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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our suggestions to bolster main street economy

Over the last two plus years we have made
some suggestions concerning areas of focus,
as well as initial steps for implementation
that we believe would have had a positive
economic impact on main street USA..

Our suggestions were based upon our
recognition of the reality, that to a very large
extent the economy of the USA has shifted
away from that of a production/manufacturing
based economy...
(We believe steps need to be taken to turn
this around)

To that of an economy that derives much of
it's current vitality from servicing the "comfort
needs" of our population, as well as what we
call "monetary churning".

The focus of our suggestions fell in three main
areas. A.) Banking/wallstreet B.) The housing
market C.) Job creation.

A.) We would have instituted a process that
would have more clearly nationalized those
banks that would not have survived without
government aid.

Our process would have allowed for these
institutions to go private again once their debt to
the taxpayer had been re-payed..would have also
provided an additional process to allow a
restoration of stock values..again after debt had
been repaid.

We believe that doing so would have placed the
global economic structure more closely into a 
position/status that would have allowed further
needed reforms/evolutions the best chance to
be realized.. Current situation may have added
critical road blocks that will now serve to impede
needed global economic, "monetary" reforms.

B.) We made suggestion to protect housing
values..economic situation was dumping
product...I.E. "foreclosed homes etc" into
the housing market. Our suggestions would
have significantly reduced the number of
foreclosures, our suggestions would have also
removed from the market this glut of homes,
government would have held in "trust"? these
properties, allowing them to be sold "trickle
fashion" so that home values would not be 

C.) We made suggestion to stimulate job
creation, and protection. Took our primary
concepts here from FDR..

Make work.. clean up a wet land, clean up a 
city, build a power plant etc.. We had the
opportunity to create approximately 
20,000 to 30,000 jobs per state, at a cost of
approximately $1 Billion dollars per state.
would have provided an average salary of
approximately $35,000.00 per year, per
position. This may not have helped the
stock brokers much on wallstreet...but it
would have helped keep the sandwich shop,
office supply store, flowershop, hairstylist on
mainstreet, open and going.

Our suggestions would have also allowed for
approximately $1 billion per year, per state
to help make up for budgetary shortfalls.
This would have helped to stabilize
approximately 90% of the state budgets..
schools, jobs etc..

Where would this $100 billion per year have
come from under our proposals?

Money would have come from real health care
reform, which has the ability to free up approx.
$1 Trillion dollars per year for other purposes..
Such as our survival?..We could also trim $100
billion per year from our military budget?
Time may still remain to start making better
decisions, stop the magical thinking.

What do they say? every journey starts with the
first step.


9:02 am pdt 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

U.S. November 2010 national elections: An IQ test for the world to view
As we move further towards the U.S of
Idiocracy...The truly numbing lack of quality
candidates present in far too many of the
national political contests does not bode well
for our nation.


We also commented on the supreme court
actions allowing corporations to donate, in a
virtually unrestricted manner, to political
campaigns, without missing a beat this
corrupt process is now under way..pushing
multiple ill thought, right wing candidates or

When the working poor and remaining middle
class republicans wake up and smell the
coffee, and realize the extent to which their
being used as political cannon fodder..the
extent to which their backgrounds and/or
world views are allowing themselves to be
manipulated...well if we're still here..we
might be able to fix some things.

But keep in mind it looks like those same
folks that brought us Prison Nation USA, are
now moving towards "war world" and folks it
is not going to be like some John Wayne 
movie.. or Ivanhoe...

Keeping it as honest as I can,... things had
finally gotten bad enough by Nov.2008, in my
opinion, that I could no longer continue my
normal process of voting for the best 3rd party
candidates on the ticket..I felt even with my
disgust with the democrats, that what the "turd
blossom" tribe was doing and selling, had to
be stopped. So we voted/supported Obama,
I think he could be a great President..

I think he has actually done a pretty solid job,
especially when you consider what was on the
plate he was handed and the options he has
had to make do with.

But true to form the democrats have been a
bunch of wimpy, whiny, cowards both
intellectually, politically etc.... 

Colin Stuart McCoy
Yes, we are fully aware of the environment of
obstructionist resistance the Dem's have had
to face, clearly with the Rep's party politics is
more important than the nation, the people,

Never has it been clearer that the Republican
party serves the interests of "corporate
america" over the vested interests of
Americans. And they get away with it because
of the large number of "magical thinkers"
that call the Republican party home.

Dem's are of course part and party to some
of this as well.

But, back to the Dem's, we are also
aware of the informed, professional, and
tireless Democratic members of congress that
are trying to serve as we expect them to...We
on main-street, would like to see,hear,feel to
a far larger degree the outrage,disgust,
frustration you say you are feeling, we on
main street want to see you march down to
local media and get angry, call these people
out...Name them, publicize their names and
processes for the people to see.

My personal opinion tends to be that of
Republican elected officals 5% to 10%
are pretty solid public officials, of those
who belong to the Democratic party,
perhaps 40% give or take,.. try, and are
able to serve effectively.

9:33 am pdt 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Viewers/readers continues to grow...

Our list of of viewers/visitors comes from a 
list, that with the recent additions, (Feb-2011),
of Lithuania, Slovenia, and Syria has now
grown to approx 47 countries, common wealths

France,Georgia,Germany,Great Britain,Greece,
Hong Kong,India,Iran,Ireland,Israel,Italy,
Japan,Kenya,Latvia,Lithuania, Maylaysia,
Moldova,Netherlands,New Zealand,Nicaragua,
Pakistan,Poland,Portugul,Puerto Rico,
Romania,Russian Federation,Saudi Arabia,
Singapore,Slovenia,South Africa,Spain,Sweden,
United Arab Emirates..

Thank you


11:55 am pdt 

An Accounting...brief update

Seven areas for brief review..

1.)Commentary on national/local educational
topics... We continue to be right on the
bulls eye..Continued confirmation on our
analysis can be found through many sources.

About a week ago Larry King had a great
show that nailed many issues on the head.

2.)Commentary on environmental issues..
Again we have been consistently right on
the money.

3.)Commentary on nations prison system,
and criminal justice court systems. Again
on the money independent studies are
confirming our analysis, as time goes by
more confirmational sources are being

National experts overwhelmingly state that
only about 10% to perhaps 20% of the drop
in crime rates can be attributed to the massive
increase in incarceration rates in the U.S.

The damage done our society through said
prison population increase, would have made
Joseph McCarthy proud.

4.)Our analysis of problems within
established religious institutions, regarding
various aspects of corruption, or
discriminatory hate promotion.. Bulls eye.

5a.) Our analysis of the failed aspects of the
bailout program..I.E. Jobs/housing.. bingo.
reports continue to address the impacts of
the lack of support for mainstreet USA over
the past couple years. Elimination of the
middle class..growth between rich and poor.
Could be very grim.

5b.) Bailout program.. Banks and Wallstreet.
Indications here are that there are several
areas where we could have been wrong.
However, Things are still very fluid here..
and people are really beginning to see that
the bank economy or the wallstreet economy
"recovery" is not helping them or their 
community, as our country approaches 3rd
world status on a growing number of categories. 

Also our areas of focus while not perhaps
providing the support or saving? of the
Banking or Wallstreet in the same manner as
what has been would have
provided far greater support for the issues
mentioned under 5a.)..

Still plenty of room for the wheels to come
off the 5b.) bus in very dramatic fashion.

{Please note that our concerns/criticisms
of the TARP/or Economic Stimulas effort are
made with our full knowledge and recognition
of the societal benefits these efforts have

6.) The wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our
concerns about these two conflicts have
almost universally come to be recognized
as accurate..battle field commander reports
now add to confirmational perspectives.

We hope and pray that we are proven to be
completely wrong in the final outcome of
these two conflicts. 


11:21 am pdt 

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                 Topics of interest:

3.)Civil Rights
4.)Social issues
5.)Environmental Protections
6.)Restorative Justice
& many more

Please contact us if you have any questions 

Thank you. 

So that every person may be free and reach their fullest desired potential.