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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Needed Victory Achieved- Far To Go
We must start afresh. Healing and our needed
progress cannot be achieved upon a foundation
of hate, intolerance, hypocrisy or intellectual
These failed processes will by their nature
breed only more of the same.
We must reach out again to one another and
try to build healthy relationships based upon
tolerance, intellectual honesty, and truth.
We can build a healthy inclusive society, while
we work towards solving the serious problems
of our times.
We can create a world of hope, love, that is
inclusive of all regardless of a persons faith,
sex, race, sexual orientation etc...(There are
many additional categories)
But as we strive to reach across to all our
neighbors, we must be honest with ourselves.
Do we hate, do we exclude, have we become
hypocritical and intellectually dishonest in our
processes. If we have/do, we must work to
eliminate these traits from our personal make
up. First do no harm.
Colin Stuart McCoy
10:37 am pst 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Let us not forget the efforts of Gibbs, Heller...
Let us take a moment and meditate in quiet
reflection and prayer that the efforts of patriots
such as Athan Gibbs, Stephen Heller and so
many others have not been in vain.
May God shed his grace upon the hope we
share, that the Camelot like potential the U.S.
holds may become reality.
Colin Stuart McCoy
9:58 pm pst 

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