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Friday, June 24, 2011

North Dakota Flooding Surpasses 130 Years of Collected Data
It's all in the title of this post.....

4:11 pm pdt 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Epic fails of process noted in Drug War and Global Temp Goals
I hope people are paying attention... two reports came out.

1st.. That the "WAR" against drugs is an unqualified failure,
and cannot be won with the tactics and strategies being used.

This so called war has just needlessly harmed innocent
victims and created massive violence, a criminal underground,
and a massively destructive force towards important
social awareness's concerning issues of freedom!

(It's not like people who could actually read/think etc.. did
not predict this outcome 30 yrs ago!!!)

2nd.. That extremely important goals towards the 
halting of rising global temperatures, required for the
protection of important qualities of life as we know it on
planet earth... Will not be met as things stand now.

Again..this result had been already forcast...

Colin Stuart McCoy
11:33 am pdt 

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