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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama wins second term...

All in the title??...perhaps..perhaps not..
A "Newt" moment revisited?? We'll see..


I have read that during times of uncertainty,
or heightened feelings of helplessness, that
greater numbers of people turn to religion 
for support..

Almost every serious problem that we are trying
to deal with in todays world has been a result
of other protocols than those based upon reason
being used as the management "tools" for those
same issues...

The ability to reason, to think, to discern fact
from fiction..The possession of true sentience is
a gift... To reject said gift in favor of magical, 
superstitious thought processes is a rejection of 
this "above" mentioned gift..Irresponsible, and
can be considered to be such a serious failure of 
species responsibility....That the catastrophic
results resultant should not be a surprise to
anyone.. (which people would realize sooner
if not for the increase in their "fear based" 

Making predictions only based upon observable
data under these increasingly unpredictable
environments, in smaller singular events..
becomes more difficult, as the human response
become less about reason and more emotionally

7:02 pm pdt 

German courts helps church to coerce? people to pay Religion tax ...
Learn something new everyday... Apparently in
Germany If you belong to the Catholic Church
you are required by law?? to pay a Catholic Church
"Income Tax"??, if you want full access?? to Church
"membership ??" It's reported that these Taxes,
taxes that provide revenue for the Church, can run
as high as 9%.

Apparently Geman courts have ruled that those who
choose to not to pay said tax lose their Church
"membership"??.. in combination with statement from
german bishops who indicate such a decision is a
serious "error"..and those who make such a decision
may no longer participate in important Catholic Church
services or activities, Church Burials?  ect..

Remember everyone it's not about the teaching of's about the $$$$ money, no full access
to God allowed..

Go Team Germany..Go Enlightened Catholic Church
only the best and that's not it, only those
that pay, get the full up close and personal relation to
God through the Church.

Colin Stuart McCoy
9:55 am pdt 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If not a Police State- just what kind of abomination has the U.S. become

In the United States we have adopted processes
and procedures that allow the Government, our
communities, as well as private organizations and
various citizen groups, sports leagues ect.  to hold
meetings in private where individuals are discussed,
and courses of action decided upon that can have
seriously destructive impacts upon said targeted
individual, or their families.

These processes can be accurately described as
"Star Chambers" see the movie, if you do not
understand the reference. In these processes
no viable process of quality control exists that
requires intellectual honesty, historical honesty,
academic honesty..No honesty standard
requirements, or process to enforce same exists..

Furthermore, individuals targeted by said
processes have no recourse, because these
operations are vigilantist in nature, as such
targets are given no recourse or opportunity
for rebuttal etc.. 

The slide toward the cultural adoption of these
processes has been a precursor to a similar rise
in vigilante activities throughout the United States. 

and the precursor for this can be tied to a
degenerative intellectual process that can be seen
running rampant today through our political, media,
and spiritual entities.

A clear contributor to these developments can be seen
through the rise of economic caused moral degeneration
in the nations market places. Legal professions, and
fields of psychology.. Values given to truth, honesty, fact,
or reason etc..have been torn down as part of the same
degenerative process that one see's within these
professions.. Where we see on a daily basis that other
insidious processes, or values are being given cultural
placement with the prominence formerly given to those
above mentioned values of truth, honesty, fact or

It is through these processes that innocent lives are
destroyed in the United States..Potential extinguished.

Not only "Prison Nation" but now "Vigilante Nation",
"Ignorant Nation", "Witch Hunt Nation", and "Corrupt
Nation" as well..

No longer are we killed by bullets alone..


A Murdered Man..

The person who wrote this is, I believe, just one of
thousands, of a new class of crime victim..Victims of
a societal degeneration that has facilitated an
explosive growth in the crime wave represented


1:04 pm pdt 

Friday, September 21, 2012

6 Million middle class citizens currently estimated to be "at risk" of being fined under health care reform regulations.
This number is reported to be significantly higher than the
figures released when the health-care reform provisions
were being discussed and made law..

I find this to be troubling, unsettling ect..

Higher costs??, more uninsured??? more citizens penalized,

Ahhh, success..Judged by any other standards just would
not be American.

I don't know how this could happen, the U.S. government
never tells it's citizens.(WMD) things that (WMD) are not
(WMD) correct, that end up (WMD) having a devastating
impact on our lives and (WMD) freedoms..

Colin Stuart McCoy
6:51 am pdt 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Body blows to global/U.S. freedoms continue
Well President Putin of Russia has ordered the United
States to end it's financial support for multiple
Pro-Democracy Organizations in the tune
of about $ 50 million dollars..

In the United States positive things are happening-
Not! A New York appeals judge has determined that
the process of indefinite detention, "made law" , by
President Obama signing the 2012 "NDAA"..--can
continue even though acknowledging, that in addition
to the other rights this legislation threw out the
window, other Federal Judges have opined could
also violate/infringe upon 1st amendment 

Good news is out there though Folks..Homeland
Security has chosen to continue it's preparations,..
No, not for possible food riots...No not for various 
environmental impacts from what is expected to
be a rough winter..But..wait for it..the Zombie

Uh guys, those are'nt Zombies coming down the
street. Those are angry U.S. citizens that want their
rights restored..Good try though..

Colin Stuart McCoy

I would really feel more comfortable if the U.S.
Government would provide a legal definition of
what a Zombie is..
Perhaps they are the people that drive in the Hwy
fast lane/passing lane at 55mph??
Members of Congress?? U.S. Supreme court?? 
8:05 pm pdt 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Democrat Party USA Utterly Corrupt and Manipulative

Well I hope everybody was paying attention..

Democrat party USA tried to apply a little reason
and rationalism to party platform by removing
one? reference to God and then recognizing
historic political mandates that Jerusalem  is to
be an open city, or at least recognized as a place
seen internationally as occupied territory..

both parties for these reasons have never based the
US embassy in Jerusalem.. It's contentious..

Then after a voice vote in which a resolution to
reinsert deleted language into the party platform
clearly failed multiple times.. the

Convention heads proclaim that the resolution
passed.. OMG...

I have been very hard on the Republican Party,
I have referred to it as essentially diseased
beyond any reasonable chance for restoration.
ect ect.. I have said that the Democrats are
also badly infected but hope for a recovery
may still exist..?? After this truly disgusting
display of corruption.manipulation..hijacking-
the political process, by by passing the rules
of the resolution voice vote processes..

We must conclude the Democrat party is in
equally bad shape..being run by the clueless
and incompetent.. we now declare both U.S.
main parties to be in a dead heat in a race
to the bottom..

Hope they like the expected prize..

Colin Stuart McCoy

2:22 pm pdt 

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