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Monday, May 23, 2011

The arrest of former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss- Kahn--a conspiracy? Attempt to halt or delay?

Is the recent arrest of former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-
Kahn an attempt to delay or derail recent and accelerated
moves to remove the U.S. dollar as the global reserve

Have to wait and see.. If it is will hopefully soon come out
in the wash. While such a move to remove the U.S. dollar as
the global reserve currency would have potentially serious
negative potentials for the U.S. economic picture...It is really 
an inevitable part of the process in the world shifting towards
a global economic structure more closely resembling those
attributes represented under our concept of "Realistic

Furthermore if the Arrest of the Former IMF chief is found
to be part of some cheesy process..the negative impact
towards the U.S, could end up being 100 fold worse than it
might have been otherwise.

(7/15/11-IMF recently came out and said, that in order for
the U.S. to regain it's economic/financial stability, they see
the solution being in the range of 35% revenue/tax increase
and a 35% cut in expenditures...Ouch) {I wonder how much
longer until all charges are dropped against Mr. Strauss-
Kahn in this all too U.S. flavored, charade of a criminal

I think failing to discuss real health care, in the above news
release, as a specifically named component to the reform is
just one of the elephants in the room. -And there is a herd.

Again have to wait and see.

If there are found to be material problems with this arrest
I would suggest Mr. Strauss- Kahn be fully freed/released
from further legal affiliated restriction as soon as is humanly
possible. 7/16/2011 waiting...waiting...

If this case is found to be sound after proper levels of non-
politicised scrutiny..then I hope the victim is able to see
an appropriate level of justice delivered, again just as fast
as is humanly possible in the U.S. criminal court system.
7/16/11 At this point, If the reports related to victims
credibility are sound, no responsible prosecutor would try and
bring this case to trial..."my opinion"

Colin Stuart McCoy

11:56 am pdt 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona a troubled land?

We have been getting a fair number of regular hits
from the Phoenix Arizona area. Our concerns about
this are as follows..

Thought processes that have historically been seen
be a universal threat to innocent people, when those
thought processes are transformed into harmful
actions, have been seen to be coming from Arizona
state's more toxic folks.

We have seen Arizona vigilantism end in murder. We
also watched in horror as reports of the Gifford's shooting
event were distributed. Was Palin's "hit" list contributory?

There is a vigilantistic process of thought under way in
Arizona, that has followed the lessons of history in
demonstrating the ease and rapidity with which such
processes can get out of control and harm innocents.

Our prayers go out to the families that lost loved
ones on that horrible day. I continue to hope and
pray for congress-woman Gifford's continued
progress in getting well and whole.

A very real troubling fact about these troubling
vigilantistic processes, is that they are in play
in other regions throughout the United States as 

Our group is concerned that they have made their
way to Oregon, and developing evidence may
determine that these people and processes have
links to Arizona. Have to wait and see. 

So to those of you from Arizona that check in
from time to time. If you are discriminatory in your
processes, or function under exclusionary principles.-
If you think "your" end"s justify, "your" means--in
regards to intellectually unsound conduct.

Please go the hell away... Just kidding,  really the only
way I have found to stop the harm these types of people
cause is to try and start some level of dialog. This can very
difficult to do because these types of people cannot
conceive that they could be wrong or not have all the info
they might need in order to determine if their thoughts/
processes are in fact supportable. This failed conduct is
only accepted until that point in which mainstream society
becomes aware of the harm people such as this cause, and
in order to speed this discovery process, dialog helps.

So Phoenix Arizona step up and send us an e-mail.If
you're interested in what we do in a positive way, we would
appreciate the additional support, If your contacts are based
upon "negatives" again drop us a line, let's see where it

Colin Stuart McCoy

7:05 pm pdt 

Is President Obama violating the constitution-I.E or breaking the law?
Is President Obama breaking the law? This in
regards to current U.S. military actions in the
Libyan theatre.

Apparently the Obama administration has not
sought the authorization from congress for the
continued use of U.S. military assets, within the
time frame require under U.S. law.

If true, and without sound legal precedent to
stand upon.. I see this as being an impeachable
offense if so.

I don't know enough about it, need to see what
info comes out next, situation could be perhaps
mitigated if congressional approval sought out

Also if congress chooses to ignore their constitutional
responsibilities in this matter, would that also not
be an "impeachable/removable offense" for those
current members failing to act?


Or is this all much ado about nothing? need more
1:14 pm pdt 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now we see record breaking flood levels
As those who have been watching the recent
reports about the record breaking flood levels
taking place along the greater length of the
Mississippi river...

Human caused weather pattern change..

Myth??Fabrication?? I don't think so!!

Altered or negatively impacted growth/planting
seasons-- get used to it. Reality..

It will get worse..little by little, and then faster
and faster, with larger and larger impacts.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Let's not forget about the areas of drought and
the fires in Texas.
9:03 am pdt 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

USA Presbyterian church finally approve ordination of openly gay members
Our family came to Oregon in the early 1840's.
Between 1850 and 1852 one of our family ancestors,
(John McCoy), helped to found, manage and oversee
the creation of the United Presbyterian Church of

This was the first United Presbyterian Church in the

We view this positive evolution, of this long overdue
step as just another part/result of ongoing educational
efforts to bring greater equality, rationalism, and effective
anti- discrimination into these critical social organizations-
impactors to the extent that a healthy society requires.

Colin Stuart McCoy 
10:36 am pdt 

Monday, May 2, 2011

President Obama displays real, superior quality mettle

President Obama demonstrated both personal
as well as political courage in giving the go ahead
for a largely/purely U.S. special operation inside
the borders of another sovereign nation.

A failure could have had profound negative

Tremendous gratitude towards all those participant
that ensured the successful out come of this
dangerous operation.

We look forward to seeing a duplication of this
strength of leadership in President Obama's
continued pursuit of domestic policy objectives.  


4:02 pm pdt 

Osama Bin Laden Killed 5-1-11

With the death of Osama Bin Laden the opportunity
exists to proclaim that a small measure of justice
has been meted out in our temporal existence for
actions taken by this mans followers, acting under
his orders, and receiving praise from him for same.

As to the damage done to our society, from a
historical perspective we have not recovered, we may
never. If this does turn out to be the case it will be
because our society was weaker than it needed to be
in regards to our recognition and demand for the
protection, restoration of key philosophical perspective
related to freedom, and governance respectful of

Our open society??? We have never been as actually
wonderful as we so loudly proclaim. Prior to Bin Laden
serious cracks had been noted growing slowly worse.

Bin Laden actions hit us at a time of historical, political
social, and economic vulnerability.

This precipitated a drastic increase in a slide away
from values, perspectives and governance reflective,
and incorporative of those self same freedom
related processes.

We have not reset, we have not returned to zero. It
continues to grow worse.The knowledge base continues
it's apparent decline.

External and internal stressors remains, some grow

As has been noted by others that use the term "War
against terror", not being over, we agree.

The final chapters have not been written. I hope the
society that exists in the U.S. that is able to write the
final chapters is one that has restored lost freedoms
and perspective, as well as ingrained values for
key processes required to keep societies open and

Colin Stuart McCoy

8:07 am pdt 

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