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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Obama reported to be committed to assault rifle ban??
If the title of this post is accurate, then again, President
Obama has targeted an inappropriate path/response to
the problem we face with certain acts or exposures to
gun violence in our society..

Before any ban is considered, what should happen first
should include a study and a discussion on the societal
instances of hypocrisy/insanity within U.S. society that can
play a contributing role in such related tragedies..

Then what should happen, should be a practical
consideration of updating the rules and regulation related
to the storage, transport, and appropriate use of
assault rifle category weapons.

After which a period of monitoring/study should take place.

Colin Stuart McCoy

Increased public safety on these related issues will best be
found within the reality that as a species, we are in fact
largely non-violent/sane when it comes to matters of our
willingness or lack there of, to engage in lethal confrontations..

The solution to these related problems will only come
through the passage of laws that punish those who fail to be
as responsible as their ownership of deady weapons requires.
I.E. in the areas of storage..transport ect...

Culturally, trying to ban or eliminate these weapons from
private ownership is not a workable solution, it also comes with
many logical cracks through which a person can easily see how
such restrictions would further reduce our freedoms without
providing a positive societal benefit equal to that which is lost.
12:49 pm pst 

Pope Benedict comments on LGBT rights to marry
Marriage has long been recognized as both a social and legal
Union.  It is a process that creates rights and responsibilities
for those who choose to enter into such an arrangement.

The writing is on the wall everyone..accept it..Any persons who
have reached the age of consent should have the right to enter
into such a relationship if they should so choose.

Pope Benedict's reported comments that LGBT participation in
the marriage process is a threat to "Justice" etc, etc.. Is
profoundly ignorant, promotes harm/discrimination and borders
upon hate speech..

It should be censored as such internationally!!!


Colin Stuart McCoy

RE: Recent petition submitted through White House
petition program..petition seeks to have the Catholic church
listed as a hate group...I like this it very much..
10:36 am pst 

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