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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did everyone catch "Collapse: Based Upon the Book"?
Collapse: Based on the book...
Was on The National Geographic channel
last night.

The only thing I heard on the show that I
really disagreed with was when the scientist
said we were not stupid, how could we see
such a thing coming?

It was something like that... People just like
us at our Foundation have been trying to be
heard for decades, back when it could have 
made the worst of it easily correctable.

A measure of stupidity is when someone tells
you that it's not a good idea to try and use an
electric vacum cleaner to syphon gas out of a
gas tank, and you do it anyway..

Warnings have been made.. again for
decades...for those of you counting on
"magical intervention" or the power of prayer..

We have people still living amongst us who
could tell you a thing or two about the
reliability of "divine intervention."

We have done the best we could in the face of
"community"? opposition.

As long as the lights stay on, and we can stay
a step ahead of the " Villagers with torches and
pitchforks.. Were still in it to win it.

Colin Stuart McCoy
9:50 pm pdt 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quran burning--Outragious, inciteful, hateful...but must be allowed in a free society.
In reference to the planned Quran burning..
I do not find this to be productive..Book
burning is always an act that is an indicator
of failed intellectual process, and historically
has been found to be practiced by groups,
people, historically found to be lacking
redeemable qualities.

I'm going to see if I can track down this
groups rational for this act....

O.K. here is what we've found..

The religious leader? who is organizing this
effort has been photographed in front of
signs that say "collectively" Islam, is of the,
Devil" I personally find this message
intellectually suspect. Furthermore.. the reason
stated for this act has been reported to be..
"As a warning to extremist Muslims? who
would try to impose islamic law within the
United States"? I think this religious leader is
being a little over reactionary as to the real
impact of such an effort. I mean here in the
U.S. we are still unable to uniformly provide
an atmospher of religious inclusiveness in
areas of gender, or sexual orientation..
what real chance would extremist Muslims
have to implement this diabolical plan under
the intellectually restrictive environment that
exists in this country today..?

But, this book burning act.... in a free society,
that values free speech protections, I find
that in the public square, it falls under a
protected right/act.

Just as I would find, burning the Bible, Huck
Finn, or the Flag.

The courts you will find I believe support this

Now, in light of our current dialog efforts/focus,
you would also find that in a public k-12
environment that this level of free speech
would not be allowed, so you see that in our
society different regulators/governors can
impact a persons or groups right to free
speech, depending upon the area/organization
or perhaps the people to be impacted.

The aspect of this report that I think people
should be paying attention to, is the groups
that are organizing counter protests, as well
as the group that has offered to purchase a
new Quran for every Quran burned.

These are the people of the United States
that demonstrate, that if the United States
has a claim to greatness as a society..

This is one of the reasons.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Everyone catch Secretary of State Clintons
reference and reasons as to why the deficit
represents a threat to our National Security.
1:01 pm pdt 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some potentially serious repercussions again coming down the tracks

It is extremely important that the republican's
do not regain control of the house or senate
or both in the upcoming elections..

I fear dire consequences if this occurs and
some of the national, as well as global
problems we're tracking, come to pass.

Republican appear to be continuing to operate
under the guidance of "magical" thought
processes similar to those that have helped
lead our nation to it's current state.

Next April, 2011 our nation may see close to
2 million people run out of financial aid, due to
a lack of employment opportunities.

This appears to be time for a convergence of
additional dire economic/global news.

Current grid locks have, I believe kept needed
corrective actions from being implemented.
My concern is that a republican controlled or
gridlocked congress, the same or worse than it
is today, will not be able to provide the needed
leadership our nation will require.

Another thing I'm trying to put my finger on..
"The Glen Beck thing/experience" my concerns
are that what we may see come out of this will
be something that could make the era of
McCarthyism look like the age of enlightenment.

Not sure about this last, need more data..

Dems/ other political organizations need to get
moving to ensure the avoidance of these


Another observation, George Bush Jr. policies
may very likely be responsible for serious
continued problems, as well as the lack of
proper time and resources to respond to said
problems.. I have been critical of similar
Oregon Supreme Court actions in support of
the discriminatory group,  The Boy Scouts,
I found myself thinking about similar steps
taken by the Bush admin/congress in 2002..
I.E. the Boy Scout equal access provisions
added to the "no child left behind act." what
a joke! If ever a needed growth of awareness
was squashed by an act of our government,
this was one of those times...repercussions
still rolling outward.

But the news is not all bad thank goodness..
Reported research data now clearly
indicated that the USA has been very
successful in the growth of HYPOXIA in our
great lakes and coastal ocean waters. It's
reported that these areas are now 30 times
larger/more common than they were in the
1960's.. well done to all of you "magical"
thinkers. What's hypoxia you ask? Why it's
other wise known as ocean "DEAD ZONES" ,
low oxygen levels kill most of the sea life in
these areas when they hit.

5:33 pm pdt 

Some supportive legal precedents
In our quest to continue to point out that
which comes next..We have decided to post
as we find them, supportive legal precedents.
So that people can better see the process
for themselves.

As far as information found on such sites
as face book ect...many employees have
lost their jobs over postings, that while a
perfectly legal exercise of their free speech
rights, were found to pose a negative impact
on the good order? or credibility of the
employer/operations public policy.
Those that have lost their jobs have included
teachers,various government employees, and
police officers.

Robert Henderson, Former Nebraska State
Trooper was fired a few years back for being
a member of the KKK. Case went through the
appeals process, and this firing was upheld
by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Mr. Henderson had won a reinstatement that
claimed his free speech rights had been
violated...However the state supreme court
overturned the finding of the arbitrator..
stating,"pretty much", that a court cannot
enforce arbitration awards that violate "the
clear and dominant public policy of the state"
(This was posted, or took place on, or around
March 12th, 2009).

While I support the outcome, I'm not sure I
support the rational as I found it stated..I
would have liked to see "dominant public
policy" conditions under which such court
actions could be taken as further defined, I.E.
in support of a government processes fully
supportive, ensuring non-hostile, hate free,
non-discriminatory interactions between
government employees and the diverse
population they are meant to serve.

7/28/10 A Federal Judge has supported the
expulsion of Julea Ward from an Eastern
Michigan University counseling program
taught there. Julea Ward reportedly made
statements concerning how her Christian
beliefs mandated that homosexuality is
morally wrong, and that this would not allow
her to perform the duties required of her.
A Federal Judge supported the expulsion
reportedly due to the fact that Ms. Ward
violated school policy, as well as the ACA
code of ethics.

A similar case at another university appears
to have been resolved in like fashion?

Question: If a student can be expelled from
a university or a University program for
discriminatory beliefs that lead to actions
that violate school policy..
It follows, that so can a teacher.

More to be posted as found

8:49 am pdt 

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