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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A President that listens ????

In President Obama we appear to have a
President that is the most willing to listen and
reflect upon what he is presented with to a
greater degree than any President that has sat
in the office in at least the last 20 years.

Maybe not!!??

If you need to be heard, if there is a chance for
you to be heard, now is it. Be seen, be heard.

Colin Stuart McCoy

2/25/09 Update: I cannot believe the AG came
out with the beginnings of a semi- automatic
assault rifle ban today. This may very
well be, if not reconsidered, the beginning of
undoing the full positive potential of the Obama
political era, however long or short it may be.

Whereas the right of an individual to own a
fully functional A-1 tank would be something
I would not support, in any really rational
scenario that could be presented. The owner-
ship of these semi automatic assault rifle 
catagory of weapons, as supported by the
historical reasons behind the inclusion
of provisions for the right of individuals to
keep and bear arms is something that I do

Also our Secretary of State's visit to China
seems to be pretty clear indication that our
concerns/predictions, concerning that the level
of our foreign owned debt could lead to a
situation where our national politics could be
dictated or negatively impacted by those foreign
governments holding the debt, were spot on..
Sure did not take long to show up.

United Nation free speech issue heating up--If
ever a fundamental societal difference could
arise that could legitimately lead to the United
States, Europe?, Russia?, China? pulling out of
the U.N., suspending their participation ect.. 
this could potentially be the issue.

8:43 am pst 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recovery Package

I'm Glad that our President is a young man.
He has been left quite a mess to try and clean
up. I respect greatly the effort being made, and
what has been accomplished in such a short time.

If it was not for the size of the problems we face,
and, of course, their seriousness.. we could
perhaps be a little less vigilant over the areas in
which we see something not getting the attention
we believe it deserves.

We do not live in such times unfortunately, So
I just want to say to our new President and the
team he is putting together...Thank you for
the effort to date... I think you may very well go
down as one of the best Presidents our nation
has ever had. The right person at the right time.

Our hopes and best wishes are with you and your
team as you continue to take the needed steps
to set our nation to right again.

Concerns we have noted will follow.


9:51 pm pst 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Steps to stabilize housing market

Continuing to state that we believe, that people
who could have remained in their homes if not for
the impact of their ARM mortgages, must be
provided equitable relief.

A problem of supply versus demand. The homes
that are saturating the markets, those that have
gone through forclosure, or are in the process of
forclosure...need to be removed from the market.

Government program to purchase these
mortgages. Hold in trust, hire companies to
maintain properties. We have touched on a
couple of ideas on how to do this, in prior posts,
many options available.

Only allow these assets to return to market at
values seen summer of 2007. If this means
these homes don't sell for a while so be it. Price
adjustments should only be allowed due to hard
costs required for repairs that may be needed if
a home suffers damage through neglect as it
waits for it's chance to return to market.

Colin Stuart McCoy

10:28 am pst 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank you for your interest
I wanted to take a moment and thank the
people in the United States, Canada,
Australia, Germany, Nicaragua, with recent
additions from US cities New York and New
Jersey, Singapore, South Africa and others
who have taken the time to look at our site.

Colin Stuart McCoy
11:23 am pst 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fairness Doctrine

Mainstream media reports that President
Obama's White House opposes the re-
introduction of the Fairness Doctrine. This
position if true, ignores the massive amounts
of historical data that so clearly indicates the
need of such an approach in societies claiming/
wishing to be free.

The human animal is not perfect, we can be
easily manipulated. Progressive, educated,
thoughtful discussions do not have the same
degree of marketability, as do many of the
more simple minded "right wing"? presentation
styles, or for that matter some of the same
levels of intellectually unvetted presentations
from the "far left".

President Obama being elected was the result,
and only possible because of the shear
magnitude of the defectiveness/damaging
nature of the Bush administration.

The wave he is currently riding will not last
if our government performs only just fairly
closely to how it has in the past.

The time to implement or reintroduce programs
that protect our civil liberties is now. While we?
hold what may be the high ground.

The Fairness Doctrine does not impede free
speech in our major media sources, it
guarantees it.

It allows the voice of reason to be heard/
presented in what otherwise can become a
chaotic, pandering social environment.

An environment that our new president may
soon find himself in as he tries to do the best
for our people, country.

This is another one of those topics that to me,
indicates the potential truth behind the concerns
over have we finally become so stupid so
uneducated that we can no longer govern

There are people who promote the need for our
planets population to be brought down to between
500 million to 1.5 Billion people. These people
dance around the level of carnage they are willing
to unleash in order to see this goal reached.

I see them peering out at us with their glowing
eyes in the darkness, behind the B/bushes.?
Their smiling!!

Colin Stuart McCoy

I do not have the space or resources at this time
to fully address all problematic issues, thinking
ect.. that drifts into range of our "radar". What I
can do is make note of issues, so that anyone
coming across what I present can use the
research potential of the internet to come to
their own conclusions.

3:40 pm pst 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nationalize financial institutions?
The nationalization of financial institutions
that would have failed if not for government
bailout funding infusions would be an appropriate
action. Value of stock? what would the value of
the stock have been had these institutions been
allowed to fail naturally?

Could some kind of dormant program be created
for stock holders to implement after the
institutions regain stability? Perhaps- need to
think about it more.

Bottom line nationalizing these institutions would
be a sound way to go, and would put us in better
position to address the national debt issue
as a next very much needed step.

I've heard that the White house does not support
this, this is coming from main stream media.
If this is a factual position statement, the White
House is wrong.

Colin Stuart McCoy
7:26 pm pst 

Another window of opportunity opening
There is another window of opportunity
opening where if the correct steps are taken
significant progress could be made in stabilizing
our current economic situation.

Again it appears that the ground work could
be laid out/completed over a two week period.

The needs of the people continue to not be
met, the governor of the State of Oregon,
is asking our teachers to work for free on some
donated days. What idiocy, grandstanding?
Clearly has no true interest to try and form a
connection or understanding of the negative
impact that the oregon government has
continually inflicted upon the scholastic
environment in the State of Oregon. Oregon's
education system is currently ranked 42nd out 
of 50 states primarily due to the complete lack
of needed leadership provided to our state over
the last twenty plus years by both the republican
and democratic state parties.

The government of the state of oregon has
allowed to be created an unacceptable work
environment for our teachers in this state.

Then our Gov. get's up and ask's them to work

If our government leaders had the needed
levels of leadership and competence we would
not be where we are today.

The political systems in the state of Oregon
are corrupt, while this can mean that there are
criminal elements present in this environment,
while true, it really relates to being just plain
rotten, perhaps to the core, as in inbred.

If you look at it as a parasitic disease, the real
question is can the diseased portions/people
be removed with the timeliness required, and
can the host survive the process.

This is not just a regional question it is also
clearly a national question.

Colin Stuart McCoy

How can we ignor the clear implication of the
shear number of top contenders/nominees
that President Obama tapped-- "the front
runners".. That had to drop out due to 
instances of moral "turpitude". Oregon
is no better, and in many cases worse.

I am concerned that with the lack of speed
of implementation in jobs program, and
effective mortgage relief that the above
mentioned window will pass/close.

Looks like we may be looking at a Dow
of 5000 coming up.
10:37 am pst 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Economic Recovery- next step.
The restoration of confidence will be served
well by a nation that can demonstrate that
it understands it's moral obligations.

How can we rebuild a society/economy in which
we can have faith without first demonstrating
that we will fight to eliminate the hypocrisy
from the process.

This is the second time in approximately 25
years that we have allowed those that have
been the most responsible, the most
steadfast through the passage of the normal
rise and fall of the economic tides, to be 
materially, significantly, and unfairly harmed
through our governments mismanagement
of our economic affairs.

I'm primarily talking about our middle class
senior citizens, retiree's, or those soon to be
retired. I'm talking about what should be the
living representation of the rewards of our
stated belief in the work ethic. 

This demographic is very ill suited in most
cases to recover equitably in a situation such
as this. Their time available for natural market
recovery processes to take effect may be
limited, also their ability to work while the
recovery process takes effect is also not really
an option in most cases. Especially when 
you have the numbers of unemployed that we
are seeing today. 

To try and catagorize these people as
speculators, or as being irresponsible is
not an appropriate process.

How stupid do we think our children are,
work hard, save your money, plan for your
retirement so that your government, and the
criminals of wall street can wipe you out
financially without any recourse.

In addition to all that is being done, a
reasonable program of equity restoration must
be put in place for these people.

33% looks like a fair place to start. The next
33% of the recovery could come through natural
economic processes. The final 33% is a loss that
a person can expect through more naturally
occuring economic downturns.

This would ensure that the burden they are
asked to carry is more reasonable, and equal
to that which could be expected through
normal economic fluctuations. 

Not the criminally negligent processes with
which we are trying to come to terms today.

No sound economy will grow from a process
lacking in this effort.

Who knows perhaps it was the way "Volker's"
process impacted this group of people in the
last go around that contributed to the "take it
now greed" that forced the current crisis.

We have betrayed our principals and this
demographic more than once, work ethic..
good luck with that under the conditions
being further allowed.

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:45 pm pst 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A day late and a dollar short?
Well the Obama administration seems to clearly
understand the need to get banks to lend again.

What is not clear is if they have connected the 
delays in the recovery effort process as being
contributory to this situation.

President Obama has stated over and over
the need to get the process moving without
delay, but again their efforts appear to be aimed
to miss or where a target was, not where it is or
where it's going, but our new president has only
been in office a short while, has done quite a bit
in that short period of time. I just hope the
funding he is creating will have the ability to
meet the needs of a non-static situation. Or
be managed by people capable of dealing with
these kinds of situations.

Because of the delays, many businesses and 
private persons have suffered a serious decline 
in their ability to put forth a portfolio that 
indicates their credit worthiness. Because of
this they no longer qualify for responsibly
managed loan programs.

Perhaps what we can expect next is a new
program to be put in place for these people
and businesses. The Government can call it
the Adjustable Rate Loan Program.

Where by people in need of critical loans
can pledge their remaining assets and receive
one of these loans. specifically structured to be
extremely volatile. The government can then 
enlist wall street brokers to help them sell
these products, paying brokers a higher fee
for pushing these products. That ought to just
about do it!

Being serious for a moment, because of the 
of the government failure to act to protect home
values the average middle class family has lost
between $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 in lost value
in their homes in just the last 60 days, while
those people that are still able, are servicing the
debt on these properties. An ever shrinking
number under current conditions. Perhaps the
government should take a look in this direction
if they are serious about keeping the economy
from going completely down the toilet.

Mainstreet USA is trying to figure out if we can
keep our kids medical insurance active. Can
we fix the car, pay for after school activities!!
Food!! While we look forward to our kids
being in classrooms with over 30 kids per
teacher. We can put them in prison I guess,
send them off to war, but create the needed
scholastic priorities and funding, heck no.

Meanwhile the Republicans are ignoring the will
of their constituents in over 30% of the case.
Tax cuts, tax cuts, wow .. good luck with that. 
They should do us all a favor and just go home.
(except for three of them)
They managed to gut at least 50% of what was
needed to help our schools and other needed
human resource programs. There should be a
way to restore these funds in the final version.

The national debt has reached non-serviceable
levels. We need to stop the current economic
carnage first and then turn to deal with this fact
at an international level. Now at 10.73 Trillion
dollars soon to be over 12.00 Trillion dollars.

The government needs to come up with a way to 
push home values back up quickly, we have 
several suggestions. Or they need to come up
with a fast track loan program that allows these
homes to be refinanced under very favorable
loan rates, at no cost to the owners, with home
values established with the principal owed being 
set at a value that restores the equity that 
home owners held in their property as of July
2007. I am very aware of the implications of
my suggestions. If I have to choose between
protecting the lives and futures of the people,
while gutting the banking industry, so be it.
The banks and their programs can be
reconstituted far less painfully than can the
lives of the people currently being harmed.
The cost of doing this is well within the scope
of the various bailout packages being thrown
around. Why should the government do this.
It was the governments criminally negligent
failures that allowed the current situation to
come into being. The government should
provide a restorative process to those it has

The governments incompetence in dealing
with this crisis has reached the point that it
should not just be talking about Government
loan programs that too few can actually still
qualify for in a timely fashion and start
thinking about Government stimulus grants
with pay back provisions in place for those
that that are used to create new businesses
that survive to profitability. See: Small
Business loan program.

These funds should also be distributed to newly
created, as well as existing non-profit groups
with the outreach ability to put people to work
in wide ranging capacities and skill sets, at
wages comparable to those received prior to
job loss, or industry standards.

These funds earmarked for job creation should
delivered to state governments with strict rules
over management fee's ect.. 95% should be for
wages, or for individual project funding.
Hiring more school staff would be perfectly fine.

Companies accepting or being awarded these
projects should be subjected to strict
requirements over the allocation of these 
$$$ for very limited uses for management
pay raises. A fair and usual standard should
be applied, with the understanding that if an
oversite function finds a managers pay to be
excessive that amount shall be required to
be repayed. Have a program in place for a
pre-approval process. 

This should become a part of President
Obama's Jobs program. You show up at an
approved organization with your past pay
stubs showing your past earning and you are
given a job at that pay range.

Within rational limits- failed wall street mgrs
should expect to perhaps be disappointed.

This is, in some cases, going to have to be a
make work program with artificially created
positions hopefully able to become
permanent, free market sustained, as the
economy stabilizes. If structured properly
the jobs program could be a real boon
to businesses that would not expand their
work force otherwise.

Small business loan program should be
getting serious beefing up, with fast track
programs put in place. Simplified as well.

Grants for public works through "Labor
ready" type programs" same guidelines as

Why is this not happening??? With the
passage of this bill it should. If it does not,
it could make a large number of people
very upset. In a manner similar to that
displayed by the participants of the Boston
Tea Party.

What in the heck are these people back in
DC doing during the day????

Colin Stuart McCoy
10:50 am pst 

Monday, February 9, 2009

United Nation and European violations of free speech
I have become increasingly concerned about
what seems to me to be an over reaction to
past historical failures concerning the criticism
of various aspects of religion/s. As well as the
origins and potential motivation behind these

We support the wording we have seen from the
Venice commission of March 2007. There are
aspects of the european effort/s that appear to
need some further clarification, when viewed
in their totality. Primary flaws appear to be 
undefined areas in which people who are not
being hateful could be prosecuted if the whim
to do so happened to exist. 
The U.N. restrictions passed seem to me to be
an Orwellian flavored effort at curbing processes
of intellectual honesty and free speech issues
upon which all free societies depend.
Islamic fundamentalists?? A misdirected abuse
of process.

Because of the hateful way humanity has dealt
with these issues in the past, I acknowledge that
the concern of those trying to protect adherants
of "any" particular religion from activities
that serve no purpose but to bring hate,
violence, and discriminatory processes against
the followers of one or another religious faith, is
a concern that has serious merit.

But limiting the ability for citizens to carry on a
responsible, spirited dialog concerning the
various shortcomings of a particular religion is
just as criminal a violation of human rights as it
would be to try to limit in the same way political
discussions. These types of discussions are so
equal in fact in their makeup that any protections
afforded to one should be the same as afforded
to another.

These new rules appear to need some work
ASAP. So as to fulfill their intended purpose to
protect people from hate and discrimination,
without limiting the critical aspects of free speech
that is required and expected from any free and
open society. 

Colin Stuart McCoy
4:07 pm pst 

Current scenario.

Everything that is happening is pretty much
what we predicted as an end stage result of
the management of our economy by people
possessed with criminal, selfish, and socially
undeveloped mindsets.

Almost universally what we see/hear indicates
we have arrived at the moment in history we
have sought. (We have have not arrived at this
moment in history in the manner we had hoped,
worked for. The primary reason for this is that
it was people with criminal, selfish minds that
first made use of the realities of which we have
spoken. As well as working to undermine our
efforts to create a healthier process for these
realities to be integrated into our society.
This was always a potential that we
were aware of, and that we knew could be a by 
product due to the lower degree of social
evolutionary awarenesses displayed/possessed
by those who first seized control of some
of the processes.) Where it goes from here, as
in the past, will depend on the will and
involvement of the people!!!!

For this process to end well it will take the
co-operation of our international neighbors.

Our system has been stretched to the breaking
point by the actions of the past administration,
aided by congress. Actually it is in the process
of breaking up before our eyes at this moment.

We cannot allow the entire system to come
down. Much of the infrastructure is critical to the
needed stability that will be required through a
transition period.

How cash is dumped into our economy is critical
to whether President Obama is successful in his
administrations efforts. We are not seeing
anywhere near the end destination aim of the
stimulas packages being micro -managed to the
extent required. Fiscal responsibility/integrity is
not less of need or concern during this period
but much more so.

The danger of this is that we could see a loss
of stability in our consumer price structure, a
destabilizing period of inflation can be expected
to follow a mismanaged cash dumping of the
size we are currently seeing, when implemented
with what curently seems to be a lack of the
needed precision/focus.

This will lead to the point in which our citizens
and international neighbors lose confidence in
the integrity of our processess. The dollar
will lose it value as a medium of exchange. 

The current proper management of this period
is critical to the goals that the Sunrise
Foundation wishes to see obtained being

Please have no doubt, we are currently engaged
in a struggle for our nations survival, let alone
the survival of our way of life,(the better aspects),
As people demonstrate that they have the (right)
stuff, I.E. A progressive, inclusive, rational, mind
set, with unimpeachable integrity. they need to
be promoted and given appropriate oversite.
People in the national and local bureaucracies
that are incompetent or obstructionist need to be
sidelined with the same intensity used during
WWll. I'm not talking about people using their
right of free speech to voice their opinions in
opposition. I'm talking about those people
who lack the ability or interest to perform the
required tasks with the skill, integrity and
attention to detail required. Let these people
end their careers in some harmless capacity.

Failure to do so will be just another contributor
to the social evolutionary downward spiral that
is currently knocking at our doors, and if
allowed entrance will be horrific.

Colin Stuart McCoy

10:05 am pst 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Treasury Department prepares to make announcement.
Well the treasury dept. appears to be ready to
announce it's plans to help the economy, and it
appears to have serious flaws. Just who is
running the show around here. If it's President
Obama please stand up and let us know if your
responsible for this.  

At least three areas continue to be handled in
far less than the best interests of the citizens.
1.) Continuing to invest in banks.. has not
worked as put together to date, new lending
institutions are the way to go. Current program
is putting a strain on our systems that will
shorten the amount of time we have to work
out national debt solution.
2.) Help for homeowners is completely
inadequate. How about a fast track system
to refinance all home owners in good standing.
Government picks up the bill. Serious relief
packages must be created for those that could
have remained in their homes if not for the
faulty loan programs they were sold!!! Those
that can demonstrate they could have kept
a traditional mortgage afloat should be given
a process to keep their homes, get back into
their homes, or be given a new package on a
comparable home. Their equity restored!!!
3.) Asset purchase program by wall street.
This is exactly what we warned against. Letting
the people that created this mess profit on it
in any way. Need to create a government trust
that will hold these assets, and release them
back into the market at a controlled rate. More
details on this are provided elsewhere on this
site. Managed by the people for the people!

Colin Stuart McCoy
12:04 pm pst 

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