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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unfortunately, Continued validations continue to surface
Why do I say unfortunately?.... Well, because this is
one of those situations that rather than being correct
about the approaching horror we see coming ever
closer, at an ever increasing speed. 

We would rather be wrong.


In Oregon it has been noted that we are having the
wettest/most rain fall of any "March" since
measurements began.

(3/29/11- update, the rain has slowed somewhat.
Will have to wait out last couple of days to see if the
2011 month of March ends up being the wettest on
record. If rain stopped now it would be approx the
5th wettest March on record, but rain is expected to
continue. Need a little over an inch to fall in 2 days
to secure the number one spot.)

March 2011 has set some records for March a.) Most
days with measurable precipitation. b.) Most 
consecutive number of days with rain.


The "Congressional Budget Office" has released a
number of study results that indicate current economic
trends/policies will lead to a U.S. economic collapse
in time ranges from approx 20yrs to 45yrs out.

Yes, better government management of related
issues could delay above mentioned time lines..

1.) We see no indication of such processes coming
on line. 

2.) The above studies do not, in our opinion, factor
in to the degree required, out side variables that could
accelerate the timing of the collapse or process of
destabilzation...I.E. growing population, displaced
populations, the behavior of disatisfied citizens,
environmental stresses ect..

This could put, again in our opinion, the figures closer
to 20 years out..right on our doorsteps.

10:17 am pdt 

Friday, March 25, 2011

A critique of this blog site
Over the past 5 plus years I have posted approx
165 entries. This works out to approx 2.75 entries
per month.

Out of those, I regret the ones that tend to wander,
or are overly wordy.

I wish I would have explained in a blog posted
Oct 2nd, 2008 that the two week period of
implementation mentioned, addressed the initial
time period in which the program information would
have been disseminated..As posted it undermined
the validity of the process being discussed.

I'm not satisfied with the entry from May 1st, 2010
concerning the gulf oil spill.

I am also not completely happy with the posting
from Feb 13th, 2006 concerning the fate of
abominations and the process of natural selection.
This posting did not clearly identify that the
abominations being discussed were those of
dangerous personalities and thought/belief
systems, and the related "processes/agencies"
these people create. It also failed to mention
or address my appreciation for the fact that in the
society I would see come into being, Like the Bengal
Tiger, or Spotted owl, an important function of
said society would be to protect and ensure that
important knowledge, awareness, sensitivities, as
well as unacceptably endangered issues, people,
animals, etc.. that would not otherwise thrive or
survive in a purely brutish environment of
"natural selection" would receive the support said
survival required.

Other than for issues such as these, I have no
problem owning or being comfortable defending
the posts.

1:23 pm pdt 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

U.S. gov/media overwhemingly aids Boyscouts of America, BSA discriminatory behaviors

As long as news media sources spend precious resources
covering all the "good works" of BSA, as long as news
media sources print articles about what a wonderful
organization the BSA is.

Rather than take those same resources to inform the
general public and the members of BSA about how hateful,
harmful, ignorant, destructive, divisive, those same
discriminatory processes/policies are...

They are complicit/materially guilty in the continued
existence of one of the most discriminatory organizations
left within the Boundaries of the United States.

And complicit/materially responsible for every single 
gay and lesbian suicide, targeted act of bullying, school drop out, etc....  that results. 

BSA's discriminatory processes must be stopped!!!!  Their access to public school sites and students must end, and all pseudo or direct government/media support ended until such needed reforms occurs.


10:50 am pst 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being responsible, or taking responsibility for your actions
(I'm going to open with the following true story)

I'm going to dedicate it to those people who have
faith in the U.S. justice system.I.E. only the guilty
are convicted, or the "being wrongly convicted could
never happen to me crowd".

The story is about a Washington man who just got
out of jail after spending more than 20 years in
prison for a crime in which he was finally able to
have the conviction overturned/thrown out.

It can't happen to me, well this poor man was a
police officer at the apparently it can happen
to a police officer!

Witnesses don't lie, plus the're reliable..right. Also
kids don't lie, they don't have the backround for it?

Well in the above case two of the primary witnesses
were children, who later admitted their testimony was
not true? It get's better, these kids were his own kids!

It can't happen to you????

Enjoy the post.

Unfortunately an overly large proportion of the
population in the United states live their lives
in a dangerous state of simple minded certitude.

They're the "love it or leave it crowd", they're the
ones that condemn good and decent people to a life
of abject misery..through the "take responsibility
for your actions", minimalist, superficialist
intellectual approach to dealing with the hard
truths/realities of human/U.S. society.

These above mentioned sound bites do have
a needed truth.. we do need to take responsibility
for our actions....

But this process can lose all or much of it's
needed validity, when critical social/community
"systems" lose touch with reality, and the value
of historical truths, combined or in conjunction with
suppressed data/facts.

For example:...You typically hear these phrases
being used inappropriately by those with the
greatest power/position to abuse or harm. Used
against people that may have something to say
in argument against the related process, if they had
a chance to do so....

The time 1600's old Salem witch trial..
Can you hear the judge/clergy/community telling
the person convicted or accused of being a witch
that they must now suffer their fate, and take
responsibility for their actions??

How about the people being forced into the gas
chambers of World War 2.. I can hear many of
the guards and Nazi government officials either
in the concentration camps or sitting around the
dinner table..can you??--"You brought it on
yourselves!!-, they all rationalized".

How about the foaming at the mouth tough on
crime folk...To the innocent convicted person,
having just been exonerated after spending
20 years in prison for a crime they were later
found not to have committed. --

Take responsibility for your actions!!  they all 
screamed as the person was initially led away.

We read about the wrongly convicted almost
weekly. For every case we read about, there are
thousands we do not.

In the real world, an honest process where people
are able to take responsibility for their actions, and
reasonably expect a fair/rational outcome does not
currently exist in the United States.

(The U.S. criminal in/justice system, with a lack of proper
funding, an overloaded caseload system, incompetently
designed laws, statutes, sentencing guidelines, all overly
impacted and politicized through fear and revenge based
thinking, lacking the needed impact of those more
rational, when combined with institutional entropy-
intellectual decay brought about by 200 plus years, greatly
accelerated over the past 125 years, of "special interest
lobbying" all has been contributory to this current reality.) 

{One more realty check in the U.S. even if the "system"
gets it right 90% to 95% of the time it would still mean
that we have between 100,000 to 200,000 thousand
innocent people locked up as of today. Also what
effectiveness the "system" does display appears to be
more reliant on the use of pure massive brute thuggish
force, while clearly lacking the "needed effective proportions-
percentages" of processes more reflective and/or indicative
of intellectual finesse, or required levels sophisticated

This has helped to create such an intellectual vacuum in
our society, that truth, and the needed levels of
communication to support it, can be far too easily 
suffocated, or suppressed.

( A growing number of people are beginning to
wake up to the fact that the human race has
entered into the final stage of a process that
may see the end of us all.)

Should we blame it on God or Satan? I don't
think so.. that would be like blaming it on
Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

What put us on this final path/trail was the simple
fact that dysfunctional thinkers make up too
great of a proportion of our populations.

(Our educational and media resources have not
made enough of a corrective impact on these
people) Perhaps because they now employ too great
a number of these very same people?

People who in their instinctive rush or need to maintain
a failed bubble of intellectual homogeneity around
themselves, within their communities.. they
essentially/gradually exterminated/ eliminated the
the "required functional number" of the very people
who would have helped avoid the worst of the for-seen
problems . This was not an overnight, or irreversible/-
inevitable process.

Colin Stuart McCoy

I've seen the data, I see what is being done today..
VS what is needed to be seen happening.

The Human race is capable of doing magnificent
things both individually or collectively..if there is
still any lies in these capacities.
9:13 am pst 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sarah Palin vs Kathy Griffin

I just want to say that I agree with Sarah
Palin over her expressed viewpoints
that Kathy Griffin's conduct/statements/
routines aimed at her children go to far
and are out of line.


4:03 pm pst 

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