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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greenspan, I disgree strongly with his position

Apparently Mr. Greenspan may have said that "a recession is
a small price to pay" to balance the budget, and stabilize-
reduce the national dept? If so..

Greenspan is mistaken..time on the clock is out..the system
must evolve or a lot of people are going to be harmed or die
needlessly. Through reduced support, or collapse of critical
infrastructure due to lack of needed financial resources.

Greenspan is mistaken..time on the clock is out..the system
must evolve or any hope of helping restore environmental
health to the planet in the time frames needed will be an
impossibility. (May be an impossibility already)

Colin Stuart McCoy

12:47 pm pst 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Economic predictions

I believe our nations residents/citizens will not accept-
allow the type of budget cuts needed to restore needed
stability to what I consider to be an economic system
heading for eventual collapse..Nor do I believe our
political system has the will, or interest to do like wise.

I believe such cuts would be unwise.  

A huge part of the problems as I see it, is that the level
of cuts, the austerity measures required to "Balance"
the budget, pay off the National Dept, end deficit
spending to the extent required, would cause a serious
economic recession/perhaps depression.. as such it is
unacceptable. Furthermore such reductions in spending
would created equally un-palatable social, quality of
life de-generations that would also not be acceptable.

Ultimately, when change comes, it will need to
incorporate many, if not all of the principles/processes
contained within "Realistic Monetarism" requirements.

Colin Stuart McCoy

8:39 am pst 

2012 Presidential election.. Who won?? Who lost..??

In my Opinion the Republican party did more to
lose the election than Democrats/President Obama did
to win it.. Both parties suffered from lower voter turnouts
than prevously seen highs, in last approx 3 Presidential

President Obama had approx 4.5 million fewer votes cast
for his re-election in 2012 than were cast in his favor in
2008..I believe this to be representative of an exodus 
of what I will call "The Progressive Idealist" ..

It should be noted that the last two Republican candidates,
McCain/Romney have both received between approx 4-5
million fewer votes than Bush Jr. had in 2004.
(Excellence of results through promotion- support of
un-educated ignorance?) 

If Romney could have managed the same level of support,
62 million votes, that Bush received in 2004, he would
have guess.. 

Both the Republican and Democrat parties need to wake up
and smell the coffee.. We have a planet that is bucking like
an unbroken bronco environmentally, we have serious
systemic social and economic failures boiling..

Hope someone starts paying greater attention. measurable
by the presence of more effective dialog, and actions.


8:02 am pst 

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