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Monday, August 22, 2011

Absolute similarities between causes and supports for racial and sexual orientation based discrimination
07:45:17Absolute similarities..
Both are based upon fear, hatred, and an unsupportable
intellectual degree of discomfort towards or focused upon
that which is different.

Both forms of discrimination have had the strong support
of the U.S. Federal/State Governments, support that had it
not existed, the lives of thousands/millions would not have
been destroyed or so seriously negatively impacted.

Both forms of discrimination have been strongly supported
by major branches of western Christian religions, at some
time in our history.

As anti-racial discrimination efforts have overcome both U.S.
government, as well as western Christian religious support
systems, so to will the effort to eliminate U.S. government,
and Christian faith supported discrimination efforts aimed
at the LGBT community also be successful.

It will happen, just as surely as the sun rises in the east and
sets in the long as human society does not wipe
itself from the face of the planet.

So that having been said, could we please adopt the needed
forms of legislative regulation that would help enable our
society to have the best chance of educating/legislating away
these forms of discriminatory thought processes and those
failed social institutions that seem to keep finding new ways
to find and spread things to hate without just cause or
reason...-- and do so as quickly as possible.

Colin Stuart McCoy
3:17 pm pdt 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unemployment, Congressman Wu, Rob Cornilles etc..

A short while ago we commented on the fact that posted
gains lowering unemployment in the U.S. seemed to be
finally reliable in their indication that unemployment rates
were slowly beginning to improve..

That short positive moment now seems to be once again
fading away, with newer indicators demonstrating that
employment figures are once again in decline. Small gains
appear soon to be lost..

Danger of double dip, which has never really faded,
showing clearly again on economic radars.

Congressman Wu, what can you say. dis-appointed yes.
Still stand by our decision to support his re-election over
that of his Republican challenger. His political/social
focuses/voting record demanded it.

His personal problems were such, that even if badly
handled should have allowed him to finish out his term,
and while doing so, perhaps rehabilitate his image.

(That is of course if he was not guilty of the conduct
discussed in the following paragraph)... 

The last issue concerning an accusation of an improper/or
potentially criminal sexual encounter, a year after the fact..
Is troubling..I believe if his health would have allowed, and
he was in fact not guilty of wrong doing, I would have liked
to see him stick it out. If guilty, he should be exposed to
the same repercussions we would expect for anyone else.

I hope that Republican Rob Cornilles runs again..voters
rejected him once by a significant margin, I believe they
will rightly do so again if given the chance.

We don't need to replace one congressman who appears
to have had a pretty solid policy position/voting record, but
also appears to have developed/had some serious
"personal/behavior" problems.. --

--With another potential congress person who
appears to support discriminatory thinking, and groups. As
well as "perhaps" possessing what "I" consider to be a
disqualifying degree of irrational/magical thinking.

Indication being that perhaps his political policy positions 
will be as equally unsound.  

Colin Stuart McCoy

11:54 am pdt 

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