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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jesus was a simple carpenter

When we look around at the houses we have
built to learn about what Jesus appeared to
mean for us to understand, learn.

Which ones reflect an understanding of Jesus,
which one reflect a use of resources he would

Which ones may manifest human failures of
ego, pride, and human concepts of majesty/

It's difficult for me to listen to those that
claim a sanctity of life for their reasons to
oppose full reproductve rights for women.

As they sit in their marble and gold
encrusted buildings while babies starve and
die needlessly across the globe.

Put your money where your mouth is--
all of it. Why do I say all of it?

When you promote policies, that are
intellectually failed, and the result is
that millions of people are dying and
the planet is becoming so damaged that
it may, "historically speaking" soon
become incapable of supporting the human
species, at the comfort level it has in the
past, if at all...

From a moral standpoint you are required
to support those impacted by your processes.
It's your responsibility.

Colin Stuart McCoy

I also find it disturbing that those that
market "end world scenarios" should
engage in processes and policies that
seem to ensure that the carnage they
promote as coming, is in fact what they
seem to be working to create.
A self fullfilling prophesy.

I'm also curious what types of organizations 
are  attractive to those that like to abuse
children? Is it an organization that is
intellectually sound, observant and
accountable? When organizations are
exposed, that factually seem to attract
such a massive disproportionate percentage
of this demographic into their ranks, we owe
it as a matter of public safety to study these
organizations so we can understand the
dangers they clearly seem to represent.

In the past when our societies have found
such organizations we have through civil
and criminal court process put them out of
business. Just because an organization
claims to be religious in nature, should not
entitle them to extra societal protection as
an organization, from receiving the full
measure of accountability such behaviors

A part of this study could include a review
of past history in order to see if in fact these
particular organizations appear to have a
systemic failure present, indicated by their
participation in harming other helpless and
innocent peoples in past events.

Can organizations that have engaged is such
activities, be called moral, or Jesus related,
when faced with accountability over these
disgusting activities, they put more effort
into protecting their corporate structure,
their money, rather than making those
harmed whole as fast and as completely as

I believe a valid question we should ask
ourselves is- "What would Jesus say or
think about organizations that state they work
on his behalf, using international legal
defences, such as (soveriegn immunity)
in order to avoid full responsibility for their
criminal, or civil violations.

12:47 pm pdt 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Only in America
Where but in the America could you 
have a situation where through massive
failure of government and systemic fiduciary
failures within critical financial institutions,
all leading to the greatest financial global
meltdown in the history of the world, result
in a situation where even though nowhere
near the degree of statutory/regulatory
repair has been yet seen or implemented,

Where but in America could such a situation 
lead to absolutely unheard of global capital
infusions/investments into those same 
governments securities/debt instruments. 

These people and countries are pouring
their money into the United States as if
they actually think they will be paid back
under the existing rules of operation?

Well good luck with that.

Colin McCoy

5:27 pm pdt 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Federal Budget 2010 environmental issues underfunded
In the 2010 budget one area we see as
being under funded is in the area of grass
roots level/local projects of eco-system/habitat
restoration, protection.

With summer coming this seems like a pretty
clear cut process that would boost morale
and deal effectively with much needed
areas of neglect.

Money and resources are clearly available
why is it not there?

While we're at it what funding has been set
aside for urban renewal projects? Why not?


Yes, I have looked at the budget, while it
does make an effort to deal with past
damage, while it does make an effort to
stabilize important future needs. when it
comes down to the meat and potatoes,
it is woefully inadequate for the current
needs of not just the U.S. but the global
community as well. Have the big three
build cars that we need-(electric)...
USA food production is going to be a
key factor to get people on board. Need
to start turning our swords into plowshares
across the globe in a significant fashion.
Need to do it together, or it won't work.
It has become extremely clear to all but
perhaps the Bush and Cheney team,
That oil needs to be allowed to be kept
where it can serve the needs of humanity
the best, IN THE GROUND.
10:10 am pst 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do you really want to know the future?
In 2008 the U.S. took in aprox 2.5 trillion in
tax revenues. This should be hopefully,
within a 100 billion dollars plus or minus
pretty close to what is taken in for 2009?

I believe the budget shortfall for 2009 is
projected to be around 1.75 trillion. This puts
the 2009 national budget at 4.25 trillion.

President Obama has said that by 2013
he hopes to cut this deficit spending to one
half or 750 billion dollars.

A leading award winning economist has
recently reported that for every trillion dollars
in debt that the U.S. takes upon itself that it
requires aprox 40 billion dollars from the
yearly budget just to service the interest on
the growing debt.

This translates into by the end of 2010 the
interest payments on the national debt will be
aprox. 400 billion dollars per year. Perhaps
higher. This figure, not being discussed...
can be expected to grow by 30 billion dollars
per year, at least, through at least 2013.

This puts it at around 500 billion per year by
2013. National debt should be around at
least 14 trillion dollars by 2013.

Based upon the 2008 national budget. We
would have had to find aprox 500 billion
dollars in additional tax dollars or program
cuts, in order to balance the budget for this
year. This is if we eliminate the impact of the
Iraq war upon the calculations. Add them in
and the math really is difficult to see clearly.

It now appears that we would need to find,
assuming that our economy can be made to
return to 2008 levels of activity/tax revenues,
600 billion in additional tax revenues or
program cuts.

By 2013 this number will be over 700 billion
dollars in additional revenues or program
cuts that will need to be found, put in place 
and adhered to, just to keep the national
debt from growing further. This does not
even begin to address a repayment plan???

If you look at the current statements being
made as to where the administration will
be looking for additional revenues, you find 
corporations are being selected for
specialized fee's. 650 billion dollars worth

These companies have a real simple way
that they historically deal with additional
costs as they try to keep their stock
holders happy. They raise their prices.

If implemented, assuming that everything
else has remained relatively equal. The 
average person will have to try and exist with
aprox. 20 % less cash on hand at todays

Anybody really think this is possible??
Depending on other factors this figure
could go as high as 25% less cash on hand.

What could the government do to keep this
from happening. Really only one thing.

Nationalize every company that it intends
to tap in order to try and raise revenue
without breaking the financial backs of the
average citizen. We're looking at a major
shift in how we do business here in the

This would allow every dollar of profit to be
seized in order for the needed revenues
to be collected without passing a non-
survivable cost factor on to the citizens.
This is going to be a little rough on Wall

Or perhaps there is a plan to stick a life
changing degree of the cost onto the back
of the average citizens, even though it was
not really their responsibility that this mess
was created in the first place. This would be
in many ways and levels rough on main

This could explain at least in part the current
AG's desire to start taking our guns away?

Or some uncomfortable compromise between

But there is some good news if the decision
has or is going to be made that we must
adhere to failed ways at looking at the
problem, that we only use the failed and
primitive tools that currently exist in the
"tool box".

If we decide to pay off the National Debt as
well..We could perhaps absorb an additional
cost factor impact of 250 billion dollars per
year.. We don't need shoes, or pot hole free
roads, phones don't need to work.

We would only need to live like this for
aprox.. 60 years. Sound like fun to anyone.

I should also point out that the above
future may be factually shortend or even
more grim due to the fact that nothing
mentioned even begins to address the
needs of our growing global population and
impact being made on our planet.

There is another way, that is why the
Sunrise Foundation is here, it's a global
solution, that requires global involvement.
We need to demonstrate our ability to be
good neighbors to one another.

Defective processes need to be quickly
discarded while there is time to do so.

Colin Stuart McCoy 

Update: 3/4/09 I was asked a couple of 
questions, I thought I would go ahead and
place my thoughts related to those questions
here. In a nutshell I believe that in many
ways President Obama's hands have been
tied by the actions of the past administration.
He is limited in many ways as to options.
It appears to me he is heading down the
only real path left to him. The only things
really open to discussion are aspects of
realities or levels of focus on particular
items impactable along this path. I believe
as long as no one asks too many questions
or pays too close attention to the numbers,
President Obama should be able to stabilize
the economy in the short term (for a period
of 2-3 years)allowing an opportunity to
address long term issues internationally.
If people start asking too many questions
about the numbers, and break out their
calculators it will lead to the need for a rapid
increase in international dialog as well as 
disclosure of all details of the progress.

Again-- home owner/mortgage assistance
aspect of program remains at an ineffective
level at this time.


12:19 pm pst 

Oregon use of stimulus funds
Well based upon recently reported information
The State of Oregon is looking at a budget
shortfall in the range of 855 million dollars
through the end of 2009.

Using techniques perfected over the past twenty
five plus years the leaders of our state are
making moves and statements that indicate
that once again their going to throw our kids
under the bus. Other States seem to have
found the will to hold our childrens programs
harmless, but not yet in Oregon.

In Oregon our government put out a call to
our local societies in crowd to enlist their aid
in legitimizing this effort.

Far too many of these people lack the needed
levels of intellectual honesty a free society
requires in order to stay that way, further more
they typically indicate the creative use of brain
cells comparable to that of a common brick.

In past historical moments these people are
typically the ones that can be found helping to
load the trains.

Anyway between various funds reported to be
available, Oregon appears to have 1.16 Billion
dollars available to deal with this projected
855 million dollar shortfall. This would appear
leave aprox. 305 million dollars for use in 2010.

It seems to me that we have more than enough
time, and flexibility to make adjustments in other
areas of our states budget.

We believe that at a minimum the release of
every 2000 inmates would provide a net savings
of at least 30 million dollars for other better
thought out programs than our local participation
in "Prison Nation Creation 101".

We believe that there are at least 7000 inmates
in Oregon State Prisons that could participate in
effective restoritive justice programs, rather than
how they are currently being processed. 

Restorative justice... Restoritive justice... Think
about it.... thinking, using your brain what a

Colin Stuart McCoy

3/2/09 update: 300 Million appears to have
been designated as being able to be cut from
current budget. Having trouble finding clear
data on where the cuts are expected to be made.

There is an addition 72 million dollars that has
been earmarked for availability, but these funds
are perhaps open for dispute. leaving them out
the equation it appears that aprox 550 million
will need to come out of various reserve fund
sources. This would appear to leave 610
million dollars for use in 2010. So lets give
our k-12 school system the support it should
11:33 am pst 

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