hard on these types of issues the fear
mongers could very well prevail again.. 
I believe if the Republicans gain control of the
executive branch for another four years any
chance that might exist to restore balance and
harmony to a currently very damaged national as
well as global set of conditions, and do so in as
pain free a process, (Pain free being a relative
term when one compares how bad things could
easily get if we don't turn things around,) as still
remains at least a mathmatical possibility, may
Colin Stuart McCoy
9:40 pm pdt 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia on my mind
Whether or not Georgia can expect any timely
help from NATO or the West in their current
conflict with Russia will come down to whether
key NATO members, (France, Germany) decide
if Georgia behaved reasonably in the events
leading up to the rapid escalation of violence.
"Value of oil pipeline to west?"
Was anyone being baited, the Russians? The
Georgians? The West?
The U.S. appears to have been aware of the
Russian build up since last April, 2008. Why
was not more done?
The Georgian knew such a conflict could
complicate their plans to join NATO, why did
they and their U.S. allies not speak out more
effectively as things got worse in South Ossetia?
It appears that the Georgians violated a valid,
long term cease fire agreement. Prior to doing so
why was not a greater effort made on the
diplomatic global stage to address the Georgian
governments growing concerns? Did they consult
their allies? Is there a record of this?
If the Georgian governments behavior can be
shown to have been above board and balanced
then I believe Georgia can anticipate timely
assistance from the West. The West/NATO
cannot allow potential allies to be brutalized
as a calculated process to deprive these
potential allies of their free will and right to
free association.
However if Russia can demonstrate that it has 
been the behavior of the Georgian Government,
perhaps operating following the advice of a
dishonest and intellectually corrupt western
ally, that has been the primary cause of the
harm being caused in the area, then the Georgian
people may find themselves in a position where
counting on any timely help from the West will
be a fantasy.
Without NATO/allied backing the U.S. will not
act alone, (I.E. Military force,) but with the
Bush/Cheney team anything is possible.
Do not forget, several years ago two key NATO
Allies, (France and Germany) got themselves
involved in a very un-ally like process, that
looks like it could have played a role in some
of the economic problems the U.S. is having.
I think Russia was involved in that whole thing
as well. Switching to Euro's etc..for oil ect..
No telling how France and Germany will process
/view the current situation. Currently in
Afghanistan these two nations are not being
as helpful as the U.S. would like. Even if this is
just further signs of maneuvers based upon a
disapproval of U.S. foreign policy. There are
innocent and virtually helpless people who are
being killed and injured. The violence needs to
One thing is sure apparent the citizens of the
U.S. are not getting the needed info on this
event that a free people need to function
effectively in a democratic republic.
Hopefully that will soon change. This violence
is unacceptable it could have/should have been
avoided. Innocent people are being killed or
injured, (AGAIN), over decisions made that they
had little or no control over. There is far too 
much evidence of inappropriate manipulation in
this event. Innocent people are being used as
pawns and cannon fodder.
Colin Stuart McCoy 
8/19/08 Update
Because the stakes are so high, (Nations that
make unilateral, ill thought decisons over the use
of force are capable of potentially starting
catastrophically large wars,) Stability of process,
ally involvement, and deliberation is a prerequisite
for membership or potential membership
consideration in NATO.
The question that has not been addressed by
western media is, did the government of Georgia
make the decision to move into South Ossetia
completely on their own, the way that they did?
They should have sought assistance from the
U.N. or the West "NATO" concerning the growing
violence in South Ossetia, did they? Were they
Or did they consult with any of their western
allies? Were the Georgians privy to the
information that the U.S. had gathered on the
Russian force build up on their borders?
As I am completely appalled at the behavior of all 
sides in this conflict. The fault, in my opinion, of
the escalation clearly seems to lie more with the
U.S. and Georgian Gov. processes to date, than
that of the Russians.
The Russian behavior has been unacceptable as
well, so much so that they jeopardize/eliminate
almost completely their ability to put forth any
positive spin in a manner that could have been
far more effective if not for the unneeded size
and scope of the violence that grew and
continued past the point of securing the safety
of the people of South Ossetia, as well as past
the Russian Governments approval of the French
brokered cease fire.
5:44 pm pdt 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Economics 101
Here's the deal, when a person gets to the
point where they are needing to use their last
credit card to make payments on their other
outstanding debt, this usually take place because
said individual continuously spent or lived beyond
their actual income, and mismanaged their
resources/budget, (robbing Peter to pay Paul).
When this scenario presents itself, you have an
individual that has entered the "last act" of their
particular economic dance. The end is no longer
a matter of philosophical debate, it can clearly be
seen on an ever nearing horizon.
The only thing in question is how big of a hole will
they make when they hit the ground, this
depends an awful lot on how big their last line of
credit is.
Their options are cut expenses, which negatively
impacts the quality of their standard of living.
Usually by the time this point is reached, no
amount of actually survivable expense cutting is
Your looking at a collapse/default.
In the U.S. the size of the interest payment on
the national debt has reached the point that we
"must" now continue to borrow additional funds
in order to meet our "standard of living needs"
and service the interest on the debt as well.
Our congress has been working on a balanced
budget program similar to that abandoned in
2001 under the skillful leadership of President
Bush, and Ol' dead eye himself, -Vice President
Cheney, and the master of mayhem "Karl
Rove".. truly an axis of evil. No slack given for
the moron factor.  (Sure massively increase
spending, while at the same time give massive
tax cuts)- thats a recipe for long term success. 
When this bill is enacted, the huge sucking
sound everyone will be hearing will be the
various and extensive social and defense
programs that will need to be flushed down
their respective toilets in order to bring the
budget under control.
The fact that we may also get to hear the happy
sounds that will come from the effected sectors
because of the tax increase that must come, will
just be a bonus.
That is going to be a wake up call that I think
few will be prepared for.
The United States beloved world wide, hey we
have added pre-emptive war based upon a
fraudulent presentation to the world community
to our resume. We have Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,
and Pakistan going for us. Russia just flipped
the U.S. the bird-"Georgia". I'm so glad Bush
Jr. was able to look in Putin's soul.
We'll at least I live in a country that "hardly
ever" murders it's critics. 
Three months to go. Yup.. Surely who else
but this currently serving executive branch,
and congressional cohorts could better
            "Mission accomplished"
Colin Stuart McCoy
There are long term solutions available. The
people currently calling the shots will block those
solutions---ego and worse.
12:59 pm pdt 

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