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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tigard Tualatin School district graduation rates update

The recent graduation figures being passed around
related to graduation rates at the TTSD improve the
picture enough that some clarification, and 
adjustment can be provided.

Based upon these recent numbers it appears that
students who have met alternative graduation
criteria were perhaps being included in past reports
of those numbers of students failing to graduate,
or graduate on time.

I do not agree with this, at this date.

Based upon recent and more comprehensive
reports it would now appear that approx 12% of the
students fail to "graduate" in any fashion, while another
approx 7% of the student receive their graduation
though alternative programs or a 5th year of attendance
in a more traditional setting. 

Any discrepancy between these two figures could
be even better clarified based upon knowing how
many of the students that return for a 5th year of
High School receive their graduation credentials.

I find what I call a disenfranchisement rate of
approx 12% still to be a number indicative of
serious reflection and concern.

I think it would be of real value to conduct exit
interviews of this approx 12%, anonymous of
course, include as well those students that have
received alternative graduation documents, or
have returned for a 5th year.. The collected data
may be very useful.

So for purposes of clarity, and better accuracy, in
this post we will no longer be including in the "drop
out, or failed to graduate category" those students
that appear to have received alternative graduation
credentials, or late "returning for a 5th year"
graduation credentials.

The thing that leaps out at me from these newer
figures, is that it appears that the Tigard Tualatin
school district is in solid striking distance of lowering
the graduation failure rates, to where we would like
to see them, (5% to 10%), by addressing in a
more comprehensive fashion, issues of cultural bias.

Then with the inverse being true. graduation rates in
the 90% to 95% range would then be clearly possible.

This is where we think they should be, as a next stage
goal nationally.

Then perhaps after real health care reform is enacted,
defence spending is reduced to a more sustainable/
supportable level, needed prison/judicial, and a rational
tax base is re-established at a national level...Perhaps
then with the 100's of billions of dollars that would
become available for redirected priorities...we could aim
at getting our"graduation" rates up to 99% or better.

I do like using the term "disenfranchisement rate" in 
linked dialog with the term/concept/discussions
around "graduation"..because for many that is what it
is/or represents.


It does appear that the 4 yr completion rate for
Tigard High has unfortunately dropped by approx
3 points or so.

9:02 am pdt 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Recent Tornadoes In Southern U.S. Result of Global Weather Pattern Changes?

Recent reports concerning the causes, or accounting
for, the wave of tornadoes so far in 2011, especially
those that have just hit, appear somewhat problematic
to me.

So far April, 2011 has had approx 4 times the average
number of tornadoes for this time of the year, and approx
twice the highest number previously reported.

I find reported statements that this increase is primarily
the result of better reporting, problematic.

I also find the reported statements that have said, ( that
while it may be possible to link an increase in the noted
types of weather patterns that can create tornadoes to
human caused weather pattern change...It is not
possible to then link the four fold increase in actual
tornadoes to these self same processes?,) as highly
suspect, and intellectually unsound on their face.

Now, here comes May.


From a scientific stand point we'll need to see what the
next couple of years produce.

3:43 pm pdt 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fed chairman Bernanke to make regular T.V. appearances

Just another one of our suggestions that appears
to have met with some agreement or similar
thoughts/opinion, at least in some part by like
minded thinkers.


8:41 am pdt 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

S&P downgrades projected future to "Negative"
I believe that the last time this happened
was in the mid to late 1990's,..I'm thinking
like 1996 or so?

It is important that we do not interpret the
fact that this has happened before as a 
reason to view current status as being less
serious than it is.

It is very important that everything that is
taking place is used as collective data in the
determination of future varied economic
social, and environmental projections.

Colin Stuart McCoy
12:21 pm pdt 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Washington late freeze damages fruit harvest
In Washington state a late freeze is expected
to cause approx 25% to a 50% loss in this years
fruit harvest.

Declaring  these areas of the state for disaster
relief is being considered.

9:52 am pdt 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

President Obama's speech today on economic plan

I really like how President Obama communicates
through his speeches.

I appreciated just about everything he delivered
on his outline for economic/deficit reform today.

However, there is often a problem between making
a speech, and then turning it into effective action or

Now we'll have to wait and see.

Also, a problem that I am beginning to see ever
more clearly is just how far behind we are, in respect
to where we need to be, in creating the needed
economic/environmental/social, reforms we require
in order to avoid the serious problems heading in
our collective direction, compared to where we
actually are.

I found myself respecting/appreciating the Presidents
speech, while at the same time recognizing that even
if President Obama achieved success at the levels 
he outlined, it would still fall far short of what is
needed in order for humanity to collectively avoid the
problems that continue to approach.

Update: It's being reported, and video feeds support
said reports.. Reps for Republican Corp USA express
outrage over President Obama's speech.

I think the tea partiers are about to quickly find out
which sleeping giant they have perhaps managed to
awaken.. I.E. The educated, moderate progressives,
whom I believe represent a clear majority of voters in
the USA.

Republican Corp USA, "if" they force a "dust up" are
about to get a bums rush, just like a drunk in an old
western movie being thrown out the front door of the

(Of couse if such does manage to come to pass, we
can then expect the "Special interest groups, Corporate
lobbyists" to un-due, stall or reverse the positive
potential of such an out come..The new U.S. historical

There was a similar process that led to Obama's
electoral victory..gains squandered/ serious mistakes
made...but this next surge if/when it materializes will
sweep these unproductive processes of thought and
politics into the dust bin of USA history..perhaps for

My concerns continue to be as previously posted, while
I have serious problems that have continued within
the ranks of the Democrats..For example.. the
weakness of the health reform plan, as well as my
belief that some aspects of said plan are
unconstitutional..I.E mandatory purchase requirements.

I believe that with the Democrats at least some remote
chance for survival and needed social evolutions exists,
no matter how remote...

But you listen to the Republican corp, or Tea Party
Republicans and the ignorance is so profound, the
lack of needed awareness so complete, that the
chance for needed progress to occur, and even the
possibility for our nations survival is reduced to almost
a zero probability..Even if you allow for the occurance
of massive amounts of completely avoidable human
pain and suffering, and environmental collapse.

Colin Stuart McCoy 

As far as my less than glowing analysis of both the
Republican and Democratic parties here in the U.S.
I want to be clear that both party's have their share
of good ideas, positive productive members, ect...

Yes, I do believe the Democrats have more of both.
Also in no way does my making note of these positives
change my overall analysis mentioned above.

12:12 pm pdt 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Becks show to end on Fox

We'll take any good news indicating functional
levels of rational thought in major media that we
can get.

What took so long???oh, it's Fox


2:49 pm pdt 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Recent Improved Jobs Data Appears Solid
Recent positive reports of new job creation appears
legit. If trend continues, as some say it will, positive
implications for U.S. clear.

Our position as to unemployment figures has not
changed, numbers do not reflect actual numbers of
those impacted by unemployment.

Housing value situation remains grim. (Did not need to
get this bad.)

But... an improvement in the jobs situation, from any
start point is still improvement.

Related..let us hope that reports claiming that a Gov.
shutdown over operating budget disputes, being able
to push U.S. economy are either mistaken, or if true,
are not given a chance to materialize.

Also let us hope that reports claiming that the U.S.
executive branch is willing to make unwise
concession over weakening our much needed EPA
protections, in order to keep Gov operating, are false.

10:42 am pdt 

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