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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Contributors to decline of U.S. political process?
Organization,,I.E. Super-pac's ect...that are allowed to
put out attack adds/messages or support efforts
without being responsible to the candidate appear to be
a contributor to the above mentioned decline..

I've been watching some recent congressional, as well as
the ongoing Republican primary efforts..

It's seems to me, my opinion..that false statements or
misstated representations from these sources appear
to harm "their" candidate/topic more than help..

It lowers the quality of the debate/needed topical focus
and brings a harmful distaste for the U.S. political process
into the mouths of the U.S. electorate.

It also appears that most of the "harmful to their campaign"
needed corrective communicative damage control efforts are 
typically born from false/misleading inflammatory statements
created by these same sources? 

A cost benefit analysis would seem to indicate a need for
greater control/oversight of "these" processes by the
candidates/causes as well as the system "these"
processes are meant to serve.

10:55 am pst 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Warrantless GPS tracking ruled unconstitutional
Warrant-less GPS tracking ruled unconstitutional, thus

Gang stalkers, vigilantes and street theatre participants
will be unhappy about this one..--

As we imagine also will be those in law enforcement that
seem to have lacked an understanding of what a process
that could be considered an "unreasonable search and/or
seizure" would entail.

1:45 pm pst 

Newt should take Florida-- "but he did not"?

The only thing that is keeping Newt Gingrich from
sewing up the Republican nomination at this point
is the form/scope of the media coverage..

I don't think his marriage related issues will be a factor,
if he can confront effectively the "Ethics" related issues,-

and I have to believe he can and is ready to do so..

(Looks like he has)..

That should do it..

Update:1/31/12 Been watching the polls.. don't get it..Have
real concerns about fallout for next November..What is it
they say about being careful for what you wish for? No doubt
Romney had a better debate series in Florida, being able to
out spend Gingrich 4 to 1 approx.. has helped Romney.. I
fear a train wreck coming to the U.S. in Nov.

Another observation I make, just tossing it out...I look at
the various candidates, I look at their various messages, or
platforms...My opinion is that all of them would have been
deemed unacceptable as front runner caliber right out of
the gate 20 yrs ago or so..generally speaking.. I wonder if
we can tie the failure in U.S. political processes, a lack of
what many consider to be quality candidates/
the reported failures in/of our U.S. educational systems and
the death of scientific processes or analysis based upon
reasonable inspection and dialog?

Re: To unhealthy corporate control/influence over U.S.
political process..Mr. Soros has been reported to have said
that "there is no difference between, Obama or Romney"?


Major media is /has certainly played a part in this "process"
as well.

9:23 am pst 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

H5N1 "Twelve Monkey's" research potentials now under greater global scrutiny
It's all in the title.. We just needed to get everyones
attention on this one.. Does not mean we're out of
the woods..but our hope is that these processes are now..

1.) Under the required levels of security required

2.) Now that the potential dangers have been discovered &
    widely disseminated, our hope is that the needed
    efforts/resources for vaccine research will now be
    procured...before an "oops" event. 

10:05 am pst 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Congress appears to get message RE: SOPA & PIPA
Well Congress appears to have got the message about
SOPA & PIPA..Now lets see if they can follow up on
that and also correct/remove "Indefinite Detentions"
from the NDAA funding process..

10:29 am pst 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does it makes sense...who really understands what is needed??
Was thinking...No really I was :-).. Does it make sense
that White people should be the final word, or gatekeepers
to the process, or final end product of what freedom/equality
should look like for Black people??

Should men be in a similar position in regards for equality
for women??

Then why do we not give the LGBT community the respect
and access to the process they need, and have a natural right
to expect..ect... Instead of having this process continue to be
so dominated/hamstrung by the world views of dysfunctional
"straight" people....??

10:15 am pst 

Is the U.S. trying to promote violence within it's borders?
Is an aspect of U.S. History getting ready to repeat?

Don't know for sure...But I'm reminded of the early
1990's when federal government perspective had lost touch
with the needs of the people..

People who went to extra ordinary non-violent means to
try and get the Government to engage in intellectually
honest, equal value dialog, were met with various forms
of force...

This process led to Waco, Ruby ridge, and The Oklahoma
city bombing...

Why can't we ever do better, why can't our government
indicate it can learn from it's mistakes..

It does not matter really if these failures are by design,
or more likely due to incompetence...

The results are predictable.. not good..

Right Now Obama is scaring the hell out of peaceful,
progressive, educated people.. who find his actions..
inexplicable..I.E. "Indefinite detentions". When combined
with the recent congressional internet regulation bills,
such as SOPA, PIPA ect.. it's a deeply troubling situation

The failures of U.S. democracy to correct it's shortcomings
has 80% of our population absolutely flumoxed..

I've been though this before...the witch hunts ect...
Obama is engaging in the same type of fear politics
that Bush Jr. Used, just a slightly different flavor..

I guess having a few dozen "Occupy" protesters outside 
his front door has caused him to become a bit unhinged??

But we have nothing to fear but fear itself.. Obama is
surrounded by excellent advice givers...( Like those
that told him to go ahead and sign the NDAA")

I don't like the way things feel, hope things change..

10:04 am pst 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The right to vote...a birthright/human right....period!!
Romney, stiking another blow for ignorance and hate,
states that taking the right to vote away from
convicted felons is an appropriate thing to do..

Romney seems to predicate such action on whether or
not convictions have been for "violent acts?"

This is just another indicator on what is so horrifying
about U.S.  Republican...Democrats trends also..

Losing functional contact, and needed philosophical
foundations, historical knowledge ect.. on what processes,
operations should be implemented in a free society,
and which should be avoided..

You permanently disenfranchise a citizen from being able
to be an active participant in the legal political process,
and you are not only guilty of violating that persons human
rights.. you are engaging in a process that will ultimately
lead to the collapse of freedom in said society... With
all costs expected during a period of such a decline to be

It used to be that here in the U.S... if a person was convicted
they would do their "time" ect.. and then they would be
fully reinstated as a citizen with all their rights fully restored..

That has changed, Now we live in a society that turns these
people into permanent second class citizens..Where getting
jobs, housing, building strong ties to the community is
very difficult if not at times made functionally impossible..

Since we went down this path our society has been in slow
decline.. Decline is now seen to be accelerating..

Clearly, I question Mitt Romneys values in regards to
issues of liberty/justice.. Does Mitt Romney have affiliations
with groups that have a history of innappropriate
discriminatory policies?? I think he does!!! 

Don't know about the other Rep candidates..similar indicated
failures may be present as well...

End this abomination/process now/sooner...Vote Republican...

(The various german church leaders that survived WWll are on
record as having declared that "They" did not speak up against
the Nazi process soon enough, or strong their
shame... In the U.S. we have similar processes under way
today, Where various of our institutions are doing no better,
over a wide variety of issues..Our churches, our schools, our
media our government.. I predict similar resultant societal
failures in the U.S. and global community..It's actually
going to be far worse, if you look at the forces to be unleashed,
it will have to be...)


Update:..Recent events have caused us to re- evaluate our
position.  We now accept that those in control of critical
processes will not facilitate the needed reforms in the
timelines required..That what needs to be
said will not be..What needs to be done, will not be..

We are now going through a very depressing, and unpleasant
series of considerations..namely that.. it appears that..

The long term survival of humanity now unfortunately appears to
be best achieved by knocking the "Wheels off the Bus" sooner
rather than later.. Needed environmental changes are continuing
to not be addressed..We are heading for an extinction event
the likes of which we have not seen since the end of the age of
dinosaurs..All human caused!!

Voting Republican should allow the wheels to come off the bus
sooner, thus perhaps allowing the situation to begin the self
correction process sooner, rather than stumbling along until
the repercussions of our failed human processes trigger
events that could easily reach an extinction level crisis.
7:50 am pst 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Areas of Insanity? that could be of benefit to study
Being Human, we have limits to/in our processes that really
guarantee that making mistakes, being short sighted,
drifting towards processes that lack intellectual honesty,
or integrity is part of our make up. Being aware of this,
accepting this, helps us have the best chance to compensate
for, and do our best to overcome the problems resultant
from same.. 

(Yes, I am aware that many of those who harm human
society daily are fully aware of the shortcomings of their
operations, lack of intellectual honesty, integrity or valued
moral principles..ect..They just don't care.. They play the
game of life at a level, or in a way that is completely alien
-  or insane to the majority. )

This post is for the majority, perhaps we can reach out to
those others as well.

Because we are what we are, we create many little insanities
-hypocrisies in our societies..trying to correct these issues
while also being a part of daily life..need to be kept in 
perspective...The vast majority of these insanities- hypocrisies
do not have the ability to over shadow human societies
interactions, behaviors, or our species mental health and
prospects for long term survival..

I value highly the prospect for the human races continued
survival, and I wish for a high standard or living for all
humans. Living in harmony with our environment. 

So we should be looking for those insanities-hypocrisies that
if left un-addressed can or are causing serious dysfunction-
harms.. for it is these particular issues that if properly
addressed have the best chance to advance the human
condition on a wide spread scale..(as is needed)..

I surprise here.. that we need to take a hard
academic look at our national and international currencies,
monetary policies-controls.. and our religious related
processes.. (Institutionally accepted/ and largely protected
areas of insanity...that if we applied the same quality of
process to the rest of our lives..we would be locked up!)

Colin Stuart McCoy

Update: 1/18/12..Another way to look at why I believe this is
so important.. Our religions require us to behave or adopt
irrational behaviors, or prejudices.. For the most part, the
majority of these "issues" are harm no foul.

But...other of these processes promote or allow for
prejudicial behaviors, irrational processes, that are absolutely
deadly in their historic noted causal relationship to
tremendous instances of unnecessary human suffering.

Still other of various religions have structural intellectual
failures that have never been adequately addressed..
These structural failures are actually a continuing enabling
force for the continued existence of the deadly forms
of irrational prejudices mentioned above..we need to come
to grips with this reality, and take aggressive corrective steps
10:20 am pst 

Is The Sunrise Foundation for real?



9:48 am pst 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Really,- Obama must resign in order to save needed progressive outcomes
I believe that Obama may very well be re-elected. If this
occurs it will be due to the weakness/or distaste with
which the majority view his Republican challengers/positions
Such a victory if it does occur should not be viewed as
an endorsement of Obama's overall performance.

His signing of the NDAA was a game changing error.

He should, if he cares about the advancement, protection
and success of needed progressive efforts resign, and turn
his office over to Biden, who would then have time to find
a credible running mate.

Failure to do so will lead to serious national instabilities,
and failures.. (My opinion)

2:30 pm pst 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Anyone who attends an Obama rally or donates funds to his campaign is a fool, glutton for punishment

Anyone who still attends an Obama rally or continues to
donate funds for his re-election is a @#$#% fool!

Go with none of the above, or stay home..or go with viable
third party offering...Obama fails...

Everything that was needed to be done, could have been
done without stooping to these disgusting processes..

Processes the likes of which this nation has not seen since
the era of Joseph McCarthy and the internment of Japanese

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:51 pm pst 

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