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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Uplifting Horoscopes

There's always something......

Authors/Founders morning horoscope.
Local newspaper.

"Think. You need to determine acceptable
risk levels, not only for yourself, but for your
family and friends, as well."

An interesting bit of nothing.

Project "Mocking Bird" alive and well?? ;-0

They say the truth will set you free..

Here in the United States we have a shared
history with other global cultures in that those
who pursue or demand truth....

End up dead, or incarcerated, negatively
impacted.. I.E. destroyed health,  through
various means.

To the point at which your activities are made
to stop.

Starting Monday 2/1/10 we hope to begin a
process that we hope will break the chains that
bind us. And allow open, needed, equal value
dialog, intellectually honest conversations to
take place. We need to be as patient as
humanly possible...while change is possible..
holding those "criminally ?" liable does not 
appear to be a realistic possibility with the
resources and time that seem to be, we
hope/believe, are available/allowed to us.


8:44 am pst 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Population projections
In answer to the question asked..

Q.) Are we aware of the population projections
that indicate that by around 2050 global
populations will be in decline. Perhaps after
reaching a peak of around 9 or 10 Billion.

A.) Yes we are, again we believe current
methods of societal economic interactions
will mean that the processes coming into
play that will play a part in perhaps reducing
"naturally" the global population after 2050
are not going to be something to look forward

In fact, again, all indications are that things
will become very unpleasant prior to 2050.

Under existing processes economic impacts,
environmental impacts ect ... look very
troubling and problematic.

We believe we have actually entered the phase
where, (the wheels could actually come off the
bus-- so to speak), at any moment and without
much further provocation or serious failures
to act as needed, being present. We're there
walking the razors edge. at this time

One way or another we are going to get from
point A (where we are), to point B (where we are
going to be 50 to 100 years from now).

The question is how nasty/ugly do we want the
trip to be, and what can we do in order to make
the journey the best and least destructive that
it can be.

And while we are at it why don't we set up a
global economic system that can actually deal
with the complexities we will be facing with
the stabilitiy, flexibility, and compassion we

7:45 pm pst 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Imagine if you can a reality in which........

Imagine if you can a reality in which it is
understood that beings possessing sentience
are not primarily physical beings learning
valuable lessons through their spiritual
experiences while located in the temporal world,

While this does happen and is of course very
important.... Imagine instead that sentient
beings are primarily spiritual beings, learning
needed lessons through their physical
experiences while located in the temporal
Imagine and remember what it is like, or was
like when you went to sign up for the classes
you wanted in High School or University.

It was often very crowded and you did not
always get the classes you wanted..

Free will is very important, how many people
do we know who after a year or more of study
come to realize that the "major" they have
chosen, just is not a good fit?

Also there are required courses and electives.

Required courses, as we all know, can
sometimes be very difficult, some times very,
very, very difficult...

Imagine if you can... That things can appear 
very similar in the spiritual world as they can
at times appear in the temporal world.

Here on earth we have people who are gifted
artists, athletes, great minds ect... all walk
among us, and are not viewed as being
members of a different race or species, or 
Gods, or... Sons or daughters of a God ect...

Imagine if you can, that it may be, that in the
spiritual world things are the same. There are
those more gifted in some areas than in others,
possessing expertise gained either through
practice, effort, experience, or the spiritual
equivalent of being naturally gifted.

Also imagine that learning how to create,
maintain, and protect a just, free society is just
as important in the spiritual world as it is in
the temporal. 

Now imagine for the sake of argument, that
everything written above is true....consider
how much our standard socially programed
belief structures would change..... but also
look at how much would remain the same.

Just something to imagine...

Colin Stuart McCoy

An environment in which we are able to
know more collectively, understand more,
may only be achievable if we can demonstrate
that we can get our "global" house in order.

7:22 am pst 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

U.S Supreme Court betrays The nation and people

Yes in voting 5/4 to eliminate decades old
corporate election finance laws, another
serious blow to freedom in the United States
was dealt to it's citizens.

These laws were put in place because it was
recognized in the past that without these
restrictions corporations would corrupt the
democratic process.

Our history has demonstrated this to be a
truth and predictable outcome repeatedly
since our nation was founded.

Majority of U.S. Supreme Court demonstrates,
as does the U.S. Congress that democracy is
dead or dying in the U.S..

What we may be watching now is the last few
shovel fulls of dirt being tossed on our faces,
as we are being buried alive by these traitors
to the people and nation.

The election of President Obama, instead of
delivering on our hopes and dreams is quickly
becoming a farce, and puppet/restricted to the
desires, "no the demands", of special interest
/corporate big money.


The survival needs of "typical corporations" far
to often have been shown to be directly counter
to the needs of a healthy community and
environment. This is historical fact, confirmed
through many hard lessons.. lessons and history
that the majority of the U.S. supreme court lacks
the integrity to process precedent in an
intellectually honest fashion. Thus dooming us
to repeat those lesson again until the need and
truth behind the passage of the, "over 60 year
old laws", is understood once again by the
majority of the people who occupy this office.

In regards to the terms "betrays" and "traitors",
these terms were used to convey the seriousness
with which I view the "acts of negligence and/or
incompetence with which I view originating from
within two out of three of our branches of Federal
Government. These terms are also meant to
convey my belief that enough members of these
two branches have succumbed to influences
beyond those acceptable to their positions, that
such terms are warranted.

I also believe members of these two branches
are directly responsible for not acting to curtail
the influence of these outside sources that do
not work with the best interests of the people
or nation being even remotely apparent.

12:29 pm pst 

Friday, January 15, 2010

FYI Update

Welcome to those of you from Austria. In
addition to the recent addition of the
Russian Federation, we have been viewed
from the following countries, commonwealths, 

USA, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil,
Canada, Columbia, Georgia, Germany,
Great Britain, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel,
Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands,
Nicaragua, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania,
Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand,
and the Ukraine.

6:53 pm pst 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Job losses continue even with seasonal employment
Reported Job losses for the month of December
are being reported at 85,000.

Not good, not good at all.

It's frightening when all available evidence is
unable to dispel the repetitious appearance of
indicators that the functional operational
majority of our nations economic 'Brain trust"
Ha!, -- don't have a clue about the fundamental
mechanics of bringing main street USA back on

Does this mean that the economic recovery
effort that we feel is needed for the "successful
transition" of our national and global economies
is doomed? No, not necessarily. What it
does indicate is that we have clearly entered
into the stage of the process where we will be
creating/experiencing casualties that could
have been avoided. Best case..


--and yes, I am fully aware that the vast
majority of the economic problems we have
been dealing with were the direct result of a
failure of our government officials...
elected as well as appointed.

This of course means that the vast majority
of those people who have been negatively
impacted to date have been so impacted
without good cause...clearly an an avoidable,
or at least an event that's impact should have
been far less reaching, delayed with "smaller
losses"  able to have been spread out over
greater time periods.
11:05 am pst 

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