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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Pope is leaving...

I've been thinking about this for a week or so..

I was really beginning to like having this Pope
around..having someone around who was so routinely
saying profoundly ingnorant, discriminatory, or hateful
things was very useful to a person such as myself who
is moving more in the direction of the next phase of
our operations..

Which is...Restoring needed aspects of truth, reason.
and intellectual honesty to religious practices...

Goal being to eliminate the harmful effects of magical
thinking, or thinking/processes that allow some people
to "hang the hats" of their dysfunctional thinking on
"God" --the "Bible"-- the teachings of their local Pastor,
Preacher, Father etc..

What I believe is going to happen is that the Catholic
church is going to elect a Pope that is younger, and
perhaps better versed in modern communication
technologies...However I believe it is also very likely
that the next Pope will be of a conservative bent..
rather than someone who is interested in moving the
church forward..

As such I think the church will find, just as the KKK did,
that you can't take stupidity, ignorance, of lack of
intellectual honesty, shine/polish it up, and create
something of value out of something lacking of same..

Colin Stuart McCoy

Update..3/14/13 Potentially good news--Looks like the
new Pope "Francis" is going to continue the helpful
tradition of saying ignorant and discriminatory
statements..this will continue to aid our efforts..

Update.. 1/20/14 Since this post was written I have to say, "Knock on wood",. that the new Pope has appeared to be putting far more consideration into what he says. I have to say that I have found many of his recent comments to be "progressive/positive/supportive" sounding toward much needed organizational progressive minded evolutions..Just need to see if this translates into needed policy reforms? 

9:06 am pst 

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