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Monday, April 20, 2009

The U.S. and the U.N.
I think things are getting out of hand at the
U.N., The U.S. by it's conduct has allowed,
seriously contributed to conditions reaching
the point that they currently represent.

I am primarily refering to the attack on U.S.
principles of freedom of speach and
expression that has been going on the last
couple of years.

However we are where we are.

I think President Obama's effort at dialog
is an appropriate effort to make.

I think if The U.S. has finally decided to try
and promote freedom by not just word but by
deed as well, devoid of the arrogance and 
hypocrisy that the world has come to expect,
that this must be an effort that should be
given an opportunity to attain positive

However if this effort is doomed to failure
within the U.N. . The time may have come for 
West, being lead by the U.S. to cut off funds
to the U.N. Severe ties with the U.N. Cancel
the occupancy privledges within the U.N.
buildings, form another organization
dedicated to principals of freedom, and
constitutional democracies, ect.. and start
over, let the Irans of the world form or work
within their own organizations.
Good luck to them. The direction things are
being allowed to go, are globally catastrophic
in their scope, and must be responded to
while the West is still in a position to do so.


I also think that we should get serious about
protecting our own institutions dedicated to
freedom, and work to create the restoration
of freedoms we have lost over the past 1, 2,
3, decades..How can we lead with credibility
when we have so many readily seen failures
within our own society.

10:28 am pdt 

Mandela reported to endorse Zuma
It has been reported that that former South
African President Mandela has endorsed ANC
candidate Zuma for the position of President.

It is my hope that Nelson Mandela and his
advisors being closer to the situation have a
better read of the situation than do I.

It is my hope that if elected, and at this point
it looks to be a certainty, that "President Zuma"
will operate in the style of Mandela, (Equality
for all, Free Speech for all, transparency, ect..

That if there was truth behind the scandals,
that Mr. Zuma will take this opportunity to
demonstrate by word and deed, that he was
deserving of this opportunity.

My fear is that based upon what I have seen,
the odds are high that the people of South
Africa, have just taken another step towards
the Zimbabwe program. Getting further into
bed with people and cultures that have no
investment in freedom, or democracy.

I pray that I will be wrong.


10:13 am pdt 

Friday, April 17, 2009

U.S. Torture memo's released
We now have clear evidence that we have
highly placed U.S. Bush administration
officials guilty of war crimes and war crime

After world war two we prosecuted Japanese,
and German officials for war crimes, who
where guilty of these same acts.

If we are the nation we claim to be, a NATION
OF LIBERTY, we as a nation only have one
course of action available to use in order to
restore honour, our needed credibility, if we
are to have a chance to lead globally with
the effectiveness current situations demand.

PROSECUTE, to the fullest extent of the law.

I want to say again, that I think President
Obama may very well be the best President
this Nation has had in the past 25 years,
or perhaps in even a greater time period.

Unfortunately we live in what we may come
to understand as being the most dangerously
challenging period in global history for the
planets eco systems, and humanities
prefered path of humane survival.

I have said before we cannot afford a
honey moon period. My critiques/criticisms
can be expected to be posted with only
minor efforts of moderation.

Based upon what I have seen, I hope I am
right, if I am it would be further confirmation
of my positive opinions of this President.

I think the man can handle it and process it
in the manner expected in a free society.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Sir Winston Churchill said it best.... during
WWll, when England was in danger of being
over run by the Nazi's, he declared, We,
(england), will not torture, if we reduce
ourselves to this,(torture), we will be no better
than those with whom we are at war.
9:34 am pdt 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oregon Government Geniuses Prepare to strike again
Yes the official State of Oregon office of the
O.G.G.  (Oregon Government Geniuses)
prepare to crush one of the few remaining
business success stories in the N.W.

They want to raise beer taxes a reasonable,
(they say), 1900%. This would place Oregon
in the number one spot when it comes to the
taxation of this industry nation wide, the state
with the next highest tax on these items is I
believe, Alaska, The land of Palin, and even 
those folks are/have aprox a 33% lower tax.


It is physically not possible to counter the
neverending rain of stupidity that our 
political system continuously is raining down
on our heads. The hope I had with Obama is
fading fast.

10:40 am pdt 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pakistan Government appears to have gained access to global crazy pill supply
Pakistan government cleverly chooses to give
up control of a portion of it's country to the
benevolent Taliban, out of fear, cowardice,
stupidity, or perhaps they are being so
diabolically clever in their dealings with the
Taliban that the rest of the world, that has yet
to partake of these "crazy pills" just can't
understand or see the genius behind the

The Taliban immediately shows it's gratitude
by executing a young couple that was
attempting to elope. Being unable to locate
other historical monuments, of globally
recognized cultural value, to destroy or deface
in gods name?, due to the fact that the Taliban
commanders put in charge of effort, could not
read a map, have in fact sought an additional
concession from the Pakistan Government.

Asking if perhaps they could have just one or
two small nuclear weapons they could tinker

Clearly the Pakistan government has never
heard the story of the frog and the scorpion.
Crossing rivers and what not..


I would just like to add that in my opinion,
in the areas of faith or other socially related
issues, if when challenged intellectually/
philosophically, your best or first response
is to threaten death, or chop off the head of
one of your helpless victims, or perhaps
strapping a bomb to yourself and blowing up
another group of helpless people who are
themselves just trying to get though their
day.. That you should really consider the
fact that your beliefs may be lacking in the
educational backgound that such strident
postions should require, and that in fact
what you should expect as a social responce
will eventually not be what you want at all,
and rightly so!!!!

These are not the acts of freedom fighters,
these acts are not the product of enlightened
thinking. These acts are those of uneducated
tyrants in the making.

When these acts are tied to socially repressive
goals, they do not have the ability to be
defended in any intellectually honest fashion.

They can not be categorized as the act of
legitimate resistance fighters who are fighting
for the freedom of their people or the right to
legitimate self determination. If your goals
lead to repression, or discrimination any
protection you might be able to argue for
intellectually, due to a failed political
environment, will be lost, and rightly so!!

The Taliban has demonstrated that it is a
deadly cancer, and it must be dealt with
accordingly, with an international effort.
Only a world lacking true spiritual connections
is capable of tolerating such a disease, and
will reap the rewards such a world will produce
for itself.

Colin Stuart McCoy

5:06 pm pdt 

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez appears to go rogue
In the past I have been complementary of
many of the positive things Hugo Chavez
has done in the past. I have even explored
the possibilty of perhaps living in Venezuela.

Over the past couple of years there have been
a growing number of reports coming out of
this country that indicate that Hugo Chavez,
Has fallen victim to the old maxim...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Banning legally elected officials from their 
offices, targeting the voices of legitimate
opposition groups and people with
unsupportable levels of harrasment,
persecution, and violence.

This has become deeply troubling to this 
writer. It has reached the point that it can't
be given a positive "spin", and clearly
deserves attention.

Another disappointment. The world cannot
absorb too many more. In fact we are 
already over limit in this department. 

3:52 pm pdt 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama Demonstrates ignorance
With the passage of the increased Tobacco
tax, recently signed by President Obama we
see that our observation that it matters not
which of the two main current political parties
hold political sway in the U.S. (Republican or
Democrat), at the end of the day, we citizens
wake up with fewer rights than we started out
with. Is still clearly true.

With The signing of this bill President Obama
demonstrates a complete lack of awareness
of the principals of governance required to
maintain a healthy Constitutional Democratic
Republic. ( Or perhaps President Obama has
come to realize the precarious nature of his
presidency, that he must pander to the
lunatic fringe of the democratic party, or risk
losing/dangerously compromising his ability
to implement his agenda items.. If true this
also would be an indication of political
cowardice, we have no time for this, we need
leadership, idealistic, educated, individual
freedom ingrained leadership.

This is a tax designed to use an inappropriate
use of government force released through the
power of an uneducated mob, I.E. Congress..
for purposes of social engineering. It
furthermore uses the children of our nation as
the emotional blackmail through which to
encourage the participation of the more
ignorant of our population base. Those that
have been de- educated, dumbed down, on
important concepts of governance required to
keep free societies free.

This is an ends justifies the means form of
governance that historically always precedes
the collapse of freedom in a society.

We thought that by electing Barack Obama
we could turn back the harms caused to our
freedoms by the Bush administration, that
we could perhaps break the chains of the de-
education process, dumbing down of our
society, the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton..
almost?? Bildenburg?? related destruction
of our planet, freedoms, and the knowledge
infrastucture needed to keep us free.

It's looking like we were wrong in having this
hope, but we had to try.

As far as the stated goals behind the Tobacco
tax increase, these are all goals that we as a
society should support, but we could have
worked to create processes that would achieve
these goals, while not furthering to undermine
key cultural rules of engagement that are
already dangerously undermined in our

We appropriately defeated a similar effort here
in the state of Oregon, which of course the
local democratic politico's and media painted
as a victory for big tobacco lobbyist, rather than
acknowledging that the effort was recognized
as an immoral process and use of force.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Obama said, "I give my pledge that no
citizen making less than $250,000.00
per year will see a tax increase". This is not
exact, but pretty close to what he said.
Just another corrupt politician?? A another
liar in the White House???
9:37 am pdt 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nelson Mandela's legacy at risk of being lost.
With the decision to drop charges against
ANC candidate Zuma we can see that the
government and people of South Africa
are surrendering the gains and positive
potential fought for, sacrificed for, and
the leadership that President Mandela
provided the frame work for, to replace it
with youthful rhetoric of mindless violence,
and disrespect for those that provided the
most positive voices of peace, justice, hope,
reconciliation. A process that was so bright
under Mandela that it caught the eye, vision
and imagination of a hopeful and inspired
world. Instead the majority of the South
African population seem hell bent on 
replacing these critical values with those
found in processes of simple gangsterism.
Stayed tuned as South Africa poises itself
for the beginning stages of implementation,
its version of the "Mugabe democratic/
economic package/process." 

Colin Stuart McCoy

We offer our prayers that the words/efforts
of those such as Mandela, Tutu, and Wangari
Maathai will regain the societal prominence
their wisdom should hold.

Update: Why does the above mentioned
development lead me to think what I do.
One, it is only one of many indicators of
which I am now aware. Two, while it is true
that there are some clear indication that
the timing of bringing the charges against
Mr. Zuma was politically impacted to a
degree, and while there is also further but
more circumstancial evidence that the
charges being dismissed were also politically
influenced. The charges themselves had
been found to have the merit to proceed
by court processes that no one has yet
demonstrated to have been tainted. So what
you end up with is yes the South African
system is corrupt or clearly corruptable/
influenced through inappropriate political
pressure. This does not negate the fact that
the charges themselves were based upon
issues of reality and merit. Mr. Zuma's own
aid was sentenced to 15 years in prison over
related charges, only to be uncharacteristically
released for issues related to hypertension
health issues. How is his health now? Is this
release another issue of corruption?

4:26 pm pdt 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Afghanistan, Now legal to rape your wife
It really makes a difference when you know
that values of freedom and equality are being
relayed and understood in the countries where
service men are risking life and limb, with the
stated goal of bringing freedom to this country.

The rights of women just took a huge hit with
this horrifically backward ill thought law.

If it was up to me I'd fire the U.S. Ambassador
to Afghanistan, as well as most of the related
staff. If this is the result of their being on the
ball, we'd be better served by having them not

5:10 pm pdt 

China, North Korea
I find it difficult to understand how China
can be willing to have put at risk everything
they have worked and sacrificed for over the
past forty plus years, in often levels of
pragmatism that is culturally almost
impossible for the west to support, let alone
understand.. How they are willing too lose
their hard won gains because of a North
Korean neighbor that refuses to play ball
according to any rational rules.

China needs to begin the process of
returning self government to Tibet. Continued
delay in the implementation of this process
as difficult as it may be will serve in the
coming years to block China's needs and goals.

11:18 am pdt 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

National Service Bill
Well this bill's passage seems to go a long
way towards addressing some of the federal
budget shortcomings we have mentioned in
past posts. As well as the "summer of service"
portion of the process.

Works out to aprox 100 million per state plus
or minus.

I view it as a positive that this came on the
heals so quickly after our concerns were made.

It's not just how many are listening that can
make the difference, it's who is listening as
well that can be important. As well as the fact
that those calling the shots are getting a
good read of things through their own info

All it really shows is that again our fingers
are placed correctly to receive the pulse.

2:38 pm pdt 

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