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Sunday, July 17, 2011

USA crop shortfalls/failures to be soon announced ??

I believe it to be highly likely that in a couple of months,
plus or minus, we will begin to hear spot reports of larger
than normal crop failures, or production shortfalls..

Due to weather....

I believe, and I very much hope that I am wrong.. that the
"bill", the "social cost" that corrupt/rotten societies often find
they end up having to pay for their failures may be coming

Unlike, twenty years ago, when a good, honest, idealistic,
person was denied a rational right to due process, and a
functional legal opportunity to expose truths/harms..
When factual processes for a person to protect themselves
from unwarranted government abuse did not exist..and the
need to suppress the truth of it, was deemed of greater
social importance than the truths needing to be relayed
and exposed...

How horribly unfortunate..


6:53 am pdt 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Government debt ceiling crisis...
My position on this is that it is a predicted event..It's time
to make a decision...

A.) Go backward, try and shore up a global system coming
apart at the seams. this will lead to a global economic/
environmental disaster that may see the end of us all.

Why: Right now in order to ensure the survival of the
human species on planet Earth we need to be seeing the
entire economic/industrial might of the planet being used
to combat 'Human caused global weather pattern change"
I.E. (HC-GWPC) As of now, we are not seeing it.. No money?
While it may already be to late...Unwise cost cutting austerity
measures will lead us away from being able to have any
hope to put in place what we need to put in place--close
the door on any potential to do what is needed while the
window to create positive outcomes may still remain open. 

B.) Let it evolve into what is needed, a system reflective of
the potentials discussed under "Realistic monetarism".

Furthermore any attempt to resolve this issue through
cost cutting measures aimed at social programs,,

while not taking steps to re-establish an effective tax
base, or making rational cuts/improvements to programs
that have grown needlessly out of control,or expensive.--- 
I.E Our national health care & military industrial complex.
Prison situation needs rapid adjustment as well,,

would fall under the category of "A- moving backwards"..
Colin Stuart McCoy
11:10 am pdt 

Monday, July 11, 2011

U.S. Congress has been historically intellectually dishonest and discriminatory.
Over the past several weeks I have been easing into a
more direct role in helping to end discrimination/hostility
towards the LGBT community.

I also want to say, that recent political efforts to end DADT
are a significant step in the right direction, they do not in
and of themselves undermine the title, or focus of this

(Why have I been "easing" into this effort?? while those
that know me are aware that I have always supported
equal rights and non-discriminatory policies for the LGBT
community, and have supported other groups efforts in
these areas. I had yet to sponsor an action myself
related to the struggle for freedom and equality for the
LGBT community, I have very much wanted to be sure
that my efforts were supported, and that I was being
sensitive to the wishes and political/social goals of the
LGBT community. So far all feed back has been positive.)

I have chosen to do this though an effort geared/focused
on helping to eliminate the support systems for this brand
of cultural bias and discrimination having access to and
contributing to a hostile learning environment in the K-12
public school system.

I have begun a petition process with a goal being to cause
a repeal or a re-writing/working of "The Boy Scouts of
America Equal Access Act".

To be clear I am not seeking to challenge the Boy Scouts
right to free speech or expression in a public forum/or

To be clear I am not seeking to challenge the rights of
the Boy Scouts to organize or set membership criteria
for themselves as a private organization.

I believe that K-12 Public Schools should have the same
tools available, "once again"- Pre, Jan 2002, that they
have used to try and eliminate racial discrimination,
available for use to combat and eliminate the creation
of hostile learning environments, harassment,
discrimination and cultural bias aimed at the LGBT

What people need to understand is that our nations
courts have long held that K-12 public schools/campuses
are not "Open Public Forums that have the same free
speech protections as the "public square".

The courts have long held that due to the emotional,
intellectual,psychological immaturity of the K-12 student
body, that they are vulnerable to being harmed.

As such, speech or expression deemed harmful, hateful,
disruptive or counter to the educational mission of the
K-12 system can be regulated.

To be continued...
10:58 am pdt 

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