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Monday, September 29, 2008

A plan of stabilization for the economy.
We have just seen what happens in a society
where dishonesty/deceit are the coin of the

How many times can you cry wolf before it bites
you on your behind?

The Sunrise Foundation has,(had), a plan of
stabilization that could be put in play in less
than two weeks. (The moment in which this
was possible has since passed.)(Might be
able to create another?)

You can't fix it, if you don't know what is going
to happen next, or see the inter-relationships.
Please have no doubt about what is coming down
the road next, and how catastrophically bad it
could be, if it is allowed to arrive. President Bush
and the Bushite Republicans may very well have
dealt the U.S. a fatal blow. Denying an affiliation
with Bush is not going to be enough to distance
themselves from the fall out of what is coming.
I'm sure it will be O.K. though, God, I have been
told works for them, and apparently is standing
by to answer all their self rightous prayers.
Perhaps what they might do next is call in a
nuclear strike on a pre-school just to really round
out their resumes. This will depend on if they are
still clearly getting instructions from their God,
which based upon what we see is a clear
fabrication/outgrowth of their own collectively
damaged mindsets, or other human created
distortions, to what could be considered to be
remaining, non-twisted, potential biblical
truths. (About the nuclear strike comment,
people may be tempted to say that is ridiculous,
way over the top...It's meant to be.. The point
is this, there is a "happy happy, joy joy, level
of disconnect between those making the
governing decisions, and the effect of those
decisions on the national and international
community, it really has been this bad. Why
keep sugar coating it so everyone can stay
comfortably within their sugar coated
fantasy worlds?)

Is there actually any rational people out there
who can any longer deny how catastrophically
destructive these people have been, not only
nationally, but internationally.. Their
dysfunction will be found to have caused the
deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent
people. The size and scope of the human
suffering their mis-management has caused
is so huge it's hard for the mind to grasp.

Have no doubts that these people are perfectly
capable of letting the world burn rather than
stand in the public square and take their much
deserved lumps.

Colin Stuart McCoy
1:39 pm pdt 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Solution: The Sunrise Foundation
Our organization has a track record of
being able to predict trends or future events,
and acurately analyze all available data, with
better than 95% percent accuracy. We have
demonstrated this repeatedly over the last
twenty years.

If the people back in Washington D.C. were
serious about trying to keep the lights on, and
the wheels from coming off the bus, they would
be reaching out and touching organizations
that can provide/do what ours can do.
Instead they are going to get hit along side
their heads again in a few days.

There is something else I want to talk about also,
if you have been paying attention you would
have been hearing that the recent improvements,
if you want to call it that, in Iraq had apparently
more to do with "new special tactics" than it
did with the "surge". In last nights debate
McCain hinted that these same new tactics
could soon be put in use in Afghanistan,
especially if he's elected president.
Gee wiz what are these new tactics being
employed. Can anyone say "U.S. sponsored,
Saddam/Stalin styled death/terror squads." No
rights, no juries, no judges. Soon to be
employed here in the U.S.? Then we got
these delusional denominations coming out
in support of McCain, these people are so
sure about their relationship with "God"?
they can't tell the difference between
actually being truthfully near that "state"
or being in a reactionary "state" of a self
induced adrenaline rush.

Ya sure, God is going to look at what's going
on here in the U.S. and say "They can't really
expect me to step in and save that, can they"?
Colin Stuart McCoy

It has been noted that I have not been my
usually approachable self this last several
months. It's true, I'm doing my best, I may
be more hostile than normal for a couple of
reasons. One, I really believe as a society
we are really up against it, and we don't have
time to play patty cake with the people and
organizations that could quite literally end up
wiping out the human race if their defective
processes are not quickly removed as a factor
from the global, but especially the U.S. political/
economic scene.

Two, these same "types of people/organizations"
have seriously,and negatively impacted my family
as well as myself personally, recently, to an
extent that I am unable to fully go into safely at
this time in this forum.

I feel very strongly about these people and their
actions. I believe it would take very little under the
currently approaching situations, to allow these
developing conditions to reach a natural outcome
and thus remove these "monkeys" from the gene
pool permanently. The problem is that what is
coming, if not negated, will hit far more like a
grenade in effect than a rifle, it is because of
this potential impact against those that that do
not deserve to be impacted negatively that I/we
continue our efforts.

This will, if we are successful also benefit people
that, as far as their remaining credit at "Karma
credit co." stands, are bankrupt, thus perhaps
giving them a chance to get their heads out of
the current dark area in which they are stuck.
Which I can live with.
8:52 am pdt 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailout boondoggle, have we allowed our further enslavement?
Without economic power, in a democracy that
has reached the systemic failures as seen
today in the U.S., the average citizen will lose
another important tool of peaceful restorative
control. The current bailout proposals will
negatively impact the average citizen.
Update: 9/28/08 With everyone speaking up
the process in the bailout has slowed and has
had a chance to be much improved. Devil in
the details though. Still needs more to have
more provisions for accountability added.
Any company that accepts bailout funds/
provisions needs to have their stock values
zero'd, if that has not already happened
naturally. Future stock options need to be
greatly restricted/regulated, if it is even
considered to be allowed prior to public funds
being paid back, or only as a mechanism to
facilitate same.
Is it lost on anyone that the Bush administration,
along with what could only be described as a
co-conspiratorial role played by congress,
squandered the economic resources that should
have lead to a golden age for the United states.
We obviously had at our disposal monetary
resources for new roads, railways, bridges,
hospitals, schools, universal healthcare, cleaner
energy, arts, science, space exploration,
environmentally needed reforms and
improvements, international aid packages that
would have staggered the minds of the global
community, etc..
Look what we got instead. to say it is an
outrage is like calling the holocaust a simple
misunderstanding between differing cultural
Again, the managers and the creators, of the
current economic situation should be/must be 
left with nothing, except what they may possess
after their personal resources have gone to
service the debt their mismanagement and
greed created. This includes the stock holders 
who cared less about the dangers being
reported/created as long as they got paid, one
way or another. 
Again this bailout must be structured to protect
the needs of mainstreet USA, Wall Street needs
to face it's self created future on it's own dime,
if they have a dime, after they have paid their
New institutions need to be created under
reinstituted, and reinforced regulations to handle
and manage and maintain these resources,
and provide new sources for all loans types
as needed by the private sector. Let the rest
go to it's fate, deservedly so.
These people need to be removed from their
ability to impact our lives with their barbarically
diminutive world views, forevermore.
Colin Stuart McCoy
1:24 pm pdt 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Universal accountability
For those who gave so much, (the Cathars).
They tried so hard to live by the truth as it was
conveyed over such distance/time. I believe they
made mistakes, or were mistaken in some of
their reported concepts, but they did well, and
I believe would have done even better had their
communities remained intact. They shame us
today as they shamed those that killed them.
History has shown that in many ways their
beliefs have been vidicated, often to a much
greater degree than those that worked so hard
for their destruction. Also keep in mind it is the
survivors that typically write the histories. In the
case of the Cathars most of the historical records
were produced by those trying to justify the
killing of the men, women and children of these
"Watch out for the false prophets who come to
you in the guise of lambs. When within lurk
voracious wolves. Only their fruit will tell them
I was asked what the biggest lie of the modern
age was. Actually not only is this lie the biggest
of the modern era, it has also been the biggest
lie throughout the last 1800 years plus or minus.
The reason why I do not claim 2000 plus years for
it's current duration is because this particular
lie took a while to really get rolling in it's current
It has to do with the massive fraud 
overwhelmingly inherent in the vast majority
of "Western Christian Religions", As well as
the serious problems with the "Jesus"
mythologies. More on this later.
Colin Stuart McCoy
12:22 am pdt 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

AIG bailout
One trillion dollars? The "involved" corporations,
their management, major shareholders must not
be allowed to benefit at all from this process.
Let the dominos fall. A restructuring, or bailout
must be crafted as to only protect those policies
retirement, life, assets ect... in a manner to
protect the average joe/joanne. In this way will
the stored energy/wealth of U.S. freedom and our
economy be maintained/protected. Other business entities can be created to meet/manage the needs/policies of the people as, the corrupted institutions are allowed to fail in a relatively controlled process. 
A failure to meet the current situation under
these operational guidlines will bring
repercussions a 100 fold worse than what is
happening now. Quickly, in historic terms,
leading to civil war/revolt/unrest- very brief
and very nasty.
A reality check will come this November, what
should happen is that the Republican party
should go the way of the Dodo. "Republican"
needs to become synonymous with "no moral
character, delusional, Godless. Give the
Democratic party a couple years to see if they
can get their "heads out", and if not, send them
on the same trip as the Republicans.
The McCain/Palin ticket is a non-starter. The
fact that we are not seeing a mass exodus of
the still cognizantly functional Republicans from
support of this ticket shows us how bad things
truly are in this country. These still functional
viable Republicans need to form a new party.
They could call it the "Those of us who still
can think party". Under these troubled times
they should form a coalition effort with the
Democrats to try and keep the Democrats
from completely falling on their faces once
they win the elections in November. There is
a significant chance that the "string pullers"
of the Democratic party, often the same
geniuses that have been manipulating the
Republican efforts, will sabotage the potential
that this approaching electorial Democratic
victory could represent. If this does in fact
happen, the remaining cognizantly functional,
"free range" Democrats should also join the new,
"Those of us who still can think party".
However, if we are still blundering along two
years from now there is a very good chance
that the "game" will be over.
But what should happen, won't, not unless
the people take to the streets and demand
their country back from these criminals.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:32 am pdt 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Other shoe drop sighted
Indications have surfaced that foreign Gov.
as well as individual foreign investors are looking
seriously at their U.S. portfolios. 
As the severity of the mismanagement of the
U.S. financial markets becomes ever more
apparent under the Bush/McCain management
team, it is clearly understood that McCain
is not going to be the needed corrective
force in this area.. (Look who's on his team)
In China you mismanage and lose 200- 300
billion dollars and they will shoot you.
Bottom line, their getting ready drop their
investments in U.S. securities. Both from the
U.S. Gov. and private sectors. Planning to
move as fast as the physical realities will
allow. Update: Not sure if RTC style solution
will work, complexities/timelines? No safe place
for for the average Joe/Joanne. Just another
way to protect the crooks from losing all their
ill gotten gains and spread their losses out
amoung every member of society, whether
deserved or not.
Wonder how many of these "bad" mortgages
would have gone into default status if
structural failures had not been allowed to
create a situation where their monthly
payments almost doubled. In situations
where loan failures are directly related to
such events these people should be given
gov. secured loan packages that gets them
back into their homes at their prior monthly
payment rate. In other cases Gov. should
process these loans, domestic in origination,
in a manner that makes maximum effort to
return equity back to those forced out.
Vultures must not profit by this created,
allowed event. In other cases see "
paragraph" below".
What I would like to see happen is that
everyone, lobbyist, lawmakers, those
responsible for providing oversite, the stock
holders and management of these large
institutions forfeit every penny of their
personal assets. If this is too harsh they
should be given the option of standing trial
for treason. I believe existing legal language
exists for much of what I would like to see
happen, to take place.
(The monetary/economic proposals of the
Sunrise Foundation all come with strict oversite
and regulatory protections which would
prevent these types of abuses from being
possible.) Those attempting to circumvent
these needed protections would find themselves
faced with criminal charges of unprecedented
severity. See "China".
The sick people who brought about this and
similar events in the past, represent a serious
threat to the survival of the human race, and
they need to be dealt with accordingly.
Feds latest bailout offer to "Jim Billy Bobs-
Republican Renovations". It appears that
JBBR&R ran into a cash liquidity problem and
reported a lack of funds to finish wallpapering
a current project. Rummors have it that the
Fed has offered to print up fresh sheets of
currency of various denominations and send
over to JBBR&R for use as wallpaper.
A subsidiary of JBBR&R, A janitorial supply Co.
Has reported a shortage of toilet paper, due to
similar problems, unknown at this time if the
Fed will step in with a similar style bailout
rescue. ;-)
These investors will  be back when they can
get your/our hard assets on the cheap.
Again, don't be the last one out the door.
As things are looking it's entirely possible
that due to skillful leadership from the Bush/
McCain philosophy majors, and their lackeys
that we might have a chance to see how
China or Russia would handle the management
of Yellowstone National Park as ownership
Well thank God that the Government has freed
the FBI from all those pesky restrictions from the
Cointelpro days. Maybe now they can help work
with the local police and vigilante groups to help
frame or defame a higher number of good honest
citizens that still can demonstrate the abililty
to read.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:15 am pdt 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"We're stupid, and we're going to die"
The title of this blog came from a charactors
dialog in the movie "Blade Runner".
Quote Unknown origins : "To sheep, all sheep
dogs are wolves."  Sheep dogs will not abandon
their flock, which in the United States this
allows them to be betrayed, sabotaged by the
sheep, while facing attacks from wolves in
various disguise.
In the United States there are almost no
functioning sheep dogs left. At least their
ability to organize their remaining numbers
into a functional corrective force is in serious
doubt. The sheep and wolves have gained
control over an overwhelming percentage of
the needed corrective infrastucture.
(A true measure of this situation will not be
able to be made until after the election, and
then, of course, only if McCain/Palin lose.
Although if McCain/Palin win, it will be a pretty
clear indication of just how close to extinction
the activist/ progressive "sheep dog" has come,
in the U.S.)
All the wolves want is to keep feasting, they
don't think about tommorrow. The sheep hide
in their townships choosing to not to consider
the very real fact that a nation as powerful as
the United States cannot be allowed, by the
global community, to survive when it has
reached the level of dysfunction it currently
The wolves will not relinquish their bite upon
what ever the current haunch is that they are
chewing on until the world they have created
around themselves is coming down in flames
on top of them.
The vast majority of "sheep" in this context
are actually "sheep dogs" we need them to
be what they truly are and come "back on line"
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:02 am pdt 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin- Iraq war a task from God.
I believed that John McCains VP pick was a big
win for the Democratic party. I am now sickened
by the realization that Palin may be insane. I'm
also watching the polls coming across the AOL
servers and something is very wrong, has
everybody taken crazy pills?
Update: 9/8/08 An analysis of circumstantial info
now available, raises a question/possibility of poll
When you hear Palin invoke the "will of God" in
Iraq, or a pipeline construction proposal, you get
a glimpse of the delusional religious processes
that led the founding fathers to create the
doctrine of separation of church and state.
Palin strikes me as being exactly the type of
religious zealot capable of starting one bloody
jihad after another.
One last thought, if these people really think
they are hearing the voice of God, or are
somehow being directed by a higher power,
I would bet my life, based upon the context
under which they are making these references, 
that it aint' God that they are hearing or being
inspired by.. 
Update: 9/11/08 Well, I just heard Palin try
and explain her comments, what a bunch of
deceptive verbage, in my opinion this woman
is dishonest, corrupt/rotten in her processes
to her core, a true modern Bush Republican.
You know, I'm going to say it.. Palin supports
abstinence only sex education/birth control.
1.) This great statesman, leader of humanity,
can't even sell her process to her own children.
I'm supposed to let her impact my children.
What a pile of male cow produced dung!
2.) Abstinence only aproaches do not work and
lead to many unwanted pregnancies. Want
proof... Do I need to tell you where to look?
Next Vice President, one step from the oval
office, if McCain has a stroke... God have
mercy on us, we do not "all" deserve this fate.
Palin apparently does not accept the scientific
proof documenting the human impact on climate
change either. In one fell swoop, John McCain
has shown he is unfit to be our next president.
Update: 9/11/08 If John McCain was the patriot
he claims to be, he would take a deep breath,
recognizing the extreme jeopardy he has
potentially exposed our nation to, and he would
drop out as unfit. The next time he crashes he's
going to take a whole lot of us with him.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:19 pm pdt 

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