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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Person arrested after failed effort to blow up NY Federal Reserve.
I'll tell you what, I find a certain comfort in the
fact, that contrary to some areas of complaint
concerning potential law enforcement short
comings? - As related to 9/11-- That it appears
today that relatively effective detection and
processes of apprehension/tracking are in effect.

This in regards to persons making noises about
their desires to wage criminal Jihad against the
U.S. or it's residents..

..and then taking solid steps in the fulfillment of
those desires..

Two things, as long as no viable related issues
of entrapment arise..and as long as these
processes do not lead to a return or growth in
activities that could be considered a risk to civil
rights/liberties//I.E. Co-intelpro type stuff.

Good job, and thank you FBI.


Update: 4/25/13  In regards to Boston, and to
what degree/extent said event may have
changed the opinions expressed in this post...
A respected activist has made a point, a point
that has troubling implications..I.E. that those
recent plots foiled by the FBI have been those
"Plots with the FBI as active participants, etc"
Where as Boston was not..and in Boston we see
some of the same types of failures, perhaps
not as egregious, but there, as we have seen in
past incidents that have resulted in death or
12:51 pm pdt 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

September 2012 Global Temps--Warmest ever recorded..

10:40 am pdt 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama vs Romney....

Q.) Have you had meetings where you have shared
your opinion, that if how humanity interacts with
the environment does not soon change significantly,
for the better that we could end up heading into
"human extinction level" events...

As a part of this have you not also opined that with
Obama this process of decay/damage may be seeing
corrective efforts being attempted or discussed..
However process of decay/damage not being halted..
Only slowed..End result being that by the time the
wheels finally come off the bus.. Process of
environmental damage will be far too advanced to
avoid above mentioned "human extinction level"

Have you then also offered..that the best strategy
for survival may be to elect Romney, as doing so
appears to be, in your opinion, an act that would
speed the arrival of the approaching train wreck,
wheels would come off the bus.. sooner...
followed by hardship, and much human suffering,
however, this would force, or help facilitate a process
of stabilization/correction..hopefully before the 
environmental scales tip past the point of no return?

A.) Yes, I have - pick your poison..


7:12 am pdt 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Update on T.A.R.P. & an issue related to Sen. John McCain..
TARP, Former president Clinton said some things the
other day that various pundits or truth checkers have
chosen to examine..

Has to Do With TARP bail out funds etc.. My feelings
about TARP are essentially unchanged..

It helped, it was needed, and on a positive note, that
while Clinton's assertions that the funds have been
paid back? , and that in fact a profit of sorts has been
realized, may be off a bit.. It is generally considered
true that of the funds not paid back as of this date,
we're looking at a total of between 20 or 40 $ billion
that may never get paid back at the end of the day.

Now that is a lot of money, but when you look at a
cost benefit analysis this "loss" is acceptable in my
opinion under the unique circumstances involved.

Especially when you consider the hundreds of billions
of dollars the Government was needing to toss around.

Back at the time when the government was putting out
their plan, which included basically a stock purchase
option, this option has in fact worked..providing a profit
for the government, from this part of the TARP program,
of around $20 billion dollars plus or minus..

I took a shot in ridicule of this proposal..I.E. in a
negative fashion saying "They -the government, want to
buy stock"...

At the time it just had a "let them- us- eat cake" kind of
feel- to it.

My concern at the time was, and still is, what would buying
of stock do for "Us." As I had noted and as others were
beginning to see is that there was a disconnect between
how "stock values" were doing..and how well the middle
class was doing..

I.E. Stock market could being doing great, yet the "middle
class" would be in continued decline..

Simply put, by patching up the system the way that they
did, benefited, in my opinion, the 1% far more than the
needs of the 99%.

Further more this patch job did less than what other
processes that may have included an aspect of
"temporary nationalization" for helping to stabilize the
National Debt., I believe would have..

As to Sen. John McCain..At a point in the campaign he 
opined that the Obama campaign's plan to help home
owners did not "do enough"??, "go far enough"??.. I
defended the Obama campaign..

At this time, I think Sen. McCain was "more correct",
on this issue, than was my defence of the Obama
campaign's efforts on this topic at the time...

8:51 am pdt 

Reports claims loss of Polar Ice and related rise in Sea Levels happening decades faster than originally predicted
Apparently the Ice melting at the poles is happening
far faster, and impacting sea levels more quickly
than previously predicted.

7:19 am pdt 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

50% of Great Barrier Reef coral dead after just 27 years.


Reports say cause of problem is a sub species of
Star fish. So what caused this sub species
of Star fish to become a problem in last 27 years..

HCWPC...?? HC..??


10:21 am pdt 

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