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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Re: Iranian Nuclear Program Conflict

Both Russia and China are in very strong positions from
which to help the international community end this
situation peacefully.

I.E. Verifiable proof of no such program, full continuous,
unrestricted access for continued security.. International 
co-operation for the peaceful use of nuclear technology.
Sponsor international talks aimed at building bridges of
peace and freedom.. talks that would work to end fears,
address human realities..address hypocrisy, hold all
accountable for short comings in need of improvement and
corrective action within all nations..create blue print for

We all have the right to require of our international neighbors
behavior and conduct conducive to the common good,
and well being of the global community.

They have the right to ask the same of us.

While they are in a position to help tremendously, they could
cause serious harms to the process as well as well through ill
thought statements.


11:11 am pst 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why are a persons religious beliefs of potential importance for analysis in a political process or perhaps even some public sector placements?
Some who are currently feeling some heat on this topic
are attempting to divert/cloud or avoid the issue at hand
by phrasing or catagorizing this discussion as one of 
religious freedom..they are being aided in this effort by
mainstream media, who continue to avoid an intellectually
honest approach to the topic/issue. 

The world is a complicated, multi faceted place..We need
political leaders who are educated, creative thinkers..who are
firmly grounded in reality, and common sense.

We need elected officials who can demonstrate that they are
hard wired towards being intellectually honest..

Would you vote for a leader who said "I'm a liar, vote for
me" ?

What if a candidate said, "I am a complete two faced
hypocrite", and I want your vote?

Would you vote someone into office who could not
demonstrate that they had a "very" firm grasp of reality?

Or perhaps even more dangerous,..would you want to vote 
a person into office who's grasp of reality was hap hazard,
intermittent, or even sort of schizophrenic? 

Decisions in these capacities have the potential to destroy
human life, all life on a massive scale for that matter..Being
aware and able to demonstrate a factual ability to
understand fact or fiction, historical truth versus mythical
fantasy I think are very important traits, for anyone who wants
to become an elected official, to possess.

How a person allows their religious interaction to alter, or
impact their perceptions, or their ability to perceive reality is
a very important determinant, especially if your thinking about 
giving someone a serious opportunity to control your nations
economy, or military/nuclear forces..

Are you willing to give someone who may clearly lack
intellectual honesty/integrity a position of authority from which
they could have a massive negative impact on your personal

What about hate or discrimination? If some one belongs to a 
hate group..that would certainly impact how the majority of us
would view a potential candidate..why should this process be
any different just because a person attempts to hide their hate
or discrimination behind a religion? Answer: It shouldn't be 
any different, and historically it's not!

Any source of information that allows us to determine the
fitness or lack there of, of a political candidate, must be
examined, questioned.. I also believe a rational debate/
discussion, conducted in an academic fashion, on this exact
subject is absolutely critical to the continued survival and well
being of the human race as well as the health and livability
of the planet upon which we live and depend. 

Colin Stuart McCoy
9:21 am pst 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keystone XL construction not in the nations best interest
I do not believe the construction of the Keystone XL
pipeline segment that crosses Montana and the
Yellow Stone river is in the best interests of the U.S.

The Keystone XL segment proposed to extend original
Keystone pipeline to the gulf may be a more sound
aspect of the project..?

12:54 pm pst 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iran Government , this is for real, you will be attacked
Iran, no one here in the U.S. wants another war..
The majority of us did not want to go into Iraq,
especially the way we did.....

It seriously had a  negative impact on our being as
successful in Afghanistan as we needed to be..

But your government has endorsed, and has allowed
public statements to be made that no one in their right
mind would then allow, after hearing, for said government
to then gain access to a nuclear weapon. your foreign
policy has not been based upon those processes seen
by governments seeking to build needed bridges.

Your treatment of progressive citizens within your country
is criminal.

Under existing circumstances there is no chance you
will be allowed to develop a nuclear weapons capable

To avoid attack..allow full unrestricted access to all sites
requested..also we should work on creating dialog based
upon recognized communications for peace- equality and

Furthermore-- In my opinion, the various sanctions being
put in place will continue, as well as be expected to escalate.

At this point words alone will not allow for their removal..
The inspectors will again, need full access, and be able to
report that no nuclear weapons program exists, or is being
created, and that appropriate steps have been taken so
such a program will not come into being.

I guess you have weeks, perhaps months.but that is all.
People over here are talking about the "October Surprise".
But..since their talking about it, it lends a certain aura of
unpredictability to one is going to actually tell you
exactly when an attack will come..with the U.S. you "may" 
hear a public statement by the U.S. saying that diplomatic 
efforts have failed... 

A failure to co-operate in these matters could quickly
lead to Iran looking like Iraq, or going through a process
similar to what Iraq went through in a very short period of

I see an opportunity to bring nations together in peace,
for the good of all..let's please use this current situation
to promote such an outcome.

10:43 am pst 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

To be clear..there are currently no candidates seeking the U.S. Presidency that we support at this time
Romney, is the flip flop king.. appears willing to change his
position, on what looks to be just about anything, in order
to prevail?We find his current positions offensive. ignorant,
dangerous. He appears to be Republican Corp USA's
candidate, frightening. There may be other dangerous failures
of intellectual honesty present, as well as a dangerous
disconnect from reality that could be present as well..but no
one is asking the needed questions to find out.

Gingrich, his "ego" issues are distracting and potentially
very dangerous.. Find many of his current positions to be
offensive, ignorant.. I have found myself disturbed by the
back and forth between Romney and himself..both sides
attack adds lack the integrity I would like to see.. 

Paul, I love his positions on issues of liberty and restoration
of our lost civil rights, as well as his position statements, that
if acted upon, would go along way in restoring the Bill of
Rights to it's needed strength and vigor? But.. His economic,
and his foreign policy positions are untenable..

Ron Paul is the candidate that I feel the greatest positive
affiliation for at this time, of the Republican candidates..He is
also trying to get Obama's "Indefinite Detention" provisions
Really did not like those "letters" from his past they dug up,
they are very disturbing.

Santorum..The myth of "global warming"? That does not say
it all but it says enough.. unsuitable.. Is everyone listening
to his position statements on womens reproductive rights...
I.E. sounds like he does not want there to be any-period, no
contaceptives....(Santorum has indicated that he would not
allow his personal beliefs to impact a womans current access
to birthcontrol??) Just goes to show.. never count out old
crazy, when dealing with newer crazy.. Also/as such. Santorum
may have the same problems/issues as Romney in the areas
of potentially failed processes regarding intellectual honesty,
as well as being able to perceive reality.. As with Romney
though, no one is asking the questions needed to make final

Obama-- There are some things a person can do that in my
mind represents a mortal political sin if committed by any
politician connected to the United States.. one would be signing
into law any piece of legislation that codifies the concept of
"indefinite detention"..

3:49 pm pst 

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