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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A brief I.R.S. history review... For all you Vigilantes..history non-buffs
In the 1980's through the mid 1990's the IRS had
gone largely rogue..Taxpayers were being badly abused..

Some who studied the situation concluded that the IRS
was in fact engaging in processes known/or reasonably
expected to cause severe emotional/psychological distress
to those targeted.

People were killing themselves, committing suicide..
Acts of serious violence were taking place against IRS
buildings ect..

No one it appeared could stop them..the IRS that is..

Also at the time, anti-government Militias were showing
up all over the USA..Of course "one" of the primary sources
for the various militia groups anti-government fervor was the
behaviors of the IRS.

Many reports that now exist all concur that a turning point
in how the IRS operated "Improvements" began in 1992.
These reports state that prior to 1992 The IRS was very 
difficult/abusive/criminal and unwilling to help innocent
tax payers work out their difficulties.."Offers in compromise" 
ect.. not going to happen.

So what happened to help create the changes that began in
1992 ?

Let's look at some other developments since 1992..

1998- Tax Payer Bill of Rights #3 passed and implemented. 

1997- Senate hearings in D.C. .. You should really read or
study the testimony given to understand a fuller extent of
the level of abuse being meted out to the taxpayers by the

1996- Tax Payer Bill of Rights #2 passed and implemented.

There was a Tax Payer Bill of Rights passed around
was acknowledged as being pretty useless. Thus #2 & #3 .

So what happened prior to 1992..

In 1991 Colin Stuart McCoy & The Sunrise Foundation

(This reference is not submitted due to a failed ego..It is
not made as an attempt to boast, it is not made as
an attempt by any person seeking public notoriety..It has
been made because we have become aware that some
folks who check in on this site from time to time, are part
of the vigilante problem we speak of..These processes have
destroyed lives..this is an attempt to communicate, to try
and break through the "Controlled, distorted info, and
process that they have involved themselves in.)


After 1991 some very good work was being done by others,
I recall some very excellent work on the east coast that was
done by the wife/wives/survivors of those tax payers driven
to suicide by the IRS.

It appears that it was the governments position that they,
the government, much preferred dealing with those who's
family members it was able to drive to kill themselves,
than those who fought back..even when those who fought
back were committed to non-violence..

By 1998 the abuse that caused Colin Stuart McCoy to get
involved was essentially/largely 75%- 80% eliminated..
Plus functional recourse to halt said abuse now existed.

(What took place aprox..1988-1990 was now made almost
impossible to happen to others, Plus if somthing similar
did occur..Functional processes for review and injunctive
relief now actually existed.)

Contrary to Government and media reports..It was never
about a protest against Taxes..It was to stop/end abuse,
as well as create actual recourses for timely redress in
situations where abusive circumstances could perhaps arise.

It worked too, and from a historical perspective, the
correction came quickly upon the heels of the efforts
of CSM,,

Oh, and those Militias began to fade away...

My wife has told me that as difficult as it has been with
the Vigilantes, and second class citizen status inflicted..
She is eternally grateful that I chose to fight back through
dramatic non-violent means..rather than succumb to suicide.

Now it's 2012..Troubling indicators again being seen?

(Why was what was done chosen?? 1st How do you deal with
bullies, or criminal invaders..A.) You expose them to the
light..and you deny them everything they seek, they will run,
& they did.... 2nd.. A criminal organization will never, ever
ever..step up and take their lumps. a part of what was done
was chosen to try and ensure that if sweeping under the rug
was the process chosen..that the ripples from said event would
contribute to the dissemination of important info..providing
an increased potential for deserved, if delayed, evolution, or
outcomes for the society involved. It had to be big enough
to not be able to ever be swept under a rug or fully removed
from the collective consciousness. The symbolism had to
promote an increase in awareness over realities that posed a
pressing impediment to long term stability and social health.
This worked as well, with the occasional nudge being given to
help keep the process moving along..the only people who
don't get it were those prone to vigilante thought processes,
people who's brain cells fire far to infrequently for the actual
maintenance of sentience.)

(It needed to be non-violent so that the message as well as
the message giver could not be easily propagandized

These efforts did not stop this process from happening, nor
did it stop the knuckle draggers from engaging in the
indicated behaviors needed to try and shut down/eliminate
the credibility of the messenger, and to try and destroy key
aspects of the message. 

After a certain point, you chum the water enough, you get a
self sustaining feeding frenzy.. "go team vigilantes"

"There is no future but the one you make--hope you enjoy it."

11:53 pm pdt 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Vigilantism in the USA, Trayvon Martin just one of many victims
In the United States vigilantism is out of control.. has been a
growing problem for 15 years plus...Exacerbated/accelerated
by the "age of information" Internet..

(Combined with most if not all local, regional, and national
government officials failing to get involved, or wearing
blinders, in processes related to these issues..) Sort of like
the unofficial support, or non-interference that used to be
given to the KKK.

Vigilantes in the United States often have connections with
law enforcement agencies.. Either family members or
friends/acquaintances ...

You can also look for ex gov, or current gov relationships
types.. with known, but often suppressed emotional/psych

Tactics.. targets will be harassed..this can include having your
children targeted.. If they "the vigilantes can't get to you" it is
a known tactic that they will/can target your children..assaults

The problem with the information what you find on the
Internet very seldom provides fully accurate/comprehensive is almost always from Gov..perspectives..

If your dealing with a target who' has an activist/political or
perhaps a whistle-blower aspect. to their history..distortions
to the historical record should be sought/expected.

For God sake, go talk to the target..what you discover, you
may find to be horrifying...

(But Vigilantes..are very often intellectual cowards, many
usually have deeply held "Religious/Christian beliefs" They
know right from wrong because God talks to them.. Others
may be found to have political beliefs unrelated to religion,
but they approach their political beliefs with the same failure
of process often seen in a religious zealots. Their world is
black or white, little or no time for fact's or nuance.. Historical
realities, or intellectual honesty.. 

World facts..not usually what they go for first..tends to interfere
with their needed sense of belonging. If it fit's their limited
world views, a vigilante can be spoon fed just about anything
without questioning the validity or fairness of the information
upon which they use to act upon.)

With Trayvon see a traditional vigilante/stalker
tactics potentially up front and center..

Target followed...?? Stress levels/fear levels raised...
Target harassed ??? Altercation provoked..?? Target killed.

Information sources indicate that this is a process that
appears to have gotten really under way in the East/South.

And has been working it's way West for over Ten years..

These processes can't/don't exist in a vacuum.. Often aided
directly or indirectly by local police departments.. Teachers/
local School board/PTA/PSO members/participants..Neighbor 
hood watches ect..  Absolutely deadly in nature..

Families/lives destroyed...

Sound familiar Tigard..Oregon...

Colin Stuart McCoy

Some additional truths abouts vigilante processes in the
United States..Targets of Vigilantes are either those who
need, or could benefit the most from healthy community
interaction/outreach, or their turned into such as those by
the vigilante process.. Vigilantes destroy opportunities that
the targeted individual/family needs in order to function
in a healthy fashion in society..

Don't ever forget..Vigilantes almost always are criminal, or
will evolve toward a criminal direction..

Many violating at will various civil rights laws regularly..or
invariably. So don't expect to see them brag about their
activities in public..

Mis-information campaigns are almost always a part of the
process..This can be either an intentional process or simply
a manifestation of the ignorance of the personalities

I believe a specific civil rights code/laws should be created
that addresses the vigilante/stalking issues in the USA
that could lead to punishment of up to life in prison for the

You might even find rogue/incompetent Psychologists
involved from time to time.. ??
7:34 am pdt 

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Affordable Care Act.. Baby, Bath water? Aspects of Fed Commerce Act/Clause/Provisions.
The need to be ever vigilant against the "stealthy
encroachment" upon our civil liberties/human rights..

I am usually comfortable with voter approved taxation, with
the understanding that funds are used for the common good..
I.E. putting in place a viable health care program for the
poor/for all.. Costs shared/burdens shared as well..for the
common good.

This process in my opinion, places/ most cases the
smallest threat to personal liberty, civil rights ect..

From a philisophical freedoms perspective, I find this to be
the least dangerous funding process..under current rules of


The government telling people they have to pay/purchase a
product..Insurance.. This has a different tone, intellectual

This process is, in my opinion, lacking in sensitivities to
traditional philosophical values related to principal liberties/
civil/human rights.. 

I do believe this "shift" in perspective poses a very dangerous
shift in philosophical awareness's related to the above
mentioned rights/liberties. Dangerously over reaches/reaching..

We see throughout the history of the United States a process
of of degradation in the areas of personal liberties/civil rights..

Almost always instigated at some point by/or through various
corporate/industrial lobbying/manipulations.

Government exists to serve the people..When it reaches the
point where it appears this perspective has been lost in favor
of a new reality in which the people now exist to serve the
government..We have failed as a society, and are in danger.

Corporate/free-market/capitalistic processes exist to serve the
people..When this reality shifts to the point where the majority
burden becomes that people now exist to serve the masters
of the same corporate/free-market/capitalistic processes we
have failed as a society, and are in serious danger. We have
forgotten the hard won lessons of history.

Law is constantly evolving, due to the never ending onslaught,
in peoples own self/corporate interests..something done for
healthy/rational reasons can evolve..with the help of clever
reptilian minds into something very dangerous over time ..

The "Fed Commerce Act".. is in danger of being allowed to
evolve/degenerate into such a very real danger.

I believe the "personal purchase provision" of the
 "Affordable Care Act" should be deemed not only Un-
American..but Un-Constitutional..Over reaching as well.

Let's see who wins this one. "We the People" or "Corporation

I should be careful what I say, I could end up being
"Indefinitely Detained".. Oh,  but I should be safe.. we have

Who's that pounding upon my door?? It's the authorities..
What, "Obama waiver's" are not Law..or legally binding...More
like guidelines.. %$#!&*^ Pirates.

Colin Stuart McCoy
8:08 am pdt 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ukraine..some thoughts, hope it is of some use..
Take a look at current "Occupy" movement here in the U.S..

Take a look at the lessons of Martin Luther King..Gandhi..

Take a look at the conclusions of Mandela..

Futures, possible solutions...

10:57 am pst 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Need to increase effort to get inspectors into Iran

A little more help from China and Russia could be
of tremendous help in avoiding conflict.


11:35 am pst 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is a rising level of Vigilantism destroying the positve potentials, as well as the stated mandate of after school sports leagues..ect?
These program will typically advertise under language that
implies that it's "Everything for the kids.."

However I would suggest that if you live in a community
where an aggressive vigilantistic process has been allowed
to infiltrate said programs..You will see said programs
loose some if not all of their ability to benefit the very
children and families that have in fact the greatest need
for the positive potentials these programs could deliver

If this vigilantistic process has reached the point..that the
gossip and cultural bias upon which it spreads and grows,
..destroys the ability for the targeted children to engage
in healthy friendships and socialization..It has falled in
it's mandate...and lost it's positive potential..

If this vigilantistic potential eliminates the targeted
family from being able to pursue or healthy
community has become a sources of
harm, not good...Star chambers, back room manipulations
based upon one sided mis-information...destructive in it's
nature..implemented by people too stupid to recognize
their transparency.. sound familiar "Tigard, Oregon"

10:10 am pst 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Are current corporate, as well as political marketing campaigns harming our ability to reason as a nation?
More soon..
2:55 pm pst 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Economic dangers of rising gasoline prices

We've already said what the solution is, in order to remove
-manage this problem while needed changes are made.


Corporate-capitalistic forces have become dangerously
out of touch, unchecked...or check-able.

Colin Stuart McCoy

10:38 am pst 

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's time to update our social concept of what is a hate group.
The time has come historically for us as a society to put all
available historical knowledge, philosophical conclusions,
hard won over the course of human social development to
work, in a process of upgrading what constitutes a hate
group in regards to religious organizations.

If your religious organization discriminates, or promotes
exclusionary protocols based upon race, gender, or sexual
orientation...If your religious organization promotes forms
religious elitism..I.E. "We get to go to heaven, and you don't"

It's time that we list these groups for what they are "Hate

Colin Stuart McCoy
8:51 am pst 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Washington, Indiana

So what is your interest?

1:03 pm pst 

Where can we find the value in religion?
Where is the value in religion... Well sometimes it is easier
to find the answer to a question by looking at it's inverse..

I.E. Where does religion loose it's value? 

If it's formed around a set of lies or manipulations..
It's value must be questioned.. Address the lies and 
manipulations, and what remains will be that which has a
better chance of being of value..

If it's formed around hypocrisy, discrimination, exclusion..
It's value must be questioned..Address the Hypocrisy, the
discrimination, the exclusions..and that which remains will
have a better chance of being that which has actual value..

If it requires a lack of reason, intellectual honesty/integrity,
if it requires of us a process that under any other
circumstance would be considered to be an unhealthy degree
of delusional thinking...restore full analytical reasoning to
the process. Restore intellectual honesty/integrity to the
process.. Eliminate those processes that could be deemed
delusional in origin..What remains will have a better chance
of being that which actually has real value..

If you put a greater effort in your process of due diligence
in purchasing your automobile, or your investments than you
have applied to your religious pursuits.. I would say there is
serious potential for harm present.. Apply the same level of
research, and a demand for truth devoid of manipulations,
that you apply to your other pursuits,,and what you will have
at the end of the day is far more likely to be that which has
a lasting intrinsic value.

Courage, be brave enough to acknowledge you could be
wrong.. have the integrity to ask the questions that a
species gifted with sentience is expected to ask.

Do not settle for being manipulated, by those things that
have an unbroken history of inflicting harms against the that history..see where the failed religious
processes in those cases still exist today, and continues to
harm the innocent..and so much more.

Colin Stuart McCoy
11:13 am pst 

Remove/impeach Montana Federal Judge Richard Cebull
Federal Judge Richard Cebull forwards Anti-Obama racist,
disgusting e-mail..

Another gift from the "Bush Leaguers" that just keeps on

Oh hell ya, thats the kind of person I want making
important decisions that can impact me or my nation..

Colin Stuart McCoy
10:01 am pst 

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