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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An interesting question has come to us
An interesting question has come to us.

Q.) Given todays economic circumstances
what would you identify as the core economic
problem that we face, and why?

How would you address this problem if you were
the Federal Reserve Chairperson?

A.) I would have to say, that under the rules of
engagement currently in use, the core
problem we face today is one of Government
and private debt. The main reason I say this is
because under the current rules of engagement
we are obligated to address the issue of debt.
(Let us not suggest at this time that this is right
or wrong, at this just is.) As such..

In our attempt to deal with the debt issue, while
at the same time trying to get more from our
"global economic machine" than it is currently
designed to produce---'equitably"...we create

Government debt has gotten out of control due
to failure with our government process, control
systems ect.. Decisions have been made with a
growing unhealthy focus, a focus that has 
allowed the debt situation to get out of control
for reasons that have fallen further and further
away from issues of public interest, and national
security, or necessity, and closer and closer to 
processes that benefit the interests of a few, to
the detriment of the many.

This process of course includes the destruction
of a healthy tax base...

Yes it's the dreaded "special interest" groups.
That we seem unable to deal with effectively
because of the current grip they have been
granted over our governmental/electorial

B.) The private debt situation has also been
allowed to reach an unhealthy level..Either too
much debt as been created to be safely
serviced or debt has been granted in situations
where it was unwise at any level..both of these
situations are essentially the same problem.

Whereas the government debt problem will
require a new global economic structure to deal
with expenditures that one would traditionally
categorize as created through "deficit spending
in nature", processes.

Private debt is a problem of personal
responsibility, supported by rational..non-
greed based programs and protocols.

Some of this was allowed to occur, and can be
tied into the category of government failures
touched upon above. There is also a greed
based element that one can see time and time
again in a free market, capitalistic society...
These issues blur at times and fold into one
another..I say this because in our body of
operations the government could be seen as
the "god forbid" brains/governor?? or right arm
of the body, the free market, and capitalistic 
societal aspects might be viewed as the heart
and lungs or left arm of the same body or entity.

So the single most pressing issue at this time
has to be the national and international debt
resolution programs adopted for implementation.
Again, because everything we do economically/
-socially is dictated/controlled by the rules of
engagement that dictate the how this part of
the equation is to be balanced.

We need new rules.

C.) 1.)What must the Fed do?? Continue to
engage in aggressive economic stimulus efforts..
seriously improve the efficiency of those efforts
in terms of cost and debt creation, "as much as
is possible". In the U.S. this perhaps could be
better accomplished through management
protocals geared to the individual Fed Reserve
districts. The economic health/activity of the
global populace must be restored. Private sector
regulations must be restored or strengthened.

(As to the issue of debt creation we are really
talking about trying to reduce the amount of
deficit spending in non critical areas... rational
cost cutting protocals within the military, our
nations prisons systems and serious reform
of our national health care systems would
provide annual savings in the multiple 100's
of $$ billions, some calculations show annual
savings would be in the $$ trillions...yes $$

A healthy and historically supportable tax base
must be re-established, as a part of a this
stabilization transitional process. Do not be
overly aggressive in this area. Returning to a
healthy base will not solve the problem, it will
only help create the stability needed for the
transition that must follow.

This effort must be global in nature..

(At the economic summit in Canada you see
reports indicating an either or approach. I.E
debt reduction or continued stimulas from the
G-8..we believe it's not either or but both
strategies that must be embraced.)

2.) Recognize the problems/fall out that will result
both nationally and globally from the "austerity" 
measures required to address the national and
global debt situations.

(Look at the state of our nations infrastructure..
look at our schools.. look at the environment..
Is our planet dying?? Are our current rules of
engagement causing us to kill it?? Look at the
level of human global suffering...)

(Summer was at least a month late in it's
arrival this year in the N.W... farmers are
reporting serious crop problems.)

Now add serious austerity measures or belt
tightening, or unhealthy levels of tax increases
to the process, and watch as the remaining
rivets "pop".

3.) Begin the process of switching over to our
system of "Realistic Monetarism."

I believe trying to address the debt as
something that needs to be retired or payed
down, rather than say...just written off through
a fair process of international negotiations,
could easily be what could cause the human
house of cards to come crashing down in a far
more damaging manner than is acceptable.

We can address smaller scale or regional
issues as well, but this is not the best forum.


3:58 pm pdt 

Focus on Texas Education Board perhaps we should look at Oregon
In Oregon complaints/concerns have been
coming up over the new standards to be taught
covering issues of a National nature.

Beginning in grade school a process that
some have begun to recognize as being 
perhaps overly nationalist or propagandist
in nature has begun.

Clearly when these new educational standards
are examined it is not difficult to detect an
indoctrinational aspect to their content.

Indoctrination over education... I guess when
you are having problems with the education
effort, eventually you may land on the
indoctrination approach?

3:48 pm pdt 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts of Iran

Could it be that all the problems we have had
to face with Iran may have to do with general
interference with Iran's internal affairs by the
west over the past 100 plus years?

Was it greed that set the final nail in the
historic political/social coffin we have been
living with? As I recall a serious point of
contention with the west culminated with an
unfair royalties/profit sharing plan that was far 
less generous than that offered to the Saudi's.

This led, or helped fan the fires of an effort to
nationalize the foriegn oil co's by the
democratically ? elected government of Iran.

Britain and the United States destabilized and 
overthrew this Iranian gov.. over fears that Iran
might fall under communist influences ect.

All this led to the Shah, followed by the

Now we watch the brave and articulate, and 
moderate Iranians fight, and die for basic
freedoms in their country. Is there not some
additional effort that could be made here by
the U.S. or west, diplomatically so that the
violence could end/not return, and needed
freedoms granted? 

(The sad fact may be that the U.S. may feel it
must tread softly regarding this situation due
to the number of it's interests in the area that
could be negatively impacted by an agitated
Iranian Gov.??)

Could we not have been a little less greedy?
can we not try to learn from our past greed
based mistakes.

The British Co. behind much of the problems in
Iran is the direct ancestor of B.P. who have now
given the U.S. and global community the oil spill
disaster in the gulf. With help from others no 
doubt. I.E. U.S. Regulators.


10:44 pm pdt 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are we Hypocrites?
Are we hypocrites? People looking for simple
black or white types of perspectives will very
often find it very easy to lable others as
hypocrites... sometimes it is better to just
take a moment and see if you can see the
process that is being layed out before you.

The other thing is that our world is
complicated enough, and our comunicative
processes flawed enough, that on any given
day it is hard to engage in significant dialog
without some aspect of hypocrisy "seeming" 
to, or actually creeping into the process. 

Sometimes the truth lies in subtle degree's
while not appearing to be of significance,
can and will keep a person or process from
hitting the target due to the "distance"?
needing to be "traveled"?

Our pointing out the intellectual/philosophical
weaknesses in various programs or beliefs
is no more "Intolerant"  in nature than some
poor "glutton for punishment" trying to point
out that the earth is round and not flat!
(See: Copernicus & Galileo)

The importance of this effort is due to the
unfortunate truth that much of what has been
attributed/consolidated into western, or
monotheistic faiths has been significantly
impacted by humans and flawed propaganda

Since so many that hate or discriminate use
their faith in todays world to justify their
(hates?, prejudices ect)...If you can get people
to see the inconsistencies upon which they
hang so much of their day to day living,
perhaps they will come to see that
their (hates, discriminations ect) are not a
product of their spiritual existence, but clearly
a product of failures within and created within
themselves. (Can't blame it on God, and
probably should stop hanging their hat there.)

That's the process.


Also beware of gossip/hearsay, before
embarking upon a process that will harm, better
to have your facts straight...Also if your only
source of information is "governmental/official"
in nature..history indicates that it would make
very good sense to go talk to the source or
targeted individual/group.

The easiest way to cause harm and remain
smuggly confident as you do so, is simple do
not follow the above advice.

So before you go running off to call someone a
hypocrite, take the time to talk to them first,
make sure you have done your best to know
as much as there is to know.

Also don't be quick to jump on the character
assasination band wagon for the same reason.
These processes have been known to be
targeted against groups or people whom
others? may not wish to have you listen to.
6:52 am pdt 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel and the blockade
I realize I may not have all the information
at this time...but based upon what little I
have seen.. I cannot understand nor support
the level of condemnation that is being
leveled at Israel over the blockade incident.

I have already stated what I consider to be
serious problems with the behaviors of the
primary parties involved. Both have behaved
in a fashion not conducive to peace being
the end product.

Update: 6/22/10  My opening statement above
was predicated based upon the fact that the
event in question was staged/forced an act of
international civil disobedience. In such cases it
is recognized that the organizers of such events
have tremendous responsibility over if the action
will result in violence or not..

Based upon the video footage release it appears
that the action participants behavior fell well
below the needed standards of conduct required
to ensure a non-violent outcome. In fact , video
seems? to indicate behavior on the part of the
actions organizers as being provocative,
instigative ect...

It is for these reasons alone that I made the
opening observation that I did..

In the meantime Israel's claims as to their
blockade allowing full humanitarian and other
supplies needed by a peaceful society to exist
through...Has been shown to be a falsehood?
A stretch shall we say..Much advantage has
appeared to be taken in the duel usage
categories of allowed items.

So the claims of the actions organizers needs
to be stated as having been largely and
significantly and materially true...

The action has to be clearly regarded as a
success in bringing international attention, as
well as what looks like corrective action from
the Israeli Gov..

Was the "violence" needed??? Perhaps... I
would have liked to see what the media and
international response would have been if the
first blockade running attempts were aimed
at a non-violent resolution... If such was

After the fact, major nations and international
players have now come forward condemning not
only the nature of Israel's response to this action
but significant outrage over the specific aspects
of the blockade.

Where were they all prior to the action being

I have the greatest respect for the effort and
courage of the blockade runners..
2:29 pm pdt 

U. S. Supreme courts betrays USA freedoms again

In a 5/4 decision the US supreme court has
stated that it is no longer necessary for our
nations police officers to advise arrest suspects
of "their Miranda rights", the "right to remain

Under this decisions people have to be aware
of their rights and request/demand their
enforcement on their own...???

Does not bode well....I have stated in the past
that the U.S. is perhaps becoming the most
sophisticated police state in the world...

Well, maybe we can see now that at some
level any pretext 'At being sophisticated"
about this situation, has been deemed to
be no longer necessary.

In other news.. has everyone been paying
attention to our congress making an effort to
bring the Federal Reserve more under the
control of the people???

What a great idea!! Where have we heard
something like that ??


1:09 pm pdt 

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