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Monday, January 17, 2011

Another new year, continued validations

The State of Oregon is finally looking like
it is going to address the risk to children
posed through "faith healing".

Holding those that harm children through
these processes accountable to the extent
the law requires of us all, without regard to
religious or political affiliation.

Military, Don't ask. Don't tell finally done
away with.

Republicans backed away from their rhetoric
seeking to avoid passage of needed
unemployment insurance extensions, and
also advanced the START treaty with Russia
despite previous objections.

All it cost the dems, and executive branch
was a ridiculous extension/inclusion of a
continued tax break for the wealthy?
This has the potential to cause real stress
down the road concerning the stability and
longevity of the economic recovery effort

Continued validation on other fronts..

More soon..


9:29 am pst 

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