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Friday, March 19, 2010

Is the Tigard Tualatin School District ignorant, backwards, discriminatory..
In Oregon, is the Tigard Tualatin School District
ignorant, backwards, abusive, discriminatory or 
criminal in their operations?

If yes, how is this reality a product of similar
community traits in Tigard Oregon?

Certainly an issue worthy of exploration, as it
impacts directly the health and success of our
society in general, as well as being a tool to 
explore similar failures across our country as
of today. 

As of several months ago we believe available
evidence clearly indicated that as to issues 
mentioned above, excluding the issue of 
"criminality", the answer is yes.

Is this still the case as of today? We believe
that the answer to this question is very likely
to be yes. Over the next couple of weeks we
will be searching for the needed information
to come to a final determination on the current

As to the issue of "criminality" we may not
have the resources to make a final conclusion
at this time, we will just have to see what our 
process discovers, and the questions raised
through the exploration. 

What follows will be a brief compilation of the
information available as of several months ago
that supports our affirmative conclusions as of
the state of affairs several months ago.

1.)For the 2008/2009 school year we know
that the Tigard Tualatin School District allowed 
Boy Scout recruitment information to be
distributed using school/district resources. 

Most of our knowledge of what we consider to
be 'failures to perform to the standard required"
have to do with actions related directly to either
Charles F. Tigard Elementary, or that of district
staff out of the district office.

2.) By allowing a discriminatory group to
distribute recruitment documents on school
property, using school resources, the district
sends our youth conflicting messages and 
guidance as to what constitutes innappropriate
behavior in our society. It also provides
material support to a discriminatory group that
does not operate according to the districts own
published materials concerning dis-allowed
discriminatory behavior. Youth destructive,
hypocrisy and lack of needed leadership to say
the least.

3.) In the past we know that students were
allowed to participate in activities that were
calling for an out come that would have been
un-constitutional and discriminatory against
Native Americans and other people perhaps
as well.

The activity that was allowed without adjustment
was of concern, as it represented a continued
one dimensional approach to the issue's related
to our awarenesses over individual rights and
respect for cultural diversity. Similar in impact
from a functional level as would be an activity
seeking the restoration of slavery.

The districts position was that the activity would
be allowed to continue, seeking a discriminatory
and unconstitutional outcome, without district
intervention...The districts position was that the
managing impactor they would be considering
would be only "is the process/activity
disruptive to the educational process or
(FYI---The people associated with the activity
in question are good, decent progressive minded
folk. The shortcomings of this effort were
an oversite, I'm sure of it..But it represented a
teachable moment. How the District responded
to the process revealed much about the
intellectual/educational shortcomings of this
Districts Administrators.) It is in the responce
that one can find a root contributor to the issues
of cultural bias being experienced.

4.) District Staff has stated that had the activity
been about the restoration of slavery it would
not have been allowed, as the district office
would have determined that such an activity
would be disruptive to the educational process
or community. District staff has also said that
the KKK would not be allowed to distribute
recruitment materials for the same reasons.

Please keep in mind no actual disruption needs
to occur prior to the KKK material or
discriminatory activity being disallowed. It is the
"enlightened viewpoint and world views" of the
District itself that makes the determination on
what types of hateful or discriminatory group
perspectives to allow or not.

5.) Based upon what we know of recent past
positions and statements..

The Tigard Tualatin School District does not 
appear to support groups that discriminate
against Blacks or those of the Jewish faith.

The District will support discriminatory groups
who's discrimination is aimed at Gay people
or athiests. 

Whereas the district has stated it would not
allow an activity seeking the 
restoration of slavery, an activity that would
unconstitutionally discriminate against the
religious practices of Native Americans..
thats A. O.K...

Let us examine the intellectual prowess of
the Tigard Tualatin School Districts stated
policy of "will it be disruptive"...

Rather than say, "is the activity discriminatory
against protected classifications"?

Nazi Germany showed us just what kind of
horrors humans can inflict on others without
the process being deemed disruptive!!!!!!!
to the sensibilities of the majority.

Warms my heart to see the Tigard Tualatin
School District and Oregon Supreme Court
embracing such an effective yard stick!!

How fun is it to live in a community served by
a school district with such flawed operational
processes. Not very.

It's even worse if a student or family member
falls prey to a district employees "Cultural
Bias" or out right discrimination or abuse
through allowed staff member incompetence.

When you are able to cross connect abusive
or vigilantistic community elements, some of
which appear to be operating on school
property, you have created the perfect storm
of conditions against which a parent may have
to contend in order to try and raise their
families. None but the very strong, the lucky,
or the very capable are able to remain viable
under these terrible conditions. I am fortunate
that as of this date my family has been all
of the above..I.E. Strong, Lucky, & Capable.

(We are grateful to the good and decent
people who have been supportive to us
and the wellness of our community)

When it comes to hate and discrimination, 
clearly the Tigard Tualatin School District is
discriminatory in it's processes.

Why should the Tigard Tualatin School District
be allowed to hide behind their "Not Disruptive"
Protocals....Allowing those that discriminate or
hate in a manner acceptable to the District or
community full access, while denying the same
access equally to others that are clearly no less
discriminatory or hateful. This is discriminatory.
Stand tall in your hatefulness and ignorance,
don't slink around with these half measures.

(Because one must never underestimate the
intellectual failures some people can have
from time to time, I'll state the following..
the point of the above is not to argue for
equal access for discrimination..the
point is to point out the lunacy of current
protocals, and fight for a completely hate free
public school/and social environments!!!)

and there is more...

Colin Stuart McCoy
11:00 am pdt 

Mr. President our best wishes
Mr. President in spite of criticisms you have our
best wishes, and hopes for success.

We still believe the best chances for our nation
rests in the hands of your administrations
continued efforts.

10:20 am pdt 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama administration fails to bring to heel those that discriminate
Only in Oregon....That's what people say.
In aprox 2006 the Oregon Supreme Court?
Supreme to what?

Actually ruled that the Boy Scout recruitment
in Oregon's public schools was not a violation
of the states anti-discrimination laws...

As long as "the actual discriminatory acts took
place off campus"

God bless you hero''s

I think this is pretty close to what I remember.

What absolute insanity.

Where is "our" President? "Our" Congress? 

In the United States it has finally reached the
point that the Taliban, --(Everyone knows how I
feel about the Taliban), perhaps the Taliban
should seek U.S. support through U.S. groups
that discriminate, exclude or hate, like the Boy 
Scouts, or KKK?, --refuses to talk to our 
congress and courts, (not really) because they
are calling "US" too stupid to reason with!! They
use the above mentioned case as evidence.

The Taliban can't read-- This actually makes
them more like the U.S. Supreme Court

God help us

Colin Stuart McCoy
11:28 pm pdt 

Friday, March 5, 2010

President Obama looks to go wrong direction on two issues

With respect, it appears that President Obama
may be in the process of moving us as a nation
in the wrong direction on two issues that will be
addressed here.

Issue one is in his directive to cancel the return
to the moon, manned space effort!

The needs of our nation in regards to future
technology, resource development,
national/global status and moral boost, ect---

--will fail to be met if this ill advised space
program course change is implemented.

Issue two concerns the apparent process to
change direction regarding the prosecution of
Guantanamo prisoners in our federal courts.

While I do not have a real concern as to where
in the continental U.S. the trials are held, they
must be held in our civilian courts. To do other
wise will be a serious negative blow to the level
of respect the international community will view
our social/governmental processes.

Failure to hold the trials in our federal system
will be a significant propaganda victory for
those who would prefer our nation to either
not exist or suffer a serious decrease in it's
operational international status.

Also a point that appears to have been
forgotten, is that it is not so much that
Guantanamo exists, the problem is created
due to the rules that govern it's creation and

Colin Stuart McCoy 

5:56 am pst 

Has Methane Burp process begun?
Scientists express concern over discovered
methane release taking place in the Arctic.

This is potentially very troubling, need to
track numbers to see if further concern is
warranted. Not sure what could be done if
it was decided that serious concern is

Methane Burp theorists have pretty much
stated that once process has begun in
earnest that not much can be done.

Colin Stuart McCoy
1:58 am pst 

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