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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fortress U.S.A. Status/Option Trigger Switches Being "Wiggled"?

With the recent release of international dialog content
between U.S. government officials and other involved/
interested nations concerned about Iranian nuclear
weapon development potentials/programs....

Challenge to U.S. dollar by the Euro or, in terms of use
as "the" global reserve currency coming down in the
dollars favor in terms of recognized continued stability,

Have to wait and see what the IMF is willing to do.

Iranian threats to use nuclear weapons against the U.S.
and Israel appear to be false/manufactured..most
recently by U.S. presidential candidate Bachmann...

However, Iranian President Amadinejad statements
concerning both the U.S. and Israel, while perhaps
being able to say that direct threats have not be
made as to the use of a unilateral unprovoked
attack against either.. His comments have been
hostile enough that two "steps/processes" are
completely reasonable to pursue..

1.) Get clarifications on his and the other Iranian
government officials position on the use of force
against the U.S. or Israel...

2.) Demand full access for nuclear weapons/research
inspectors to get into Iran for full access to their
nuclear programs if they wish to avoid a military 

Have no doubt, a failure on the part of the Iranian
government to allow such steps will lead, without
fail, to a serious and sustained series of military
strikes against Iranian nuclear/or nuclear suspected

And very soon.

to be cont..

11:50 am pst 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Troubling ? trend?
Approximately 2 months ago we told a close
confidant that the arrival of a seasoned "Amphibian'
could prove to be the undoing of the Obama
administrations hope for a second term.

Would much prefer to have Mitt Romney get the
Republican nod--We believe this could serve as a
catalyst that could help create needed dialog and
analysis that could save/be of profound value to 

(When Obama signed the NDAA without removing
the provisions for "Indefinite Detention" the
potential for the catalystic meeting between himself
& Romney vanished from our radar.)

No good outcome for the U.S. Seen now..

Just need to track it now.


Update- 1/9/2012 Well, Newt has said some things,
in ways he should perhaps not have..But thats Newt..
He has also come out with some potential position
changes further to the "right", that appear to move
him away from the Reagan Republican persona/-
Rep center? Is there one anymore?

Obama signs the NDAA, did not see that coming..
We have our politicians behaving, or doing things that
they should not be..voices in opposition/outrage
far less than what it should be in my opinion..

Indicative that my concerns about the general public
having an interest/as well as the philosophical /-
educational perspective to restore our global ecology,
as well as maintain/restore lost liberties,...

being at risk, and continuing to shrink, are valid.

For the past several months, it has felt like a bad
horror movie..where everytime you step out of your shortly end up having one of the Pod
people pointing their little fingers at you, and making
strange screeching sounds..;-)
10:13 am pst 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Critiques or discussion on the merits/shortcomings of various religions must never cross the line into acts of illegal- unconstitutional discrimination..
I believe as we struggle onwards in trying to apply a
greater rational perspective to our collective religious
views/beliefs that this process must never be allowed
to cross the line between educational outreach, or
honest philosophical/political/social dialog/debate of
an organizations belief structure..based upon fact.. 

to become an individualized attack against a particular
person or ethnic/cultural group.

You may see, or it may seem that at times lines can
blur during a political campaign, but within accepted
boundaries this is appropriate, as a political candidate,
seeking election is being judged upon all aspects of
their personality and judgment. It's fair game..

In some respects I find this aspect of the political process
comforting at a basic level...The potential government
employee or political leader is given a chance to defend
their "process or belief structure"... whereas in the private
sector this is often not the case, which is wrong..--and can
be very damaging to the targeted person who has been
denied a real needed access to such a process when its 
presence has been very much required. 

3:04 pm pdt 

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