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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On the "The Affordable Care Act"...
I see all the positive benefits to this legislation...

These positives will help improve the overall quality
of the health care/-health insurance process in the
United States..

I am also aware that how it was implemented it's
final contents/structure was much influenced by
Republican obstructionism....

It could have been so much more, as well as
structured in a way that would not have necessitated
the degree of legal scrutiny..supreme court
deliberations..creative conclusions ect....

I have never been satisfied by the white-house's
communicative efforts over health care reform..

I am very concerned that instead of creating a "bill"
that would reap/facilitate the full needed benefits of
cost reductions.. instead I see a bill that corporate
influenced costs will find a way to avoid the needed
reductions/reforms.. cost may go least initially..

(It does have some cost control provisions present,
but, and this is a big but, in most cases those aspects
of the legislation can be avoided by most providers.)

Now their saying number of insured may actually
drop by around 3 million covered over the next
several years..

Finally, and my biggest a just a bit..
I am concerned about the long term impact to our
society..due to the "my perception" , legal findings,
manoeuvrings of the bills sponsors, as well as the
Supreme Court.

I am concerned that serious sensibilities about the
role/power of government, The role/power of corporate
influence..and serious long term philosophical societal
understanding about appropriate boundaries for same
has been seriously weakened..negatively impacted.

Colin Stuart McCoy
8:37 am pdt 

Senator Whitehouse--Rhode Island.. Disclose Act..Cato rep
Senator Whitehouse.---thank you sir...
All was well said, needed saying..points made...

Disclose Act needed.

8:19 am pdt 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Continued stress in the Persian gulf...not looking good..
I am very saddened about the diplomatic process
to date over the conflict/stress concerning Iran's nuclear

I do have some serious concerns about possible legal,
or international repercussions if the U.S. or Israel act
pre-emptively militarily to set back or eliminate aspects
of concern within the Iranian nuclear programs..

However that does not mean it will not happen...

If Iran is saying the words that will contribute to the
de-escalation of this situation..I am not hearing those
words from my current location..

I am not completely satisfied with the U.S. media
coverage of these related issues..


I am deeply saddened by the failure of the west to
put forth a better effort over the past 40 plus yrs
to create or build a process that would have avoided
the current situation and related created problems..

Come on everyone.. lets hear the needed words of
peace/co-operation..there is still time..

Mr. President say the words...
3:05 pm pdt 

Monday, July 23, 2012

U.S. Corn harvest 2012..disaster?? 30% healthy yields??
Anyone keeping track on the Corn harvest for
2012, and what the potential impacts from same
could be?? ( A disaster--No, but very serious in the U.S.
will have serious effect on food markets..both
domestic and foreign.)

(A disaster..1988.. basically if conditions improve
for next year..system has the ability to compensate
to a fair degree..if drought conditions persist next year
as well bets are off..Also economic impact to our weak
economic recovery, are what I see as having the
potential to raise this harvest cycle impact to "disaster"
level status...)

Need to take a look at 2012 wheat production as
well?? (off a bit--slightly higher consumer costs

Additional costs with feed hay?? drying?? Now in
addition to the mentioned earlier drying costs??
reports are coming in that large percentages of
these hay producing areas have gone into drought
conditions as well..

8:17 pm pdt 

Old info, but new to me..Operation Merlin..Just how did the Iranians get plans to build the "A-Bomb"
Well it appears that not only did the U.S Government
provide the initial resources that the Iranian Gov. has
been using in it's nuclear development program/s..

I.E. Research reactor, and help with the creation of a
nuclear research facility...

Again this is old news..but in light of the current
stress in the persian gulf..I believe it's important to

Clinton administation/CIA..?? Operation Merlin...
later it appears to have been also approved by

Flawed plans given to Iranians..flaws spotted...
plans corrected through a "simple" process of reverse
engineering, and comparitive partial plan designs

and what you have is instead of a process that could
take decades..The Iranians get plans to build an
A-bomb in just a couple of years give or take..??

U.S. Strikes again...

Colin Stuart McCoy

In reality this story is perhaps less about how much
the Iranians were helped in their efforts to design or
build a working A-Bomb..This failed operation, my
opinion, probably only helped in that it may have
led the Iranians to seek out other plans/resources
in order to spot and confirm or resolve the easily
spotted flaws in these nuclear "trigger"?? designs.

In my opinion it is just another example or how
dangerously incompetent, ignorant, uneducated,
ill thought out our national leaders and their
efforts can be.. It's about lost opportunities to
find common's about creating fatally
flawed political realities that are ticking time bombs
that having been created must then be resolved..
Usually at the cost of many innocent lives, and
wasted resources..
10:23 am pdt 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How about we pass a new law.. as long as there are poor..there can be no rich??
Think about it..Of course there would be work requirements
for the healthy, ect..

If being rich means we allow, or enable a single person to
be poor/neglected..then there should be no rich...

Is such a philosophy possible..yes..think about it while
the possibility still exists at least mathematically.


Address it as a mental exercise..what would need to
happen?? How would it look??
12:47 pm pdt 

Boyscouts USA decide to keep hateful and discriminatory policies in place
Boy Scouts have become, in my opinion, a back ward,
godless, bunch of USA government supported/enabled
brown shirts..

(Godless in so much as all people or groups that have
attached past historically failed discriminatory beliefs-
policies off as supported by God--have been found to
be, at the end of the day, walking alone with God no
where in sight...) (Brown shirts.., in so much as their
shirts are brown..., but clearly it is intended for the
reader to make a historical connection, and look for
other dangerous failed historical moments connected
with the manipulation and subversion of youth groups.)


(People might think this is a little strong..I suggest you 
educate yourself..and look at it from the point of those
targeted by hate.)-- Also just so you understand..
my family supported Scouting in the sixties and
seventies..also on my mothers side of the family we are
directly related to the founder of the Scouts..
I.E. Powell.. It's so sad.. I still have, and treasure, my
grandfathers scout manual from the early 1920's.
(Richard Baden Powell)

Back east some scout groups are operating in open
defiance of the Scout Board/National Leadership..
If such courage would manifest itself here in Oregon
I would sign my son up for that troop/pack in a heart
beat..but here local scout leaders continue to wander
the wilderness with compasses that they either refuse
to look at, or that are apparently broken.. 

Their leadership is falling further and further behind
the values perceptions and education of mainstream
USA. Kind of like a bunch of folk wanting to maintain
slavery in the 1850's, or wife beating, women as
second citizens in the 1960' opinion..

The feeble reasons are just's those that one
might have expected to see trying to burn witches at
the stake that are typically the very people that bring
unacceptable sexual dialog into the youth groups..
(You know these folks--they hide their fear, hate,
ignorance behind magical thinking, without any sign
of factual backup..or proof..fear of that which is
different)- think Xenophobia...

A simple policy could be created that would eliminate
such a concern of such dialog..while also eliminating
discriminatory policies based upon religious belief or
sexual orientation.

The same thinking that has perpetuated the Boy Scouts
of America's anti American discriminatory policies are the
same types of thinkers that have brought us the current
drought, wild fires and human caused global weather
pattern changes... as well as the current global economic

Rising food costs ect..

I find it always disturbing when those entrusted to bring
about needed changes are often those un-effected by the
harms..As such, refom efforts are typically..some what less
than what is needed by those being negatively impacted.

Colin Stuart McCoy
12:36 pm pdt 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Arizona-man sent to jail for 60 days for holding bible study in home

This is very disturbing...I have watched the video of the raid
on this mans home..I have read some of the news reports.

What was the problem being caused..traffic issues??

Very troubling.. want to hear what if anything Arizona may be
able to say in their defence..


O.K. I had a chance to take a little closer look....I think the
Government of Arizona holds the higher ground here..

It appears? that what has been created on the property in
question is a Church...It appears?? that the property owners
themselves refer to their processes as a church.. It appears???
that tithing takes place on property.. It appears???? that
the building permit was issued for the construction of a "game
room"?? I find myself wondering if this permit was sought, for
a game room, knowing all the time, that the actual use could-
would be for something else? If deception is involved..Christian
values??? Trying to have your cake and eat it too..???

I think that if you can get past the initial emotional gut reaction..
that Arizona Gov. official hold the higher ground in this instance.
both morally, and factually...

Case raises interesting points though... but I believe a review
of the facts support a finding that what was on the property
fits far more of what people would consider traditional church
activity, to a greater degree than what people would consider
an in home bible study process. It would appear that materials
produced by the property owners????? materially support this
conclusion as well??

The government of Arizona has a legal obligation to enforce
viable codes and regs designed and implemented to protect
the well being/safety and zoning operation within any particular
area..To fail to do so..and then have injury result or other
business or non residential activities move in, would be
chaotic.. people would quickly hold said government official
liable in such a case..

12:20 pm pdt 

Health care reform ? Failure to repeal "Indefinite Detention"..Corporate control of USA political processes

I am uncomfortable with the current health care reform
efforts recently found to be constitutional.

This process lacks the focused dialog and honest appraisal
of processes and policies that have been found to work in
other countries. This process lacks a viable effort at real
communication geared to educate the public on why our
health care system has become far too expensive, and
steps needed to fix same.

The supreme courts ruling on how they found this to be
constitutional I find to be reptilian, and an insult to the
people of the United States. A tax? Come on..
what else can we now expect to have to buy under what
may now be considered a tax.

Indefinite detention..Un-American..period

Both Dems and Republicans have clearly reached a
homogeneous degree of corporate control..that effectively
eliminates the ability for the USA voting populace to
effect meaningful political policy changes..

If we were honest we would eliminate both the above
political parties, and merge them into the Corporate party
of Trans Americana..



10:39 am pdt 

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