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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Republican talk about cuts to entitlement programs shows continued historical ignorance

A never ending refrain coming from the
Republican party, and associates,  is not of
getting our military budget under control.
(I support our nation having a strong military
able to meet it's objectives, within these
confines I believe real savings are possible.)

It's not about real health care reform based
upon other successful models from our allied
developed nations...

It's not about restoring a healthy, fair tax
base, again based upon reality...

No it remains fixated upon the myth of cuts
to "entitlement programs"..

It's bad enough that to counter this the
voters do not have effective leadership
from most Democrat incumbents..

We now have to deal with, once again, what
I call "Democrats lite".. or "Ghost Democrats"
(Our nation has struggled through similar
periods before, "Internment of the Japanese-
WW11, the rise of McCarthyism.")

As far as the cuts to entitlement programs
are concerned, what the members of
Republican-corporation USA, have clearly
forgotten is that back during the depression
and years leading up to it...before the
"entitlement programs" existed, that when
our societies at risk populations had to rely
upon the giving spirit of their neighbors, or
religious organizatons alone...when faced
with hard times, beyond their control...

People died, so many people died or were
harmed in ways that it became impossible
for people to watch, ..... without seeing that
something had to be institutionally created
and maintained...Thus the creation of many
of our most successful "entitlement" programs.

Republican-corporation USA wants to take us
back to those days before such programs

Perhaps we can soon expect to see our
neglected brothers and sisters, become our
societies neglected dead, on the sides of our 
roads or door steps...

Colin Stuart McCoy

Before we talk about cutting needed entitlement
programs let us see if we can't first talk about
real change in health care, military and prison
programs. After we show a real effort to address
the real, in your face problems in these areas..
Then we can start talking about the long term
solvency of our needed social programs. 

10:44 am pst 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally, a Republican trickle down program who's effect we will feel.

It is reported that the recently empowered
Republican party plans to oppose further
extensions of unemployment benefits to long
term unemployed, starting next December.

Between December 2010, and April 2011 this
will have the effect of cutting off benefits to
approximately 2 million- 4 million unemployed.

Finally the Republicans have come up with a
trickle down/up/sideways action plan that we
will absolutely feel impact mainstreet USA.

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:26 pm pst 

Iraq. another stunning indication of success
It has recently been reported that after almost
9 years of interacting with U.S. policy...and
being able to experience up front and personal
aspects of the American way of doing things...

That to show it's appreciation, and how much it
has come to value U.S.A.'s way of doing things,
the government of Iraq has agreed to boycott
the upcoming Nobel Peace Prize ceremony
honouring Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo.

This move was made in support of Chinese
government policies.

Sure makes the last nine years feel worth it.


In other appears that the Republicans
will be wasting little time in continuing the
process of destruction they helped to speed up
over the past 10 years..ending unemployment
benefits for up to 2 million people December
1st, as well as indicating they will not support
the ratification of the new START treaty with
6:52 am pst 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Religion and Politics in the USA...Intellectual fascism? more?

Fascism is a strong term that evokes rather
strong mental and emotional responses when
it is used as a label.

I am currently following a train of thought that 
seeks to explore how many aspects of the U.S.
political system, as well as our monotheistic
religions have traits that could allow them to
be compared to organizational patterns
typically applied to traditional definitions linked 
to what has historically considered to be fascist.

Keeping in mind that fascist processes would
need to be more subtle in order to take hold
or grow in countries such as the U.S.

In the U.S. what I have seen is that as the
knowledge base pertaining to those principles
required to maintain a free society have slowly
lost ground/been lost to what appears to be
classified as a rise, an ascendancy of thought,
and behavior propagated through
corporate/capitalistic cultural needs/

"The rise of Republican-Corporation USA"..

that as this knowledge base has been lost, it
has been replaced by processes that tend to
eliminate intellectual curiosity, and our society
has become less intellectually diverse or multi-

In both our political and religious processes our
society has reached the point that seeking,
demanding truth based upon hard historical fact,
or at the very least the rational approach to the
data that exists, is being clearly suppressed.

How is it being suppressed....primarily through
what I think is a profit driven corporate mentality
that not only applies/impacts our political
and religious institutions but has influenced
almost the entire strata of our society.

We now have our large systems of data
dispersal..our propaganda networks??
valuing the data/information they disperse
in a backwards, inverted pyramid rating

Instead of the primary information being put in
front of us being those things expressing
idealism, civics....the philosophical work product
of the great progressive thinkers that came
before us.. Followed by those things that are
more oriented towards entertainment...

What we get is 24/7 mind numbing reports
about some poor person that got his head
stuck in a toilet..If in seeking respite from this
we change a channel we then find ourselves
being asked to care if Billy Bob really had sex
with his sister's first cousin's baby sitter.

Or Fox's brand of infotainment..

This part of it is not as simple or as one sided
as the representation above...but in broad
strokes it hits a large portion of the problem
on the head.

A key part of a fascist process includes what
is called a "cultivation of ignorace" (you betcha)

We also have to address the hypocrisy, it
does not even need to be intentional, the
performance needs of a society that has
become overly fixated upon profit only values,

due to various stressors etc..

Will...ultimately devolve into a "state" of
hypocrisy, if left untended long enough and it
becomes a form of cultural insanity, that many
will opt out of if possible.

We are a society that if actions speak louder
than words "TRUTH" means almost nothing,
especially in our political and religious

Is "it" fascist?? Some aspects perhaps, as they
currently manifest...If not fascist?

Still not good.


4:23 pm pst 

Use of negative connotations or insulting terms.

I have been sensitive to the use of terminology
that is negative, or perhaps derogatory...
such as "idiots, idiocy, etc.."

Terminology used is tame when one considers
the harm being caused unnecessarily to
people or the environment..

Terminology used is tame compared to that
seen from pundits on prime time..

When the spiritual,physical,emotional
environment has a chance to respond to better
management I'm sure that negative connotations
etc.. will be replaced by more positive "tags"..

Until that time those who may be offended may
have to seek feedback/insight? from those
sources more removed from the facts of life,
and the impacts of same..

Such as those found in government positions,..
at least when the cameras are rolling...
or the corporate CEO's living the good life,
that have forgotten how fortunate they are, or
lack any feeling of obligation toward dealing
with societal shortcomings in an intellectually
honest fashion. (This is not meant to address
those doing their part, it is meant to address
the majority.)


4:10 pm pst 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Organizing for America

Just sat through a conference call with OFA.
Hung up during the intro period..
Just listening to it gave me all I needed to hear
to confirm my beliefs as to why the Dems did
so poorly on the 2nd...except in rare places
like Oregon.
We have a very solid Democrat delegation here
in this state.

When you are able to put forth a political effort
like that of Move On, or Organizing for America,
combined with the individual state party efforts.
and still do so poorly..

Take a second to consider "how could it be"???

Sure the third party donations hurt a lot in some
cases.  but really...

It must be realized that the message was...
and that the message was also
or of course perhaps the message was
We should also give some consideration
about how perhaps we failed because we
abandoned the electorate ideals/wishes
or that that the efforts of our Democrat
elected official did not adhere to the
ideals or wishes of the electorate.

I mean really how do you lose to a
Republican message little better than
Vote for Me!! Me take two rocks, bang
together, and make nation go vroom

But.. seriously, could we have not only
communicated better, but have crafted a
better message?  I think so, I know so!

Could we have done a better job identifying
those Dems at greatest risk, and done a
better job of protecting them? Especially
after the supreme court ruling on 3rd party
contributions.. I think so, I know so!

Perhaps the Dems should have understood
that people who are losing their homes, and
can't feed their kids might just get a little
upset come election day? I think so, I know

Perhaps the presidents advisor's should
seek out some better advisors?? Some
better message deliverers? Perhaps
some more of the presidents advisor's
should be let go to make room for this
effort if needed? Chop! Chop!

Do I think the Dems or needed progressive
agenda can still succeed, yes I do..
Just not with the current set of advisors calling
shots, without at least some new blood brought
on board. 


2:28 pm pdt 

Fed announces additional bond purchase
Well, it's not like the fed has a great number
of options under existing economic rules
of operation. 1st $600 billion dollar purchase/
release/ be perhaps followed by
another 2nd $200-$300 billion dollar

While I think this "might" help, I am also 
very concerned about negative "inflationary or
devaluation processes that could follow.

What I would have liked to see, is that
under rules of operation recognizing 
"Realistic Monetarism", I would have liked to 
to see a "fraction" of these monies released
in a more direct fashion onto main-street
job and business creation/stimulus. These
infusions could have contined for a couple
years if needed. 

Then funds could have been extinguished
at a later date through a process of 
specialized taxation carried out once 
economy had begun to recover, spread out
over a period of several years.

Oh well.


I sure hope that everyone is beginning to
pay attention to the amount of (money?)
that is being, has been (created?) released
over the past couple of years..

and what the difference in our existence both
nationally, as well as globally that this process
hints as having been possible for decades.

Now take a moment to consider all the
needless suffering and failed efforts due to
a lack of these resources...The
majority of our government officials lack
the education background to even consider
philosophically these "potentials"??

Update: 11/18/10
Fed has reported that it believes current bond
purchase plan could help create approx..
700,000 jobs over next couple of years

What people need to understand is that when
most "normal" courses of actions have been
eliminated due to circumstances created by
past administrations, or Fed board of
governors, that those that occupy these
positions of responsibility will not just
typically stand by and oversee a failure of
process if they think they can create positive
change, also under circumstances Fed actions
are not entirely a surprise...what tools do they
actually still have to use?? This was one..

I have already said what I would have liked to
have seen put in place..that having been said..
I say give this process, 'bond purchase", a

Colin Stuart McCoy
12:45 pm pdt 

November 2nd elections, implications???

We said a couple years ago that if the
Government, in this case primarily the Dems,
were still stumbling around a couple years
from now that we would be in trouble.

I think we're in trouble. If it's possible to say
so, and it is....I think we're in more trouble
than we were last month, last year, or in the
past 20 years.

Because our government only seems capable
of electing those with select expertise, as well
as focuses that many would deem in the
real world to be indicative of the presence of
what looks like, feels like, "conflicts of interest".

Combined with continued failure of media to
be allowed by their corporate masters to be the
educational or social impactors our society
desperately needs..other factors in play as well
religious, etc..

It is pretty easy to see, in the past, in other
countries, how concepts of government -
-economics could shift to the creation of
socialist/communist ideologies.

Which, in many cases failed their societies on
many critical levels in their own way as well.

But...- Please consider, look for and examine
the cases of socialistic, or communistic
economic processes have proven a success,
especially when combined with capitalistic,
free market principals backed by strong
constitutional democracies.

Consider the success of socialist programs here
in the United States now under attack for a
number of reasons, biggest ones being the lack
of intellectual honesty, or integrity combined
with the educational shortcomings of the policy
makers stumbling around our government/s.

I digress...

We now have two political parties facing off in
the United States, both have demonstrated to
our collective horror their ignorance and lack
of educational perspectives on key social,
political, economic issues...

We have an electorate that has just
demonstrated a willingness to destroy or
hamstring an administration/Obama that I
believe in spite of critical errors made by
same...has demonstrated that they actually
care about the big picture...I also see in this
administration that they at least try to learn
from what they observe. I believe that the
Obama administration would have come out of
the gate "swinging" hard in the area of job
creation and other needed economic/social

The idiocracy that is the same above mentioned
electorate has, I am about 90% certain, just
destroyed this potential and all it represented.

(Keeping in mind that while the Obama
administration goes about it's business, that
the Federal Reserve continues to operate 
largely independantly, (a government unto itself.)
{Not that I would want the current bunch of idiots
in government getting overly involved in these 
processes at this time..Just not enough of a
knowledge base in place}

I believe that a process that was, up until last
night still largely avoidable, of "relearning though
struggle and strife" will now commence.

I believe that this will take away from needed
focus as well as critical time requirements those
same resources that should have been em-placed
to deal with very important environmental/social
political issues.

I believe these stress-ors will impact the ability
of the U.S. to project as needed with the
effectiveness required. Our Government could
fall/ or we will become, that which we have
claimed to stand against, and oppose in blood.
In less than 10 years. 

I believe Israel's security could become
seriously at risk. Over the next couple of years
I believe that the probability that Israel will
have serious problems will grow from about a
45% probability towards 80% looking 5 to 8
years out. Israel should look towards Europe,
rather than the U.S. in trying to avoid negative

I believe that as far as Iraq and Afghanistan
are looking, what Im seeing is the beginnings
of a "peace with honor" process under way.
Very similar to what took place as we finally left
Viet Nam. Shortly after which South Viet Nam
was over run.

There is a very slim possibility that our elected
official wake up and smell the coffee, talk to
one another, educate one another, worry about
the job at hand more than getting re-elected.
Let us hope for this out come...

Let us hope that when it come to the other
thoughts touched upon above...That I'm
the one out of touch, that I'm the idiot.


7:17 am pdt 

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