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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Operation Northwoods

I recently discovered the existence of
a plan for a U.S. military operation, that was
created aprox 1962. It was called Operation
Northwoods. As with many others who have
become aware of this plan, it has done nothing
to ease any concerns surrounding 9/11.

Details of this previously classified project were
originally made available to the public starting
in Feb, 1997.

JFK decided against it's implementation/use.

Apparently in 1962 the U.S. Joint Chiefs were
willing to plan for an operation that if carried
out, would have been an act of treason against
the United States and it's citizens.


4:10 am pst 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama calls for increased civility in politics

Wheres as civility is always important, and while
D.C. could always use more.

Without greater integrity of process, competence
within work product, an increase in the actual
quantity of quality work product..

An increase in civility is like a mouthful of straw.

Saw a pattern again the other day, it bothers me.

It was the similarities of social forces at work
here in the states... and the number of areas
in which we are mirroring where Germany was
before Hitler came to power...

What should we expect next if we as a nation
keep hamstringing President Obama's efforts.

I don't like alot of the growing possibilities.

I guess starting with an increase in civility is
better than nothing, when you can't get viable
health care reform, job stimulas, as well as 
being stuck with an economic reality that 
literally could represent a threat to our long
term survival as a fully independant nation, 


5:04 pm pst 

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