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Monday, July 20, 2009

China seeths at U.S. out reach to Dalai Lama.

Let us , the U.S., do better than South Africa,
in this matter. S.A. Shamed their nation, &
their national hero's when faced with a similar


Well we blew it here as well, unacceptable.

6:52 pm pdt 

Thank you President Carter
Thank you Mr. President---
Discrimination that hides behind organized
religion must be confronted if we are to have
a chance to survive the challenges we face
together on this planet and beyond.

Former President Carter severed his
relationship with the Southern Baptist
Church, hard choice, but the correct one.
made for the right reasons, as has been
reported. All should follow his example! 

4:58 pm pdt 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For the conspiracy lover in all of us-

I hope everyones paying attention... For those
of you that track the actions of the Federal
Reserve, and choose to believe or search for
various conspiracies in it's creation and

Take a moment and focus with clarity on
Goldman Sachs.. Everybody paying attention to
the involvement of Federal Reserve personel
that were, are or will be again..employees of
Goldman Sachs.

Special congressional dispensations, sure
keep your stock in the firm as you administer
national financial policies.

Nice to see that Goldmans is on course to have
it's best profit postings, while mainstreet USA
continues to suffer from overwhelming home
forclosures. Middle class USA is being mauled.

Advice given to avoid the worst of this was
ignored, and continues to be addressed at a
snails pace. But at least the tax payers of the
U.S. were allowed to hock their futures and
save the rich elite financial power brokers.

Hey, the stimulas package is working great in
Tigard, Oregon..Parents are being asked to
provide one ream of white paper as part of
their school supplies..Local schools don't have
the money to buy paper!!!

Go team Obama!!! Go team Goldman Sachs!!!
Our nation simply will not survive this level of
continued "leadership??" healthcare, global
weather changes, social issues, clean energy, 
it's all the the same!!! 

(I mean for goodness sake, rather than craft
a health care program similar to Canada's or some of our european friends.. Such an
effort would save main street USA approx..
$750 billion dollars per
year, yes per year!!!
Instead we get this bastardized proposal
that panders to the forces destroying our
country and will if implemented cost
mainstreet a projected $1 Trillion dollars.
Rome burning??)
{come on baby light my fire}

Then we get this cap and trade garbage,
again this will make some folks on Wall
Street a great deal of money but it won't
address the issue with the timeliness or
effectivness required to protect life as we
know it on planet earth!!

Rip off the U.S. taxpayer..
yes we can!!!yes we can!!!
Ignor the will of the voters..
yes we can!!!yes we can!!!
Lip service to important societal issues..
yes we can!!!yes we can!!!
largest prison population in the world..
yes we can!!! yes we can!!!

Colin Stuart McCoy

9:50 am pdt 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tigard, Oregon and Washington County
If you want to find a place, an area, in the
United States, where you are able to study
the massive societal failures, and clearly see
"as an indicator species" that has by leaps,
inches, through incompetence, as well as intent,
born of the efforts of those fully aware of the
end product of their works, as well as those
results produced by those so incompetent as
to be be difficult to accept.

If you want to find a place, where clearly it is
possible to draw connections between a
evolutionary social breakdown, and clearly see
the connections between these failures/decays
in process, and find connections to the impact
and causal relationship to the current state
of local, national, and global conditions with
which we are now faced.

If you want to come and see the subtle and
less than subtle corruptions that have never
failed to bring healthy societies to their 

Come to Washington County, Oregon. 
Increase your magnification usefully further by
coming to Tigard, and then increase it still
further by getting up close to the Tigard-
Tualatin School District.

In this area it is incredibly easy to see the
systemic failures of process and personality
that is a clear, and easy to discern threat to
everything that is good and decent.  

Most people from this area would say wait a
minute this is a great community, good schools
ect.. This level of awareness is one of the
primary problems. If I was going to try and
provide a clue as to the nature of my critiques
..think of "Cape Town South Africa" during the
time of aparthied..great looking place, good
schools..But something seriously wrong that
penetrates to the core of the society, that will if
not corrected bring ultimate failure to that
society. That's my offered clue..Think of the
failure of processes, both intellectual and
otherwise present to create or allow the
aparthied era society to exist..."for a time"

In this area it is also easy to identify the
efforts of citizens that have steadfastly
continued to make huge efforts to try and
hold back the rising tide of "wrong direction,
wrong perspectives, intolerance, hate,

These mentioned positive efforts to date have
only been able to slow the growth of negatives
so clearly seen in this area.

More specifics soon...

Colin Stuart McCoy

Just another note of interest to those who
track such things.
Remember back to the by and by, through
history back.
When the citizens of the U.S. were finally able
to leverage the master of mayhem, old "turd
blossom" himself.. Karl Rove, out of the White
House.. he made approx. a couple stops on
his way out the door.. One of which was Tigard,
Oregon.. where he met with the Local
Republican enlightened ones. Not.  I found it
personally interesting that the Tigard area
rated a visit from a person with such a
descriptive moniker.
10:28 am pdt 

Obama administration hypocritically blocks truth efforts!

Truth and reconciliation?? It has been reported
credibly, that the Obama admin.. has blocked,
or failed to support key efforts to address
wrongs committed by our society and those who
betrayed it, through the creation of Truth and
Reconciliation commissions.

Our nation does not need political witch hunts,
of the likes to which we have become used to
seeing in the U.S....But these efforts must be
fairly created, and supported.

If President Obama fails to to provide the
leadership on this issue that our society badly
needs.. he is not the leader our nation requires
in the White House.

We have become a critically corrupt society..
truth, honor, integrity have become phrases
or concepts that only appear to have a value
attached equal to the level of accountability
capable to being applied to any given activity.

Colin Stuart McCoy

9:55 am pdt 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Must get developing nations on board
Not only are the current efforts at mitigating
human caused changes in the global weather
patterns not sufficient to halt the devastating
negative impacts  that are now clearly able to
be seen on the horizon, but the developed
nations failed to put together a dialog or
process that had the required components
necessary to get the primary polluters from
the developing countries to come on board.

I.E. China, India, Mexico ect..

We must get everyone back to the table and
put together an equal value exchange of dialog,
in which the developed nations offer the full
industrial, technical might at their disposal in
addition to a clear process of human/civil
rights improvements being addressed by all
parties without the standard hypocrisy from
the west, let us truly put our money where our
mouths are!!! 
and the beat our swords into plow shares with
processes that come with the clear ability to
enforce and verify.

A failure to get the developing nations on
board with an effort that is as aggressively
staged as a successful effort will require, will
be unable to halt the global damage that is
coming from the human changes to our
weather patterns. Life, "as we know it" will
come to a very ugly end!

The global community must come together,
as never before seen, operating within the
boundaries and frame works of the most
compassionate, humanitarian, tolerant
principals that human societies can muster.

Eighteen months... Oregon.. unusually humid
weather we've been having? Like parts of the

Colin Stuart McCoy

Governor Kulongoski handled the Funding prob.
with higher education in the state of Oregon
with a much greater appreciation for the desires
of the voters than he did with the K-12 sytem. 

Related to this is the absolute need to bring
tuition costs at our state universities down to
an average annual cost of approx $6250.00.
failure to do this will contribute to a further
decay in the promise of equality/opportunity
that the (free?) society in the U.S. requires to
stay healthy, and representationally diverse.
(greater support for tuition grants, scholarships
must be emplaced.)

As far as the K-12 system is concerned, now our
Teacher Unions across the state must quickly
agree to adjustments in pay programs so that
the k-12 system can be supported to the extent
our society requires.

let us then create a state wide K-12 funding
model, with a guaranteed placement in the


In a nation that has a "criminal" justice system...
that has the ability to warehouse and process
over two million prisoners..

A continued failure on the part of the Obama
administration to prosecute, or release and
compensate, in cases when guilt cannot be
established, the Guantanamo detainee's
(approx 300?)- (You are not seriously going
to try and say our federal courts could not
handle the case load!!), in our courts will be
a betrayal of the voters who put him in office,
as well as a betrayal of what are supposed to
be fundamental principals of liberty and justice
in the U.S.

1:54 pm pdt 

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