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Monday, May 18, 2009

Troubling and dangerous developments

We see many stories being reported, exposing
what appears to be an unhealthy christian
fundamentalist 'Take Over" of the US military.

We see scripture appearing on important
military reports and briefings.

In other news we see that some of our state
judiciaries have ruled that it is not a violation
of an individuals privacy nor their property
for any person or a member of a police dept
to place GPS tracking devices on their vehicles.

It has been ruled that this can occur without
a court order being needed.

These and related issues pose a serious
threat to our constitution, and the survival of
liberty in our nation.

more soon

Colin Stuart McCoy 

To those who have studied the history of
"co-intelpro" type activities, as well as the
serious vigilante problems that are growing
here in the States, The above mentioned
discoveries poses a clear threat to our
civil liberties. Under historically documented
processes we know what has been happening
and what has happened in the past.

Now with the GPS technologies available, we
can now see a possible explanation as to how
corrupt local law enforcement and vigilante
groups are able to track individuals, put 
human assets in place, and stage events 
that lead to innocent people being framed
for crimes that were not in fact committed.

With the systemic breakdown in the U.S.
criminal justice court systems, with the
protections for the accused so terribly
reduced over the past several decades, 
we have created the perfect system to abuse
the innocent.

Indictments are a matter of formality,
charges are now routinely piled on so deep
that any effort at fighting the process has
become either life threatening or financially
devastating to the point of destroying the
future hopes of your immediate family if you 
do want to try and fight.

Structured to guarantee capitualization,

Life in the United States. Land of the Free.

1:48 pm pdt 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just an FYI update

Current viewer list now includes hits and views
from the U,S., Greece, Canada, Ireland,
Germany, Australia, Puerto Rico, Netherlands,
Singapore, Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, 
Nicaragua, India, Israel, Columbia, Japan and

Colin Stuart McCoy

No one can keep us from building the world
that we would like to see finally become
reality. Peace, equality, non-discrimination,
tolerance, freedom to think, freedom to
speak, freedom to write, freedom from
tyranny. free to have the best chance to be
the people we want to become.

Living in harmony with our natural

9:58 am pdt 

Friday, May 15, 2009

U.S. K-12 School Systems facing collapse

Yes our national school systems are in
imminent peril.. While we run up a
1.8 trillion dollar deficit, The federal Gov.
appears to have left our states K-12
programs to their fate, as of this date..
School lay off notices have begun in an
economy suffering from the highest
unemployment rates seen in decades.

A complete lack of leadership at the state,
local, and federal levels on this issue.

25 billion federal infusion would stabilize
all state School funding, k-12, through 2010.

Right now we have begun the process that
will strip us of dedicated professionals, and
will take years to recover from.

We must re-prioritize. and very soon!

Update 6/2/09 -
In Oregon, once again we see the K-12
"crisis" being made worse than needed due
to actions of our State gov. as well as the
lack of a willingness to make needed
concessions by the teachers union. IE
Pay Freeze. If the State of Oregon reduced
the size of the reserve fund it has chosen to
create out of the approved 6 Billion dollar
budget ($400) million, and if the union
agreed to a payfreeze for two years, created
projected savings of approx. ($220) million,
then the overwhelming majority of the staff
and program cuts could be avoided, instead
as demonstrated over the past 25 years,
situation is being made worse and
manipulated, holding our kids hostage, so
that tax increase proposals might be
introduced that would not otherwise have a
chance at passage.

Right now, in Oregon based upon $$ numbers
recently released by the state. It not only
appears that money is in fact available to
avoid layoffs, but needed programs that have 
been cut in the past.. IE Full day kindergarten..
ect..could also be restored. All it appears to
need at this point is for the teacher unions and 
state government to agree to pay freeze or
perhaps even just smaller increases, as well as
reducing the size of the reserve fund.

We'll see.

I'm concerned about the tax increases, some
are supportable?survivable?, but others appear
counter intuitive.
Colin Stuart McCoy

12:24 pm pdt 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reports indicate U.S. monetary/economic collapse continues
U.S. national deficit reports continue to verify
our predictions. With projections under best
case scenarios being a National Debt of
20 Trillion Dollars by end of 2019.

Interest alone on this would be at least 800
Billion per year. The big slide has begun.
President George Bush Jr administrations
policies are directly responsible for this
situation, and it's severity.

The only hope for long term stability and
"prosperity" will be the implementation of
the economic system changes put forth
by the Sunrise Foundation, with international
negotiations concluded prior to final collapse/
stresses reaching the breaking point.

Other wise not only will the economic collapse
begin to create unacceptable social conditions,
but the global environmental condition will also
not be able to have it's decline halted.

Colin Stuart McCoy
2:24 pm pdt 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freedom shrinking similar to icecaps
The education base needed,  as well as the
number of individuals dedicated to and
involved in the struggle to maintain current
levels of freedom in our societies around
the globe continue to shrink in both
circumference and depth, just like our
shrinking polar icecaps.

The cause of freedom is under tremendous
assault due to the corruption that has been
allowed to occur in those countries proclaiming
to be free. This has allowed the freedom effort
to become marginalized at the very moment
that human society needs these principals the
most, as we attempt to deal with the many
serious issues of our age in a manner that is the
most humane, compassionate, and evolved.

Free societies are being encircled and we must
respond with vigor to conteract these stealthy

A Peace Corp like program. I like the name
"The Freedom Corp. However this name was
put in use by a President that introduced
institutionalized torture to our nation, and
thus I would avoid an affiliation with this
name, until such a point as a public
denounciation is made by the organizations
current leadership against anti freedom
policies "torture"  and specifically against
those that condoned it's use.

Freedom based efforts must be put in place
and funded so that the cause of freedom, and
representational constitutional democracy can
once again expand.

Government funded programs would be a huge
boon to this effort, however I believe in order to
create the best programs, and attract the best
people.. these efforts must largely be under
NGO umbrellas.

Colin Stuart McCoy  

Further thoughts and observations.....
Through programs such as Americorp..
The Freedom corp ect.. We see the
formation of sub groups within the
larger structures that have behaviors
and agendas that are anti freedom,
anti civil and independent liberties,
in their nature.
11:36 am pdt 

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