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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A need to be intellectually honest in criticisms as well as in praise

I just know I'll regret this.....

In terms of my criticisms and complaints
concerning issues or processes of operation
at the Tigard Tualatin School District..

The TTSD has or had, (initial research indicates
that a weakening process has been in play..,),
a pretty progressive program in operation.

So on the "books" this district still looks pretty

In fact it has one of the most effective and
functionally progressive parent volunteer
programs operating in the state of Oregon.
(Also there are clear indications that some
areas of progressive thought/action/policies
are perhaps coming back on line, and being
given the priority that "some" of these issues

Just not in the areas that I am addressing.

It is important to understand the debilitating
role that can be played by the incompetent
administrator or instructor/personnel in spite of
perhaps having "in writing" a well thought out

At TTSD what a quick look "potentially" reveals,
and what personal experience supports,
is that over the past 20 or so years a hiring
process took place in which enough staff was
brought on board who's world view and
appreciation for progressive thought was not
evolved enough to provide the support that
the more well thought out written materials/
guidelines required, thus allowing these very
important operational standards to wither.

So please understand my criticism exists in
spite of what any written policy may be.

Due the incompetence and negligence
of those entrusted with maintaining operations
within the spirit and operational intent of those
written policies.

Also it is almost impossible for a school district
not to suffer from damaging social shifts or
beliefs in the community in which they serve.

Simply put, those with intellectually failed
processes or awareness's will never fail to try
and put those supportive or unwilling to
challenge said failed processes into place, when
ever the political opportunity presents.

There is another shift as well that we know has
damaged our nations schools...They, (The Districts), 
have become giant government bureaucracies,
having adopted many of the processes of lack
of accountabilities, or needed approachability's
that one traditionally finds in such situations.

The ability of the average citizen to impact
failed processes has been seriously degraded, 
what few processes remain are very similar to
those political process that have brought our
nation and the world to the place we now are.

Colin Stuart McCoy

As go our institutions of learning so goes our
nation and society. 

10:47 am pdt 

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