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Monday, October 27, 2008

Destruction of the middle class
Well, that glimpse of positive outcomes faded
pretty quickly. We can only hope that these
indicators are allowed to return after the election.
The wealth of the middle class is being
destroyed, the vultures are being allowed to
begin the feeding process. From a percentage
basis, few from the middle class have the
resources to participate.
Is the slowness to act due to the election?
More incompetence? or other intended
purposes?, outcome is dire if proper steps not
taken very soon.
12:53 pm pdt 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dealing with the National Debt.
We just got a line on how the National Debt.
is being set up to be handled. WoW!
Talk about a potential turnaround in operational
perspectives. Treasury Sec. schooled in Europe?
You better bring China, and Russian in as
equal partners in this, India too,.....
These guys, (the people trying to fix things,)
are going to have some serious explaining to
do to the citizens of the global community.
"I'm sorry", just might not cut it. Better get
the right speech writers going on it or
your cooked..
I'm not going to say I told you so,....
Although I just did..
Barring an unexpected Asteroid strike I
see the first real signs of positive outcomes
in over 30 years of tracking developments.
Don't mess it up.
Update:10/25/08 fading quickly.
Just remember who you serve, keep going
until your done, set it up to last.
Again help is available...
Update 10/14/08- The glimpse of positive
outcomes that we got from our information
the other day is threatened. If I had to go
by what we are seeing from the various media,
I would have to say that it certainly appears
there are a large number of highly placed
people able to impact the U.S. and global
economy, that seem to be actively working
to bring about a complete collapse...
I've used this quote before.. (Never attribute
to malice, that which can be explained by
incompetence.) There are signs of intent
to harm present.. I say this because, and I
admit I have been wrong before, I always
have a hard time being able to grasp just
how stupid and destructive the people we
have allowed to be in key positions can be.
The only way through this mess is forward,
allow the needed evolution to take place.
You try to go backwards and this process
will end very, very badly!
Liberty and Justice for ALL!
Part 2. CNN just added Alan Greenspan to
its rogues gallery.. At this time this appears
to be perhaps unfair. While having serious
problems with how the Fed fulfilled/not, it's
educational, and societal evolutionary needs,
the truth seems to be far more related to
Greenspan doing what he could, using the
tools of the Fed to steer the economy away
from iceberg after iceberg. It was the greed
of our society that caused these problems.
Mr. Greenspan may have been wrong to
believe that natural market forces could 
safely correct our current debacle, he also
has made statements that indicate he had a
higher opinion of human nature than perhaps
was justified, or that the Chairman of the
Federal Reserve should reasonably possess,
these were very wrong assumptions from what
"normals" would call an otherwise exceptional
run. Perhaps these aspects need to be
examined in greater detail. Clearly only
additional regulatory control would have
been able to stop the greed juggernaut.
Has everyone been paying attention to
the fact that it's been reported that up to
65% of the subprime mortgages were sold
to people that would have qualified for
convention 30 year term loan products..
But the loan agents were paid significantly
more commission on the sub prime products.
So guess what was sold..
Then the economy had it's legs kicked out
from beneath it.
Colin Stuart McCoy
Look, it was a glimpse of proper perspective
and protocals being attached to the needs
of our global society by those with the power
to do what is needed. The needed process
could fail to be allowed to move forward.
Plenty of room for mistakes to be made under
current circumstances or through undue,
unhealthy influences. 
McCain/Palin continue to demonstrate that they
are not qualified to fill the executive branch.
Good Job Colin Powell, The Bushites never
should have set him up to make that
presentation to the U.N.. He has, as he is
known to be, been very clear about the reasons
behind his endorsement of Barack Obama. 
12:14 pm pdt 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Media ? and McCain/Palin ? claims Obama flip flops on home mortgage aid.
It's reported that Obama said some misguided
things, if the information we have is correct.
(After checking) Looks like info was not 
completely correct, was taken out of context,
and possibly expanded into a direction that
what was actually said does not appear to
support.. Need to see if we can get a transcript. 
Update: 10/10/08 More info coming in, starting
to look like it may not be that bad, and that
once again mainstream media is manipulating
events for no defendable purpose. It Looks
like Obama wants to modify this process not
eliminate it, need to hear final information on
proposal. To determine if his teams proposals
are O.K.(Very likely another example of what
we speak of elsewhere, a failure of our
mainstream media to report accurately so
that people can get a true idea about what
is taking place, this is just plain dangerous.)
How many people have the time to continuously
seach multiple media sources to get to the
bottom of an event, time after time, after

(Anyone catch the CNN broadcast...Pretty
Clear indicator that again, "our" in house
processes are sound... would like to
have the time to see where the
commentator was getting info. Hmmmm?)

If needed this post will be further corrected
as more info comes in.
It had to do with Obama reported as saying that
the Government buy back of distressed
mortgages is a bad idea. 
( In fact what it appears that he said was
that it was the open ended nature of the
proposal that he was concerned about.-- 
Again need to hear his further thoughts on
This aspect of the "bailout" is, in fact, a
critical component of the effort to keep the
economy from collapsing. How it is
implemented will be, of course, the critical
At least 1.2 to 2.0 million home owners are in
trouble, it's could cost at least 200 billion
dollars to put an effective solution in place for
these home owners and the dispossessed, I
think if the numbers we now have are correct
it could cost even less. If enacted properly
we should be able to get at least 80% back,
that's acceptable.

I am also concerned about Mr. Kashkari, with
all the talent that this administration refuses
to tap, I'm concerned about the selection
process. I'm sort of going through a guilt by
association process. I believe the Treasury
Secretary should be fired immediately, and as
they throw him out the door, every member
of the Bush administration should go out with
him. Face it Obama will probably fire him after
taking office. Just have to see what he
produces, watch with a hair trigger, and shut
him, Kashkari, down fast if needed.
(People say, "oh but he's smart..." Is he?

This country has been put in the place that it
is today by these "smart" people.)
Also as reported in the Oregonian.. Mr. Kashkari,
has been working on this problem, (from a
positon of massive power), for months...
Well look around at how things are going if
that is not a sufficient endorsement for
another "Bush" leaguer. But he has the trust
of the President- Bush, and the Treasury
Secretary, well thank their God for that.
My/the problem with this level of rhetoric 
is that when political rhetoric gets to the
level of Obama's/McCains on some of these key
points it can influence what happens after
the winner takes office. 

Realizing that it has been the conduct of the
McCain/Palin team, being clearly directed by
their God, that has lead to the intensity of
the negativity.
(It's one thing to not take action under some
circumstance if it can help assure victory in a
situation where losing is not an option. It
make me ill that things have reached this point
in the U.S.. It is however another thing that
through word or perhaps even intended deed
a finite resource is put at even greater risk of
being squandered/lost/misused, plus the proper
corrective action is delayed due to delays
caused because people actually believed that
the candidate had truly stated their position.)
{ It has been noted that I have been writing 
with a clear "critical" tone in regards to the "God"
issue of the Republican presidential candidates,
Bush, and much of the rhetoric coming from the
Republican party members. It's true, but I have
said my piece and plan to move on. The reason
I take such offense to what I see of this topic
in the form that it manifests in these people
and organizations, is because you see a clear
pathology present/forming. When these
pathological traits grow to a certain point, and
are allowed to take root within a certain type
of person conditioned to think in narrowly
defined ways, what follows is always many,
many innocent people being hurt, harmed or
destroyed. It predictable like the coming
I hope everyone is taking the time to listen
to the sound bites coming out of the Republican
rallies. The hate, the bile, these people are
not the intelligent selectors of the future
wise/ inclusive leaders of the U.S. that our
country desperately needs to hear from
in November. 

Update 10/11/08 Well the McCain campaign
got some much needed confirmation on his
continued good judgement. Palin was found
to have abused her power as governor by a
bi-partisan panel. ( later to be cleared, I have
personal concerns about the legitimacy of the
various processes involved to date) Now, is
McCain fighting to maintain those Republican
values or what? ;-)

Go John... The down side to all of this for
McCain and company is that there are rumors
that the only response allowed to this problem
under the Republican "good Book" strategy
guide is a "public stoning", We hear their legal
team is looking into if the vagueness of the
language could mean that Sarah could get off
with smoking a little marijuana down in front of
town hall. (A little satire there everyone.)
Again have to wait and see what shakes out of
the tree, Fed appears to be doing it's part  "at
this time",  but as in every debacle we have
faced as a nation, it's been the failures of the
morons in DC that allow it to come about.
(Congress has a less than 9% approval
rating, how does that work? Why have we not
put them out on the street? What keeps us
from being able to?) Answer- The system is
set up to do it's best to only allow dysfunctional
people access to it' hallowed halls. The other
thing it does is that it only allows, for purposes of
stability, a small change of membership at any
given election, which means that any "normals"
that might actually sneak in, get overwhelmed
by the shear numbers of the dysfunctional

So at this point..

Vote Obama.

Colin Stuart McCoy

I keep listening to these guys on T.V. they
still don't get it. Some talk about how the
economy under the "current levels of intensity
/effort", that is being applied could take 12 to
18 mths to start turning around. What these
geniuses are refusing to track is that in 12
mths our National Debt is going to be over 12
Trillion dollars,-- as things are going now.
What will happen at some point along the way,
is that more and more people are going to
realize that under the current rules of
engagement, like the Capt. of the Titanic,
using every bit of technology at his disposal
could not miss the iceberg given the amount
of warning he had to contend with.

To over simplify, the National Debt, under
the current rules of engagement, is that same,
(figurative), approaching Iceberg. We are fast
approaching, under the current rules of
engagement, the point at which people will
see we are not going to be able to miss the
iceberg, at which point everyone will scream
like a bunch of little children, (which is an insult
to little kids, on several levels...the little
kids I know would have handled and avoided
this mess.)

Look, I'm going to say it, we have projections
that no longer show the potential end of the
United States, as we know it, as being 2 to 10
years out. The most recent projections are
showing a massive cascade collapse potential
no more than 6 mths out. If this in fact occurs
we will have failed to prevent that which we 
have worked our best to help prevent with our
efforts over past 20 years. We have been
fought by every godless aspect within this
country every step of the way. 

Get the help they need, hell no. As the guy
on T.V. said, these experts all think they
are insulated from the fall out!

Oh heck, let's build more prisons, create
further corrupt reasons to exclude, (in my
opinion,) kids from organizations like the Boy
Scouts, lets pass a really good Patriot Act, put
every one in the U.S. under house arrest. Now
that those U.S backed death/terror squads have
earned their pay in Iraq, lets not mess around,
lets bring them and the blackwater contactors
home, and turn them all loose on the disruptive
elements here in the U.S. Go team USA.

Less anyone misinterpret my position, I am a
supporter of the US armed forces service
personel. If not a supporter, (as well), of the
negative role I believe that the military industrial
complex has come to play in our society.
Eisenhower tried to warn us. I also think the
don't ask don't tell policy is very flawed, and
easily improved upon, but better than nothing.
If our civilian leadership was able to
comport themselves on average with the same
mission dedication, focus, integrity, and heroism
shown on average by our service people and
battle field commanders, our nation would be in
far better shape than it is today. Most of the
failures in process that we read about, that none
of us support, and that all of us condemn are 
typically localized, rare, failures in the command
structure/personel. Which is only made worse
when you have a group of morons running the

The thing I try and remember is that the military
is a tool. It is only under very narrowly defined
processes that the "tool" can be held
accountable for it's potential mis-application, as
long as it remains under the governance of our
constitution. I support fully that when these
instances occur proper and vigorous steps need
to be taken.

Overwhelmingly when something occurs that
is perceived or is factually unacceptable to what
we expect from the institutions of our nation,
when it comes to the military the responsibility
lies with the civilian authorities, through their
mis-application of the tool.

As always in a free society the use, size, and
existence of a particular tool is always an open
topic of debate. 

I have made mention of some distasteful special
operations we have caught wind off. I do not link
intellectually or otherwise our mainstream military
to these operations at this time.

4:37 pm pdt 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Un needed casualties the reality of politics.
Right now with the recent actions of the fed
things are coming on line to restart the
The remaining questions are will the "fat cats"
be allowed to take advantage of the carnage
taking place on mainstreet.
Or will the government properly look out for the
needs, assets, resources of the average citizen
to protect them.
The Dems may very well not allow the economic
picture to brighten much until after the election.
More people will lose their homes ect..
Under current realities and the need to avoid
at all costs a McCain/Palin victory.. (These two
represent a horror of probability that is truly
staggering), this may have to be a cost that
we will be forced to absorb.
This is a reality created by others that will never
have my support. "These" people create societal
mechanisms that destroy and limit far too many
of the most needed efforts that are put forth by
the best, most dedicated of our species. Forcing
unacceptable, after unacceptable scenarios
upon the rest of us.
It is unfortunate that those of you who have
allowed our political/social system to degenerate
into what it is today never seem to be willing to
stand in the public square and take a full
measure of your well deserved rewards for the
needless suffering that you continually foster.
Lastly, don't forget the National Debt, and the
problems associated with it that will need to be
dealt with an action plan ready for
implementation within 6 mths.
Yes the Sunrise Foundation has such a plan
ready for implementation. As well as for the
various contingencies that look protentially
Colin Stuart McCoy
9:09 am pdt 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Reports of Martial Law threats in bailout?
Apparently fear mongering has been raised
to a new a sinister level, but who did it?
What is spreading out in an exponential
fashion is Rep Sherman, from the 27th
district has stated that several congressional
reps where told that martial law would follow
if bailout bill not passed?
Is this true, what context, lets hear it!!!
Colin Stuart McCoy
7:16 pm pdt 

Fed- Good Move.
O.k. next thing you need to do is get national
Public figures that still have the trust and
respect of the U.S.. Get them on the T.V. to
explain that the lending problem is over for
business and citizens that would qualify under
normal circumstances. Go Go Go. (If needed
supplement from the bailout funds.) 
Update: 10/07/08- Well, I'm a little under-
whelmed by what constitutes Go Go Go
with these guys..
Or clearly they do not understand what is
needed, (like they have'nt already made that
about as clear as human failure can convey.)
Whats another 1000 points give or take on
the markets.
Lets' see what happens over next day or so.
You also need to get respected business
people from the various regions of the U.S.
on the tube as well to explain that liquidity for
normal growth business operations are clearly
functioning/available again, make sure this is
true, no one drops a ball. (Big and small business)
Approved U.S. banks must announce that they
have funds available for business and personal
loans, they also need to release statements
of stability regarding citizen and business
deposits. Published accounts of strengths or
weaknesses of various banking institutions must
be made readily available. Government in the
interim needs to be identifying weak Banks
and controlling their potential collapse impact.
U.S. Business must announce that we are
buying back our U.S. assets, and will soon be
seeking assets in markets overseas.
Outreach to home construction Co's.
production must be slowed to a snails pace.
Action must be taken to ensure this in cases
where recent events have not accomplished
this naturally. Homes that cannot be returned
to prior owners, (hopefully this will be/must be 
crafted to be as inclusive as responsible
management can create, must be removed from
markets, they don't exist, not for sale, they
do not return to market until market has
returned to July 2007 values. If we can bailout
Chrysler, we can quickly work out details here.
An example of a structure. As in commercial
fishing fleets, issue permits, that specifically
state the size of the "catch" allowed, I.E.
number of "single dwelling" houses that can
be built. Place a value to these permits of
say $20,000.00 to $50,000.00 they are issued
free of charge to existing construction co's.
that can demonstrate viable activity in single
dwelling home construction in the last 6 mths.
However once issued free smaller co's
can if they wish sell their permit and quota to
other companies.
Then within quota system, enact a unit fee.
Build 2 houses under your permit $500.00
surcharge per house. You build 10 houses
under a single permit and it's a $10,000.00
dollar surcharge per house, More than 10
houses built, surcharge could go to $30,000.00
per house built.
Also a process to liquidate housing surplus.
Have a regional auction for permits/licenses
to sell these forclosed properties. Let the
construction companies be the only companies
allowed to bid on multiple units. For a
general framework set minimum bids at what
it would take to build home as of July 2007.
Idea being for the hassle of managing and
maintaining properties the bidder could expect
to profit in the ball park of what they would
have, had their company built the home.
Individuals could also bid, but limit it to perhaps
one home per private citizen under same rules
of engagement.
These guys that are talking about letting the
housing markets self correct are simply wrong.
You listen to these guys talk and you can see
the end of the U.S. . These morons must be
shut down. If you do not protect the interests
of the typical citizen this house of cards is
coming down.
There is always more, next we can deal with
the tax and deficit issues.
Wall street reform needed ASAP, it's purpose
has been so corrupted as to really question
letting it continue. It must be a source of
responsible capital creation for viable business
needs and nothing else, accountability/
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:10 am pdt 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Opportunities for best outcomes beginning to close.
The opportunity to achieve the best
outcomes through adding our skill sets to those
others seeking productive outcomes concerning
the creation of economic stability shows signs
of a lowering potential, let us hope for the best.
There is only so much any of us can do when
faced with a system that has been allowed to
develop such a degree of systemic corruption,

The problems that I see with the current
senate "bailout plan" is a lack of transparency
and detail. I do not see anything at this time in
the bill that will encourage credit to loosen up
to the extent required.

This is what I see as being a very real out come.
The bill lacks the specificity over how funds will
be allocated. This $850 billion dollars represent
the last few scrapes out of the bottom of the
financial power house, bucket, that the U.S.

The lack of specificity has a high chance of
allowing these funds to be expended in a less
than maximum effective, or efficient way.

The size of our national debt is at a debilitatingly
destabilizing level. We have have just potentially
added another full $850 billion to this situation,
that will have to be carried for at least a few

The national debt is projected to increase by
an additional aprox. 1 Trillion dollars over the
next couple of years just on our nations yearly
operating budget shortfalls.

It has been projected that the failure of this
"bailout bills" structure will very likely require
a return to the financial "bucket" to the
extent of another 1 or even 2 trillion dollars.
On a national level this will precipitate/force
a collapse of our system in a world that is
not very friendly toward our nation at this

This situation cannot be sustained under
existing rules of engagement.

The last bit of corrective positive advice we
can give on this matter is that again these
funds must be used in a bottom up manner.
In addition to being applied in a manner to
halt the decline in the housing markets,-
These funds must be used to create/allow
lending institutions that will provide short
term and long term loans to both the
average citizen as well as to meet the
needs of business. They must be able to
step in immediately to begin this effort/
service and they must stay at it until the
surviving/stable banking/lending institutions
get past their current "fear" postures and
begin to lend again at reasonable/supportable

These resources, due to the damage caused
to the system, must be treated as finite. That
is, if you consider the U.S. survival as being a
needed part of the equation. These resources
must be used as the very precious resources
that they are. If the criminals that created this
mess are back in 6 months or less seeking
additional funds, you might as well start
limbering up so that you can bend over and
kiss your backside good by. This is a highly
likely outcome regardless.
Spread these created/supported institutions
out using the various Federal Reserve banking
districts as your road map.
Still need to implement/incorporate Defazio's
and friends reforms/bills.

Devastatingly serious "lights out" types of
problems coming, no indications being given
that anyone is tracking them to the extent

Thank God The FBI has been turned loose
to protect us. These "Systemic Morons" from
the school of satanic bigger hammers and
lies, murder, frame jobs. Should, because of
their institutionalized inability to do the right
thing, just about guarantee that the U.S.
will cease to exist within the next few years.

There is certanly no federal institution that
can lay a larger claim to the dumbing down
of the natural survival traits of a healthy,
free society, than the FBI.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Again, The Sunrise Foundation has a plan that
would quickly stabilize the U.S. Economy, and
could be initially in place in two weeks.

Update:1/1/09 everything is timing, events
were coming together that had people been on
the ball the downward spiral could have been
turned around. Could such an opportunity be
spotted in the future? Perhaps. But as I say
else where, this special opportunity has long
since passed.

This plan would also protect and stabilize the
Global problems/concerns/issues.

Waiting a month to start taking action is
way to damn long. These geniuses like the
sounds of their own voices way too much
to do what is needed or see the best path.
3:56 pm pdt 

Seat of the pants flying.
It's really a matter of which plane makes it
to the airport and which ones do not.
The current status quo was not created by
those who fly bi planes, but by those that
have had access to all the bells and whistles.
People who can't fly should stay out of the
cockpit. You should not run your mouth if
you clearly lack awareness of control functions
or how navigation aids can work. If you lack
understanding of flight, don't play games
go talk to a pilot. Kudo's
7:35 am pdt 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a bunch of intellectually challenged legislators 10/1/08
Don't pass this bill! Even I cannot believe
what I am seeing. It's now $850 Billion.
Update: Post vote, well as written I give
the currently passed bailout vote only
about a 20% chance of helping the U.S.
economy achieve long term stability.
Way too many problems with the process
that did not have to be there. In order for
this plan to work at all like it's supposed to
these funds will have to be used with
greater care than we have seen delivered
from Washington D.C. in a very long time.
This looks like it could leave a mark.
The IMF was lobbying vigorously for the
passage of this "bailout package". Please
do not forget what a great Job the IMF
did for Brazil, and Argentina. Both Country's
suffered essentially an economic collapse
after IMF meddling, sometimes being aided
by the U.S.
Too many unanswered variables.
Colin Stuart McCoy
4:15 pm pdt 

Part of problem, or part of solution
There is a simple litmus test a person can take
that will provide oneself with a fairly accurate
reflection on whether they are most likely
capable of being part of the problem or more
likely to be more of a part of the solution.
This in regards to all the societal issues we are
trying to work through today. Accepting that
being fully rational is a crucial part of the
needed skill set, or level of cognitive functioning
that being successful in these efforts will

Do you believe that Jesus was a product of a
virgin birth?

Do you believe that Mary Magdalene was a
fallen woman before she met Jesus?

Do you believe the story of Noah and his
ark to be factually correct?

Do you believe the story of Adam and Eve to
be factually correct?

Do you believe that Jesus actually rose from
the dead?

Do you believe that Jesus actually walked on

Do you believe that Jesus is in fact the child
of God in a family/community way that you are

Do you actually believe that God created the
Earth in seven "24" hour days?

Do you actually believe that it is intellectually
honest for so called Christian organizations
that came to dominance through bloody
processes that violated repeatedly all of the
most serious of the Ten Commandments,
while taking the the spiritual days of worship/
holidays of subjugated faiths as their own,
would/should then be able to hold themselves
up as being the most valid repositories Of Jesus
related instruction.

If you answered yes to any of the above,
the "odds" are, ( in my experience right around
80%), that you are far more likely to
be part of the problems we face, than a part
of the solution. Because yes answers to the
above do not originate in fully rational minds.
The types of minds that can answer the 
questions in the affirmative have almost
always been present with a direct causal
relationship to every moment of historical
horror the Western societies have
faced over the past two thousand years.
And they are still working their special
destructions today.

Pretty much what I'm saying is that the
primary souce of danger, harm, evil, always
seems to manifest itself in the biblical literalist,
the constant hypocrisy over what is literally said
in the bible, and what they chose to incorporate
into their belief structure is always a fascinating
excercise in intellectual dishonesty. In which you
often can clearly see a mirror of their personal
prejudices than anything of spiritual quality.

Of the adherants of western "Christian" faiths
that are typically not found to be destructive are
typically those that have a more scholarly/
educated approach to the bible, they consider
the historic/social and spiritual context in
existence at the time of the various passages

This generalization is a good rule of thumb for
the vast majority of religions.

Colin Stuart McCoy

If you feel like your nickers are getting in
a bunch, ask yourself the following.

Are you capable of being intellectually honest?

Are you a hypocrite?

Do you discriminate against various groups of

If you attend church, does your church

Do you define Christianity using all the "modern"
church based originated preconditions, that have
been slowly inbedded into the definition/s over the
centuries, as the simple truth/s became lost.
Or can you accept that what was hoped for,
what the goal was, was that you would try to 
be "Christ" like in all your societal interactions.? 

There are more questions you can ask yourself.
Do you make sure that all little children have
people to play with. Do your actions build
community or destroy it.
3:17 pm pdt 

In response to potential efforts of communication.
Current bailout proposal as we understand it
still to be, while better, is still not the best
way to go for the nation or the average
citizen. Fire the Treasury Secretary!
Re-capitalization must be designed to support
"the needs of business, and this does not
include being able to play in the stock market.
It must also be aimed at the needs of the
average citizen". Let the "free market"
deal with wall street. Real estate assets that
have become vulnerable must not be allowed
to be a source of speculation or investment of
the wealthy. The housing market values must
be stabilized. Assets that cannot be continued
under current ownership cannot be allowed to
saturate the market. Better to hold them in
localized trusts, releasing them at a controlled
rate back into the market.
Look, craft something that everyone can see
is clearly aimed for the well being of the
average citizen, and that clearly offers nothing
to those, as well as taking back from those
that created this mess, and all will see it's
value, do less, and it will be almost impossible
to keep the beast from feeding upon it's host.
Insurance, and other assets that are truly
needed for retirement income sources must
be protected at "todays values", without 
taking any steps that would keep wall street
from taking it's lumps. This would require a
government guarantee program, we believe
this could be structured to avoid losses.
Look at Defazio's and Co's. proposal. It has
merit. I would go with something like these two
Bills first, while carefully crafting the aspects
through which re-capitalization could take place
in a bottom up process, rather than a top down
Long term, we need to keep foreign investment
in our government securities at around 20%. We
need to work toward this goal sooner than later.
There is much more, but that's it for today.
As with many others, our members have needs
that require attention ASAP. Handshakes/
promises and innuendo under current conditions
won't cut it.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:06 am pdt 

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