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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time for Obama to go...He needs to resign...
Time for Obama to go...

He signed the NDAA w/indefinite detention provisions..
Obama's signing of the NDAA as written is a material
error that indicates/as well as overshadows all else.

Unfit to be President..

1.) The argument that it changes nothing?? and the
conditions of use for indefinite detention remains the
same as prior to the signing is disgusting!!

I never supported the concept of indefinite detention
under any we not remember the
reasons behind the war of Independence..

Have never supported this concept as used or discussed
prior to it being enshrined in this criminal NDAA bill.

This concept is not compatible with the United States
prior to the Bush Jr. years. Not compatible with any
aspect of our nations formative values.

2.) Signing statements are not capable of changing the
intent of any bill created by the U.S. congress that becomes
law..The apparent use of this "signing" process as we have
seen over the past 10 plus years, only displays a growing
criminal indifference to the separation of powers concept.
As well as a growing indifference to protecting the integrity
of our Constitution.

Only the Supreme court is the final word on the boundaries
within the construction of any particular bill. I.E, it's

Signing statements only reflect an opinion...anyone who
wishes to expand the impact of this process on the work
product of the U.S. Congress is working actively to
undermine the Constitution.

I believe Obama has violated his oath of office. I am well
aware of the problems/environment he inherited when he
came to office,, the horror of his failure to eliminate this
language/provision from the NDAA over shadows all prior
positive efforts and is a game ender.. No Person who
supports "indefinite detentions" is fit to serve in the
government of the United States. Period!!! Certainly not
in the Oval office..

Odds are, under existing realities, that the best hope for
humanities long term survival now lies in speeding the
arrival of "that which comes" way to do that is vote
Republican.. Voting Democrat will only help slow the
arrival of that which comes... The longer this process is
delayed the higher the probability that what will be a
horribly brutal period of history, after which the earth
and human society will recover to continue in better
health..important values relearned...will become an
extinction event.. a cascade process that will not be able
to be stopped

Keep doing our bit....
6:45 pm pst 

Friday, December 30, 2011

How can you identify God/Good ? valid spiritual truths?
How can you identify God? Good? or get closer perhaps to
spiritual truths?  

I think we need to stand close beside those values that
have represented goodness throughout our various
societies/cultures. Those values that have had the ability
help provide long term social benefits.

It is really only through adhering to these processes-
values that we can anticipate being able to have real
opportunity of success..

What are those values...
1.) Truth
2.) Reason
3.) Compassion
4.) Justice/ fair-play
5.) Equality

These values should be seen as being equal...You remove
one from the process or equation and even in the presence
of all the others, the process or equation will fail!!

You also need to identify those values or process that have
been found to be reliable indicators of failed or fraudulent-
corrupt efforts... Spiritual and otherwise...Processes that will
block your efforts...without fail...

1.) Deceitfulness/lies/untruths
2.) Corruption I.E behavioral/material
3.) Manipulation through suppression/control of data
4.) The inappropriate use of force--physical/political

We have touched upon some of the structural problems
that exist with Mormonism...but we have also said that
these same problems exist within all of the main
branches of the Judaic/Christian/Islamic- monotheistic

You can't call the Mormons a cult unless you apply the
same standards to the rest/other faiths...

In which case you have critical/systemic structural failures
in them all. If the Mormons are a "cult" then so to must be
the overwhelming majority of the other monotheistic faiths..
..they just have more members who are equally
unable or interested in seeking truth as a part of their
spiritual journey..

Is it possible to base a spiritual search for truth, or practice
on processes that are overwhelmingly a construct of the
negative values listed above..and really have an
expectation your efforts will take you towards truth?? 

Don't think so....

What kind of world will we build if we do???/ Again, just 
look out your window...

To be cont...
Colin Stuart McCoy
12:10 pm pst 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Could there be a real "12 monkeys" event?

Oh crud...Just when you think it can't get any better...
Apparently two groups of researchers, one American,
one Dutch?..have been able to mutate the H5N1 Bird
flu virus so that it can be more easily transmitted between

Shhhh don't tell anyone... 

If someone was to have an accident with this stuff, and a
vial was accidentally dropped in China, or India, or perhaps
Mexico city, it could sure help solve..(in a very nasty
fashion), the global over population problems we have..

One particular benefit to having access to this mutated
strain is that team USA and their Dutch counterparts might
have the opportunity to develop effective vaccines for a
potential outbreak.. Which I guess would be distributed
first to those living closest to the vaccine production sites?

Before anyone gets too jumpy about the risk, or conspiracy
potential behind issues that surround this topic...

I believe that what the researchers may have found is that
the ability for this very nasty "bug" to mutate into a very
destructive strain was significantly high, and not hard to
achieve?,..and could take place naturally more easily than
any of us would like? Especially if aided in the process by
some criminal fanatic..or financial elitists??

Just another thing we need to keep a handle on.. we can do 
it...we have the people and infrastructure..

Too bad our global societies have been so overtaxed by
failed, or unsound areas of resource allocations ect..

We wouild have a far better chance of dealing successfully
with issues such as those related to these types of
developments, if we were not so often and to such a great
degree being mis-directed by processes that are so utterly
self serving and corrupt...


For those of you who may find the potentials represented
in this post outlandish ect... Look Up "Anthrax", and 
relearn or remind yourself of past documented events..
And then offer an opinion as to what is in the realm of
possibility..... if needed remind yourself why this site help help promote needed awareness's,

3:33 pm pst 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Obama signs the NDAA the "Indefinate Detention" Bill?

I am so sickened and tired....I tried to have faith in this
President..I tried to give him benefit of the doubt.

With the recent SOPA bill, that in spite of words of assurance
to the contrary, I believe could be mis-used and open the
door to other invasions or restrictions on the free flow of
communication/speech/expression and ideas needed to
keep society free and informed..I could be wrong here..
but it's about pattern recogniton, and the direction of
movement.. In this case, in combination with other factors
it creates a troubling picture/potential.. Why create a beast
that has such a potential, when what is needed could be
created in a way to eliminate all concern?
(Thanks and gratitude to Senator Ron Wydens efforts to
 ensure that "due process" was not able to be eliminated
entirely from the process.)

Now we have "indefinite detentions" on our door steps..

Obama signs this bill and now his political career is over,
and rightly so.. Gingrich wins the White house..

(Update 12/24/11-- I am a little taken aback by Gingrich's
failure to qualify for the Virginia primary..It has me really
questioning our data stream...We'll watch for a bit longer.
I think a seriously hard look should be taken at the
signatures Gingrich's campaign collected..Is there really a
lack of qualified names?)

(I'm hoping that reports that Obama has signed this Bill are
false, I fear they are not)

A bunch of nasty monkeys making a mess of things...I.E.
everything they touch.

(I have a feeling that if Sir Winston Churchill was alive today
he would call this bunch of U.S. congressional McCarthyists,
and this President- if he signs the bill,  a sad little bunch of
Nazi wanna-bees)


11:50 am pst 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Areas of focus...Monetary Policies/Currency controls, Religions..Why?

I was recently asked about my focus on Global
Currency controls/policies..As well as my interest in
Religious based reflections.

As I have said elsewhere, the primary focus of this
web site has to do with addressing the Monetary related
issues...Which when asked,.. I mentioned that I
believe the current mis-perceptions around currency/
money..and the impact these mis-perceptions have upon
human society, as being the second biggest set of lies
in human history...( I.E. We do not have the money to
do what is needed.)

This led some one to ask me what I thought the biggest
lie then would be...Which in my opinion would be the
problems with the monotheistic, or false Christian based

So it should not be a surprise to see these topics being
discussed regularly.
On Web sites dedicated to cooking donuts, a person 
should not be surprised to see content related to the
cooking of donuts... 

So back to the question of why??

Simply, and in my mind ..without a doubt.. if the human
race becomes extinct, if we in fact actually end up damaging
the Earth to the point where no human life can be sustained,
or at best a few thousand of us hang on living in some caves

It will be because we failed to come to the needed
understanding on governing principles required to be
understood in how human society interacts/manages and/or
relates to these two critical subjects/issues.. in a healthy
rational fashion..

1.) Monetary policy.. I suggest strongly that if the material 
resources exist, labor, trained staff, as well as needed
sustainable natural resources..yet what the global
community needs to be doing..both on a basis of factual
need as well as based upon accepted moral imperatives,
is not getting done.. and some "reptile" and that's an insult
to reptiles.. keeps saying it is because there is not enough
"money"...some brain cells should be asked/demanded to be
fired up..and we should be asking what is wrong with this
picture and what can we do to fix it... 

There is an evolutionary process involved in how sentient
beings interact economically..As we have said before...
On Earth this evolutionary process has been halted at a
critical moment...need to get this evolutionary process back
on track and moving again..ASAP

Thus the concepts and processes behind policies reflective
of "Realistic Monetarism"..

2.)a. If our various faiths take us away from reason or rational
interaction with one another and our natural environment..
We need to seriously re-evaluate those processes and their
possible origins..because it's not based upon the love or
concern one would expect from a higher power/god/father/
mother. If so what are the actual origins??? What can we
do about it..
    b. Love is equality...full participation, full for
all and all for one.. to say we love someone, yet deny them
equality, is not of love or of God or Jesus.. I'm sorry, but in
this terminology, if it's anything's deceptive, it's veiled's Satanic..Evil.  If your faith promotes discrimination--
division---a lack of full Equality...It's not
Goodly, Godly nor Christ like, or based... So what is it..I
suggest we need to seriously address that and similar
question ASAP..

The truth is there...It takes people with courage to seek truth
when the potential exists that such an effort may put them
or their beliefs in less favorable light.. All the history is there
for real research..dig, dig, and keep digging.

What have we been told we'll see if our lives become
possessed of this wrong thinking mentioned above??? Now
look out your window at the world these failed processes
have delivered.

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:04 pm pst 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a quick thought, perception concerning the sensitivities about discussions or criticism of various religions
I was thinking that if you take a moment...
If you consider where did, if it in fact exists, and
I believe it does...where did our current cultural
reluctance to scrutinize religions/their foundations/
beliefs ect... come from??

I believe the vast majority of it came from the
genocidal crimes committed against the Jewish

I find that the discrimination that led to these crimes
was largely based upon cultural/ethnic origins...false,
intellectually failed ect.. propaganda mud slinging efforts.

(This observation based upon more recent history, last
hundred years or go back further and the lines
blur..If possible the thinking becomes perhaps more
primitive, and the simple differences in religious
affiliation take on a more causal relationship to the
targeted discriminations..) Need to go find an expert..
As the rule of law, legal process has gained in
sophistication...So too, perhaps have the processes of
discrimination, more reptillian..more subtle propaganda
processess of cultural character assasination?

But in so much as any cultures religion must be
considered as a part of said culture...I believe the false-
criminal discriminatory actions against the Jewish people
were based upon propaganda efforts that appear to me
to have been as a percentage....far more based upon
non-religious cultural/or ethnic false hoods propaganda
than upon those based upon the faith/religion of the Jewish

As a part of this....I believe the failure of the various 
"Christian faiths" to halt the Holocaust..lies deeper within
the shortcomings of the individual organizations..The same
shortcoming that continue to this day to allow the personal
hates/ intellectual dishonesty's/personal prejudices.. ect..

That have been used against so many other groups of
people,.. Blacks, Native Americans, Women, and now so
predominately the LGBTQ community. 

,,, than in any particular specific aim at the Jewish people.
It was the Jewish peoples misfortune to come under the care
and control of these particular "Christians groups" where-as
today the misfortune falls squarely upon the LGBTQ
community. --(as well as the current poor health global
economy and environment)

These organizations clearly attract the irrational/unreasonable
thinker... Which without failure will regularly, and of course in
the name of God and Jesus, produce new targets for
discrimination and the promotion of intellectual dishonest how ever the particular winds blow during
that time period.

So my initial point was that it appears the primary
percentage of discrimination aimed at the Jewish people
was far more similar to that which has been aimed at
Blacks, Women, Native Americans, Japanese, ect..
than a specific source of a religious based discriminatory

If so, if there is any merit to this analysis, we should try to 
re-evaluate our particular sensitivities in this area.. I
believe we should do so regardless... 

No organization should be removed from being able to be 
analysed or a non- hateful, academic manner.

The survival of human society, the sanity or mental health
of human society requires it..

Colin Stuart McCoy  
10:53 am pst 

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