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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just keeps getting better, Obama secret trade neg.. released

Secret negotiations...that appear to go against prior
stated promises??? Secret trade negotiations that appear
to undermine key regulations- principles that the U.S.
voters have long seen the value of and fought to have
put in place??

Nothing better than watching a miracle candidate, a
candidate that had raised the hopes of a nation..

So perfectly just toss, in a couple moves, many off those
hopes as well as perhaps? many democrats hopes for
next November right down the toilet..

I can't be a part of re-electing him at this time...

Can you???


8:57 am pdt 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another epic fail/betrayal from the U.S. Supreme "Ha!" Court

They say the United States is a nation of laws..What that
used to mean was that we were a nation dedicated to the
ideals of Justice, of Truth, Fair play... We know we have,
as a nation, always had moments of failure of process
in relation to these ideals. But never like what this current
Supreme Court is dishing out..

If you pay attention to the various documentaries out
there..What it now means when we say we are a nation
of laws is that we are a nation that has so many laws
on the books.. that the odds have become seriously high
that just about any body walking down the street, has the
potential of being in violation of some said law or statute..
No joke.

A couple days ago the supreme court decided not to hear
Guantanamo Detainees legal challenge to their detentions.

This in apparent violation of a 2008 court finding/agreement
that they were in fact obligated to provide such a forum. 

With this action the U.S. Supreme Court move us far away
from being a nation of laws in a positive sense..and in fact
moves The U.S. far down the path of criminality..

We are a nation of human rights abusers, very likely
kidnappers,.. and war criminals..

If God ever was a part of our national process.. I do not
believe God is standing facing the U.S. any longer..

God I believe is walking away, perhaps looking over his
shoulder with sadness.

Colin Stuart McCoy 

Looks like Putin has gone completely out of his mind as

11:06 am pdt 

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