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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just how clever is the force of evil?
It is interesting, the last safe havens for
organized discrimination and hate promotion
is seeming to lie within the ranks of organized

Behavior that is recognized as illegal or
discriminatory either through civil or criminal
judicial processes has found safe haven when
it is able to become entrenched in an organized
religious body.

It's become interesting that in a growing
number of countries, organizations.. that when
social efforts to combat those that discriminate,
those that spread and promote hate come up
against religious organizations that clearly
discriminate, clearly behave in ways that would
be found to be hateful if practiced by groups not
claiming to be organized religions. Those
working to stem the tides of hate are labeled
by these sames religions as the hateful
discriminatory party.

Satans laughing all the way to Hell on this one.

I would like to see one day, that the typical
set up for most "churches" would be a man/
woman team of equal standing within the
organization performing the duties together,
that are now typically performed by just one.
With the bottom line being we are are equal
in this area, and that there is no role that can
be held by one gender or sexual orientation
that cannot also be equally well served by

A persons sexual orientation is no more of
a source of "sin" than the existence of the stars
in the skies. It is only through the integrity or
lack thereof in how a person conducts
themselves in their sexual relationships that
"sin" can ever enter into this aspect of a
persons life.

Can a mother or father of a daughter, or a
son, regardless of their sexual orientation
find a spiritually healthy environment
for their family outside of these truths, I
believe the answer is no-- look at the world
and it's history to see the verification of
this fact.

If you have questions- contact us.

We must do better.

Colin Stuart McCoy
12:36 pm pst 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do they get it or not?- The economy
Data threads that have been coming in indicate
That at this time, we would, if we "had" to
choose, does President elect Obama and
advisors have a handle on the economic
situation or no, we would have to come down on
the "do not seem to get it, or understand, side
of things." At this time.

Information at this time is more circumstantial,
anecdotal, information sources, (media) can be
very misleading. Primary noted concerns raised
by role of Volcker, who I believe would be a 
solid source of technical info, but who's advice
on policy should be treated as potentially
catastrophically dangerous, also reported
areas of focus appear to indicate a potential
disconnect over critical priorities.

When budget comes out will be able to have
much clearer view of things.

This is very early and clearly I could be wrong
at this point.

Update: 2/3/09
I generally support what I have seen recently....
Need more info..more activity on the plans to
help home owners, the creation of available
capital, and loan programs for businesses, and
the jobs program. There is also a lack of what I
perceive to be needed in the area of international
dialog.  2/4/09 information coming in indicates
that we can't afford ourselves the luxury
of lowering our level of vigilance, or basking in
a honeymoon period. 

2/4/09 Obama commerce secretary nomination,
when combined with media rhetoric deeply
troubling. The biggest problem the social security
program has is that funds collected for it use
have been pilfered by congress with no plans
put in place to ensure the funds will be paid back.
(This is generally considered a crime in most
societies.) At what point does someone get
charged? Government immunity??

Update: 2/12/09 good bye, sorry if we helped
spoil the fun the nominee had hoped to have.

The second set of problems lie in the area of
the program actually being seriously underfunded.
It's is, at this time, struggling and failing, to
meet the needs of the people who currently
count on it. To suggest that by implementing a
draconian management of this agency, to
perhaps save a few billion dollars, which I
seriously doubt is a factual possibility, when
these idiots who have squandered the wealth of
our nation on the nefarious enterprises of the
decades.. wars.. prisons...unneeded subsidized
agricultural programs, oil industry tax breaks
ect.. We're talking trillions, and then for "them"
to come back at us with this crap potential,
which will kill people, have no doubt.. If they
actually follow the path that they are telegraphing
us at this time, that they intend to take, is really
a sad and pathetic attempt to draw attention
away from far more serious and real problems. or
an effort of improper appeasement.

I mean if you look a the social security issue as
the crime that it is, it's underfunded as I have
said, but how can you do anything about this
when the primary reason for the underfunding
is because our government has robbed this
program blind. So since they have created a
problem they cannot fix, the next best thing
they can do is create a witch hunt over
exaggerated fraud and spending issues, make
the ever observant populace "hate" these
people, and then cancel the program. Then you
don't have to repay the hundreds of billions/
trillions that have been misappropriated. This
next step seems to be getting underway with
the approval of the new administration?

The events of the last couple of days make me
question what I have written below......

One problem that I am having personally, is in 
trying to internalize the fact that it actually
appears that the I.Q. of our chief executive, as
well as his appointee's seems to be about 50
points higher than has been the case in past
administrations, most notibly "the Bush

2/4/09 Maybe I spoke too soon?

2/4/09 Obama administration errors have been
coming in fairly fast last couple of days, let's
hope it is not a trend. 

There is also some strong indicators that seem
to point out that our new President and his
administration have the ability and willingness
to change course or policy as their understanding
of the information coming across their desks
may demand of a them for the needs of
the nation to be best served..

2/4/09 This is also becoming an at risk

I liked the speech.

2/4/09 Still liked the speech.

Colin Stuart McCoy
6:16 am pst 

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