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Friday, December 19, 2008

President Elect Obama's choice a wasted opportunity
President Elect Obama made a less than
optimum choice regarding the religious
representative that will be handling his
swearing in. This choice was important as it
had a clear potential to set a tone of
inclusiveness and an anti- discrimination

The choice of the person selected was a
betrayal and an insult to those trying to create
a society in which the evil and harm done, by
those that reason in a defective manner,
claiming their works to be in Gods name, can
be overcome/halted.

This selection should be immediately
changed in favor of a representative from a
religious organization that does not condone
discrimination or practices that exclude.

This is potentially a bigger error than it may
at first seem.

The period in which the positive corrective
economic action could have been begun over a
two week period has passed.

The government failed to create a program
that would have allowed the needed capital/s to
be released/loaned. This allowed the banks to sit
on their hands and resources.

The Governmant has also failed to protect the
wealth of the middle class, stabilize home values.

The downward spiral has been allowed to go far
deeper than it ever should have been allowed
to go.

There are serious wrongs/harms done that
corrective steps have not yet seen to be being
put into place.

The next stage of a deeper collapse has begun.
What is happening, what is coming, is such a
waste, and so avoidable.

Clue: The continued stability of a particular
societies currency may very well come down to
the popularity of said societies social, political,
and environmental agenda/s. As well as the
popularity of said society in the global

Colin Stuart McCoy
1:28 am pst 

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