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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Russian President re-elect Putin..Time for justice, Time for reform..Free Mikhail Khodorkovsky, help free Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko
We will be remembered for our acts of mercy, integrity of
purpose and process..

I believe with PM Putin's return to the Russian Presidency
on May 7th..That there is room to take some steps that
would reflect positively towards both the above aspects of
human/political interactions. 

President Putin has been around long enough to understand
that to take these actions will not likely foment feeling of

It needs to be done regardless.

It will create what it will create, as the political leader of
Russia he is in a position to cope with the fallout, both good
and bad..

8:56 am pdt 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Breaking News.. Conservative Jewish leaders vote to allow Gays, Lesbians to serve as Rabbis

In this they join ranks with the more progressive elements-
leadership within the faith..

Better late then never..Hopefully this will help move needed
related freedom/equality efforts forward with greater speed,

Kol ha Kavod

Colin Stuart McCoy

10:23 am pdt 

Friday, April 20, 2012

An addendum to posts dated March 31st, April 1st..

Again for the intellectually dishonest..

If anyone thinks that a person just wakes up one
day and decides that their going to willy nilly engage in
the activities participated in.. your not thinking honestly.

People, when confronted by various mis-information or
gossip..will accept that which allows themselves to stay in
their intellectual safe zones..

It's easier for these people to accept Government produced
character assassination gossip- or mis- information.. Then
risk having their own failed intellectual processes, or factual
physical cowardice challenged..

In regards to the events of twenty years ago.. Many letters
were no avail.. legal advice and help sought,
Functional compromises sought, none was available, allowed
that could address the problem. It was even attempted to
try and find interest for legislative action/reform ect..Again
no interest..

No accusations were ever made by any Government agency
that any process of tax evasion, immoral self enrichment,
fraud,.  ect, of any sort was involved Always upfront..always
straight forward, no attempt to hide info, ect..

Picture if you can, you're young, idealistic 29-30 yrs old..
You have been faced with a horrible set of business
problems propagated by others failing to fulfill their
legal contractual obligation..all proven in victorious court
room/legal procedures/settlements.. You have stabilized-
saved your business. You have protected your employees.
Everyone you owe or owed money to has, or is being paid.

Then here comes a psychotic? abusive IRS agent...

At a meeting you have arranged..One of the more friendly
ones..Your told "We don't care if you spend the next 20
yrs working to pay off the debt we're creating for you".

1.) For what reason? Do they say this is because I have
engaged in criminal or fraudulent activities?... NO!

2.) For what reason? Am I accused of any type of tax
evasion, or tax fraud?.. NO!

3.) What are you told?.. "We have seen how much money
you are able to make," nice...

True story, one of many..


There were months a planning and research
aspect of any part of it was related to an
"emotional outburst"

Of the other participants.. What, you did not know there were
other participants?? None of whom were con-sequenced..
It's much easier for the Gov.. to @#$%^ over one person,
and bury truths than it is to do the same to 5-10 people.

Our government and it's various agencies will lie to the
public anytime "they" think they can get away with it, and it
is deemed politically expedient. "This is a U.S. Gov. Truth"
--accept it. A matter of historical fact born out through the
repetitive nature of the "offense"  in question.

Clearly other options existed ..Right.. like what, suicide??
Clearly other options existed.. Right.. Oh  wait, but Congress
finally felt that they had to act, and "AFTER" 1991, passed
the Taxpayer bill of rights #2 and #3. We all know how easy
it is to get the U.S. Congress to take such action..These
hero's of democracy are known throughout the world for
their interest and ability to respond to various types of Gov.
abuse quickly...Not.

Clearly other options existed, it was not really that bad... I
mean solid/rational law abiding citizens commit suicide all
the time. "Sure they do!!

Clearly other options existed, it was not really that bad... I
mean the U.S. Congress holds hearings on nation wide
abuse all the time for those things that, "Are not that bad".. 

Colin Stuart McCoy

One last point for those that like to talk about things they
know nothing about.. as to the incident discussed above..
at no point was it ever considered "not a wrong" the point
was to get the facts/truth in front of a group of people/peers
that would be asked to decide if what took place was of a
greater or lessor "harm or wrong" than what was going on
that was destroying the lives of thousands of U.S. citizens
without a viable process of redress being available..

but process was suppressed..again apparently powers that
be did not think that that level of truth or accountability
was survivable for U.S. society..

12:19 pm pdt 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

To restate..again.. Less we wander over far from our purpose..
If you cut budgets/programs enough to meet the debt
obligations..A process of societal collapse will follow.

If you keep deficit spending as you are under existing
rules of operation.. A process of societal collapse will follow..

If we do not adjust how we operate economically..prioritize
our resources, create the needed tools/processes/policies
to do so..

Current rates of environmental decay/destruction will reach
"Extinction level" impacts..

We're already here/'s just going to start going-
-moving faster and faster...

It is the environmental issues as well as the above stated
economic issues that will eliminate needed time frames
from being available to cope/resolve with those same current
social/environmental problems..

Realistic Monetarism...As to Realistic Monetarism.. we hold
cards somewhat closer to our chest..There is enough info
throughout this site for a person to figure out the nuts and

At some point in the future we will reach a point that even
with a transition toward Realistic Monetarism..What needs
to be done will not be able to avoid the horror that
approaches.. We could already be at this point..

Surely nothing to the extent needed, is currently being done
that could make an appreciable positive impact upon current
negative envronmental trajectories..which of course creates
a time burden on our normal social corrective processes..

8:19 am pdt 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

North Korean Missle Launch failure..
Natural curiosity would make me very interested in
taking a look at any flight video, as well as any telemetry
data, if it ever became possible to have such a look..

Altitude badly laid?  anyone..

12:49 pm pdt 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re: Recent reports of Gobal Warmings decade long hiatus?
Suggest strongly that everyone pays attention to the fact 
that emissions from an increasing number of coal burning
plants can provide a temporary cooling effect.."China"..

Suggest people pay very close attention to the scientists
that claim this "hiatus" will only be temporary...

The scales will tip again...


HCWPC = Human caused weather pattern change
11:33 am pdt 

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 carrier battle groups have just arrived in the gulf....
Conveniently mentioned by the press...

Come on Russia/China convince Iran to allow needed
inspectors required access, ect.. Proper Treaties produced


I only include this for those who tracked a particular post
I have since altered/deleted. From a few weeks ago.

Update: 4/25/12 Very disappointed in the amount of
positive impact that Russian and China appear to have been
able to contribute to the Syrian and Iran situations..
12:25 pm pdt 

Mr. I've got a tooth?

Hiding in the shadows, just means your always in the
dark :-)


11:46 am pdt 

When it come to trying to promote needed changes in our societies awareness's

The way I prefer to operate is to put "thoughts" or
"challenges" to failed processes, groups ect.. out on a bill

This allows for people to challenges themselves, think for
themselves and decide if they have any issues that they
should think/act differently about..or not.

Unless your running for political office, or are a public figure
I don't attach my efforts towards individuals..

In private I will discuss groups, policies ect.. I don't target
individuals.. If an individual wishes to start a conversation
on a topic that I am known to have an interest, I'm happy
to participate.. I will not start such converstaion myself in
typical social settings.

If a person is a jerk, they will be dealt with at a level equal
to their offensiveness. Usually I avoid them if I can..

Typically if there are problems it is because a person has
"vigilante" "stalker" traits.. and they pursue me or members
of my family..impacting and inappropriately manipulating
aspects of our lives, activities, ability to interact socially ect..

I resist such efforts/behaviors with a passion/tenacity that few
who fail to understand how offensive such behavior is, can
comprehend.. "It's an aspect or my "religion"... It ain't rocket
science.. "Don't Tread on Me" People who fail to respect
boundaries, are not worthy of respect themselves.



5:27 am pdt 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Come use our "Sanity Inducer"...

This if for those of you who have offered that when you
interact with God, words are not heard or actually spoken
in response?

That what God provides you, is an inner compass, where
constant accurate guidance is given..A spiritual muse
so to speak..

So in-order to help those of you who operate within this
reality..We offer you the use of our "Sanity Inducer"...

What it is, is two doors out in the middle of a field..The doors
are really just window dressing..

What really matters is the door mats in front of each door.
Under one, just grass and earth..Under the other, a bouncing
betty land mine..

(For the intellectually challenged--we do not really have any
land mines.)


So take your time, guidance, seek that inner
direction that you believe comes from God, rather than
being a self produced delusional deception, or an actual
product of some form of analytical thinking..rational, or
other wise.

Any way..Pick your door, and go jump on a door mat..let's
see how you do...

At the end of the day there will be two groups of people that
I think we can do business with.1.) Those of you who rationally
said the heck with this.. and 2.) Those of you that have
made it through perhaps five rounds of this process.

At the end of five rounds, and I think that's the
very least your very lucky..It never hurts to have lucky
people around- of course under these circumstances your
probably insane?


So what are we trying to do here..Promote the importance of
reason in these matters/processes..Create mental thought
processes that can help keep you grounded, intellectually
honest and accountable for your own actions thoughts..Stay
grounded reality can be tough but it's a better approach in
the long run..It can be the difference between hitting your
thumb with a hammer,or being led into a concentration
camp--after allowing said camp to be created..

3:02 pm pdt 

Friday, April 6, 2012

I find it funny, no wrong word...tragic actually
You would think that a nation like ours, perhaps even the
entire Earth, should be doing better all across the board,
when you consider how many people think or claim to
have a direct link to God, Gods advice ect...

Another observation, supported by history..It's also a tragic
situation/truism, that when we are able to identify those
people that may actually have some type of valid connection,
regardless of it's tenuous nature?? That one of the fastest
ways we can use the lessons of history to aid us in our
making such an identification...Would be observing the fact
that they are typically being pursued,hunted, harrassed by
their fellow villagers..right up to the point they end up being
nailed to a cross or some other similar fate.

3:08 pm pdt 

Saying you are talking or have spoken to God, Kind of like farting in public?
It would be interesting if our social awareness's shifted
to the point that we, as a society, when ever we heard
someone claim to have spoken to God, that it would be
expected that said claimant produce..

1.) An audio recording

2.) Perhaps a stone or golden tablet, who's only means of
production or content could be explained through processes
not known to any technology.. let the scientists take a look.
Don't say you had it, and then misplaced it somewhere
after the fact..I mean really, do you think we were born
yesterday..maybe you have some magical gems you want us
to buy as well?

3.) A video recording..perhaps of a burning bush..that talks?
(Don't get me going on burning bushes)

I think it would be interesting if we evolved to the point that
anyone claiming to have spoken to God, without some kind
of proof, such as that mentioned above.. would be viewed
along the same lines as someone who passes gas in public..

Or perhaps as we would look upon an adult that still believes
in Santa Claus..sort of mildly retarded perhaps?? Approach
with kindness, as well as a little caution.

Excuse me..


I believe that human beings, a very large percentage, if not
all.. are hard wired with a need to process aspects of life
through perceptions/levels of interaction that would/could be
called  "spiritual" in nature..

Is it a portion of our brain that requires specific forms of
stimulation?(Like a need for salt) Or is there some
intangible? connection? that we all have and can nurture 
concerning a "Universal matrix-God"?

What I also know is that these needs are capable of being
very dangerous if not approached through processes as
firmly based upon reason, intellectual honesty, & hard fact.

In fact, it is also clear that our societal failure to have
a healthier relationship with our spiritual processes has been
harmful, and very often deadly towards those on the receiving
end of such failures.. It is also obvious, to this writer, that
current failures in these processes are currently continuing
to have deadly consequences in individual, as well as larger
impacted population groupings..but that these failures are
clearly contributing to an extinction level event/s approaching
without being properly addressed..

It is clear to me, that at least with those religious processes
that are considered monotheistic in nature, that we have
abandoned the important processes mentioned above, to 
our own societal shame..and centuries of needless harms
inflicted upon the innocent, as well as upon the garden we
were provided, a garden we have been provided, with a
reasonable expectation we would care for it properly,

These thoughts should also have value if applied to other
religious processes not considered to be "monotheistic"
in nature..

Colin Stuart McCoy 
9:18 am pdt 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fort Worth Texas--- Hit hard byTornadoes

We were grateful to hear that the casualties from the
tornadoes were not more serious..

I hope that this years tornado season is far lighter than
last years...But I fear what we may begin to see is an
increase in tornado activity, both in numbers and severity.

Hope I'm wrong...



10:33 am pdt 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Presidential candidate Mitt Romney refusing to answer questions on religion?
Reports are popping up all over the place with headlines
saying/claim/implying that Mitt Romney is refusing to answer
questions on religion? Some go further and specify that it is
Mormon faith related questions that Mitt Romney will not

If true, how nice for him... I guess we have a presidential
candidate that just does not feel he needs to answer voters
questions that could demonstrate whether or not he is fit for
the office he seeks..

Mitt, are you delusional?? Are you a dangerous hypocrite??
Are you discriminatory in you values??

Come on Mitt, answer the questions please..

Just another example of the fact that the U.S. political
system will not provide the voters a candidate that is actually
a part of, or representative/aware of the needs/concerns/
values. focus of the 99% ? The "machine" just keeps on

6:37 pm pdt 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Having a pretty wet March 2012 in Oregon
This March 2012 has been the wettest March, most
rainfall, in recorded Oregon history.

12:42 pm pdt 

Related events to following post that had vigilante connections.

In the late 1990's there was an event...

As a part of this event experts were sought out..

A Mr. Jim Pex was found. a recognized expert in his field,
both in a regional sense, but nationally as well.. His opinion
cannot be bought..he can save you or sink you..he tells it
like it is..

He concluded that "victim's".. reported injuries in his expert
opinion..could not have been caused by any object or
permanent surfaces present at the scene..Injuries were not
consistent with a kick or a fist strike either..

The shape of the bruise pattern is unique...

The possibility of this pattern being created by two fingers
and a thumb of the "victim's" left hand cannot be excluded.

Do you get it..??

At the end of this problematic legal process..(Typical of such
processes in the United States..) I had to surrender to serve
my sentence..

True to my word.. I embarked upon a hunger strike..told
the court they could present my corpse to the media, and
then face the scrutiny of their process afterwords..

Have you ever been faced with such a horror of a process that
you have to prepare yourself for death as a form of potential 
effective protest!! ??

I was released approx 6 days into this process..not something
you read about in the paper..



There was another event..several yrs later ..

Equally problematic??

But this is the United States.. and sometimes a Father has
to swallow their pride, and forgo honor in order to keep their
family from becoming homeless.. Knowing that in doing so
they send themselves back into a hell of a process where
survival will be difficult and not certain.. but when faced
with a perceived certainty of family destruction if a choice is
made to fight..the choice is easy, and quickly made..

This process is how we may as a society create situations
where we send factually innocent people to prison on a
regular basis..


All most people want from life is to be allowed to be
productive based upon their raise a family
in peace, without harassment ect..Some who have had
extraordinary experiences also wish for anonymity, all
these desires of mine have been taken away with the
presence of vigilante related processes being seen/-
experienced/involved. Which has also contributed or
created the degree of current interests and focus...
Would have prefered far different processes to have
been possible.. All goes back to a process of "truth"
suppression from the event in 1991..Was told that I
could/would not be allowed to win.."Because U.S. society
could not handle/survive the level of accountability/truth that
would result.. Well I tried.. Hope everyone is enjoying the
world that came about largely due to how this "event" in 1991
was handled.. 

12:06 pm pdt 

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