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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

President Obama's health care reform plan
President Obama and team failed to take
the time needed to listen or ask how to
approach this issue/s, how to safely/effectively
approach the U.S. voters.

Failed to approach issue in a linear fashion.
Which allowed key areas of clear benefit to
be lost, mis -understood, or simply, a poorly
constructed plan to be foisted upon the U.S.
populace. Failed to clearly craft just what
those benefits would be or how they would be
delivered/ maintained. Infrastructure reform
what's that? Obama did not address it, must
not be important.-- Must have not wanted to
offend the greed- ocracy that runs our
country! Can't challenge the money machines 
like health care, military industrial complex,
prison nation.... making too much money on 
the suffering of others. Can't talk about it I

Sad /Pathetic this has played into the hands
of the Turd Blossom tribe, along with the
growing idiocracy that is the U.S.

Results were predictable, we have been seeing
the results on the daily news service.

This could have been so simply done, what a
needless cluster $%^%^!

Colin Stuart McCoy
6:50 am pdt 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Britain- France- Germany- Italy- Spain fail to address discriminatory acts

The European Countries fail to address religious
based discrimination.


7:23 pm pdt 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Secretary of State Clinton- Zimbabwe

Quiet diplomacy is the phrase behind the "new"?
or continued diplomatic effort in Zimbabwe.

Wow --that's inspiring!!! What could this mean??

That the US state department in this instance/
area does not really have a clue and is just
going to wait for Mugabe and followers to pass
away from old age. --Then muddle along hoping
for the best?

I want specifics on this quiet diplomatic effort,
there are people who's lives have been, or are
being seriously impacted or destroyed who want
to hear specifics.


9:57 am pdt 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The Fellowship" -- "The Family" Time to take a close look.

I have failed for too long to take a serious look
at this "organization/s".. I intend to make this
now a priority.

Is "it" a positive for our country, or an
abomination that time now requires to be
exposed and eliminated?

Colin Stuart McCoy

Along related thought processes.. Everyone really
owes it to themselves to track down and watch a
documentary titled "Uncounted: The new math of
American Elections" Directed by Mr. David
Earnhardt in 2007.

Where has the FBI been throughout the
processes that are the target of interest in
this documentary?, these hero's of democracy
sworn to protect our country from all threats
foreign and "domestic". Another reason why
they should be disbanded and replaced by a
new organization that can demonstrate a
functional understanding of the key aspects of
our method of government and our constitution
with out being burdened by an institutional
culture that can be seen historically to truly/or
consistently, to the extent such an organization
must be, not effectively loyal to these sacred

12:09 pm pdt 

America kidnap victims freed form dentention in North Korea
Kudo's to the diplomatic team efforts that
allowed these two women to be released.

I believe mainland China lended a helping
hand as well.

To former President, Bill Clinton.. Right man,
right time, willingness to get the job done,
and do, say what was needed, and do so
as a master statesman, opening the
"possibility" for better diplomatic relations. 
Not bad, not bad at all.

11:49 am pdt 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Need to recognize the positive

The most recent federal ratings show the Tigard-
Tualatin school district doing well, and in some
areas very well.. So to be clear, my concerns
about this district should be anticipated to lie
outside of most of the the categories measured
in the federal survey.

I do believe the TTSD districts failure to begin
incorporating the funds recently restored  by the
Oregon legislature may negatively impact the
passage of needed taxes, have to wait and see
though. (If everything is holding together,
without the funds being incorporated-and no-one
is raising needed complaints to noticable levels
why would the people of Oregon be inclined to
raise taxes that they may see as unneeded?- So
our k-12 sytems with suffer again from a lack of
needed public support!)

Update 1/27/10
My concerns mentioned above did not
materialize. Much needed taxes passed.. and
I have not seen the local figures yet but nothing
mentioned above appeared to have a noticeable
Local figures now available indicate that both
measures passed in Washington County.

Also after the K-12 funding debacle/process. Gov.
Kulongoski has been doing a very solid job
working through a number of sensitive issues.
I hope the trend continues.


1:28 pm pdt 

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