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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Portland Zoo, Japanese Gardens, and Rose Gardens..reflective of consistent excellence

Went to the zoo today with family. Then took
the zoo train to the Rose gardens, followed by
a guided tour of the Japanese gardens.

All reflect/represent programs that produce
fantastic results for the funds, efforts 

At all three locations, not only did my family
and I enjoy our time, but also got to watch
people from every walk of life enjoying their
time as well.

The free tours at the Japanese Gardens...
wonderful...what beauty..such enjoyment from
all the participants. Special.


I posted the above because I found the well
run programs, and the management of their
particular financial programs an uplifting
example/ can be done.

10:26 pm pdt 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foreign purchase of United States long term securities begin to drop

Well another shoe may be in the process of
dropping. It has been reported that foreign
purchase of long term U.S. securities dropped
in May.

In order to keep being able to turn over our
national debt, and run deficits like we have
been, the U.S. needs to be able to either
continue to sell additional of these securities,
as well as "role over" primary amounts.

In order to keep foreign investors purchasing,
the U.S. may be forced to raise the rate of
return on these securities..This may/will
require that taxes within the U.S. are raised.

With factual unemployment running perhaps
as high as 20 plus %...well...

Need to stay the course.....clock is ticking
Foot race is clearly under way.

Can new economic system be put into place
though international negotiation before
wheels come of bus??

Can U.S. executive branch, congress...
counter special interests and emplace needed
reforms in health care, military, prisons ect

Freeing up trillions?? of $$$ in a timely
enough fashion to positively impact the
situation discussed above??

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:27 am pdt 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another question: Media Relationship to Movie "Idiocracy"

Question: How does/do media influences relate
to the movie "Idiocracy"?

Answer: 1.) As posted the relationship is as

The failure of primary/major media source 
"managers/operators/producers" to treat their
various mediums with the respect the resource
deserves has contributed, in my opinion, to the
dumbing down of human society.

The dumbing down, or growth of societal
ignorance factors has been a topic of
growing editorial dialog/debate. 

The movie "Idiocracy" is, in my opinion, a
pretty direct parody of our current societal
direction...Played out to disastrous comedic

Let us read between the lines of the question
and look at how media has contributed to
this condition.

Answer: 2.) Media is an educational/cultural
impactor..capable of directing human societal
developments. easily used for propaganda
purposes that can be of a harmful or
beneficial nature.

A failure of media can be offset by a healthy,
enlightened national educational program..
Something that in the U.S. has been being
systematically destroyed...but thats another
issue..but has been contributory to the current
situation being discussed here.

We can see three things that stand out as
contributory to media not serving the needs
of humanity.

The need for profitability under existing rules..
The failure of our national school systems.
Regulatory failure, such as the removal of the
"Fairness Doctrine".

To be continued......

9:55 am pdt 

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